Tuesday, October 20, 2015


10-20-2015   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   I hope your wrong [Guru] Mike, as I see the news media has reported such on a few sites.  But the parliament website itself has not.   The official press statement from the parliament website is clear...next session.  And the next session is tomorrow (20th).  And I would hope that the parliament site would have the most accurate information.  [reference Guru mike post 10-19-2015]

10-20-2015  Newshound Guru Millionday   [Are their more amendments to this investment law? Will they do them all or drag it out one by one?]  THEY HAVE STATED IT WILL GO THROUGH AS ONE LAW -- WHICH LEADS ME TO BELIEVE BY WHAT I HAVE READ --- THEY HAD THESE TWO AMENDMENTS TO GO OVER/CHANGE --- THEY ARE ALREADY PROMOTING THEIR INVESTMENT LAW AS A HUGE BONUS FOR INVESTORS.

10-20-2015   Intel Guru Delta
   The CBI – they are spending 5 Billion Dollars a month to give to the Iraqi banks – (to defend the Iraqi Dinar).   Reserves...he said that only...about 55 Billion left-over...which means by the middle of next year, they will run out of reserves. So what happens then? Iraq would collapse.  The revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar will fix a lot of problems.  For us, this appears to be good news because everyone is telling Iraq that they need to revalue at a very good rate to help out with the current situation.  The nation of Iraq will collapse if they don’t do something before the end of the year...maybe even November 21st you might see something.  Abadi knows that the economy will collapse without it. This is 100% fact!  ...they have no choice and they really are out of time...the authors of the plan will lose. This is very, very important. They know what they need to do.  I believe before the end of the year they MUST do something!  [post 2 of 2]

10-20-2015   Intel Guru Delta   [via FrostyTheSnowman]     I want to talk to you about the article that I posted back on the 16th of October.  The economist is talking about the economic crisis in Iraq – and offers his opinion of how to get over the crisis. He claims that in the beginning of 2016, Iraq needs to make some changes to avoid some problems. So many events led to the crisis -- (ISIS, corruption, oil prices).  He said that Iraq needs to boost the private sector and agriculture.  He said the solution (...coming very soon) ...the very most important solution would be for the government to reevaluate the Iraqi Dinar.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

10-20-2015   Intel Guru Frank26  [via FrostyTheSnowman]  You know that Dr. Shabibi has the green light. Do you think that Iraq is slowing down the monetary reform? No! Iraq is stepping on the gas.  The bad guys that once controlled the GOICBI are gone.  ...the investment law was delayed, postponed...if you want to believe that...that is your business. But, deep in my heart they are waiting in a top-drawer waiting to be released when Dr. Shabibi is at the helm of the CBI.  You don’t need an Investment Law unless you are EXPECTING something to happen.  Investment Law is for who? Investors who want to come into Iraq. YOU are in investor in Iraq – without going into Iraq. That is why this is so important. I believe that the Investment Law may bring forth the HCL.   We must see the LAWS...the LOWER DENOMS...then Dr. SHABIBI.  IMO – the laws are passed they are just waiting for them to raise the value of their currency...All of the "old-timers" will remember...in the still of the night...

10-20-2015   Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat   I can tell you with all my heart and soul there will be NO RV until at least early January 2016. Again I will say this is only if Iraq can meet and fulfill its promises as part of the future process and plans for Iraq.  Can they maybe accomplish their commitments prior? I do not have much faith in them as long as the Maliki syndrome is still present. It is part of the legislative bottleneck. We are definitely now on track for an early 2016 opportunity.

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