Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Bluwolf; MESSAGE TO MY WORLD : A dear friend feeling discouraged, wrote to me and informed of how both he and many others have lost all hopes on this blessing because of all the hype that some folks transmit. This was my insight and response to way I am still here. Answer, there are 28 million folks who own dinars and wasn't supposed to know according to all governments. 

They have tried everything so that you would loose your hopes and aspirations, now I cannot tell all wha...t to feel or do on this matter, but I will tell what I am doing as an individual of God,since I know this is God sent,since I know vividly what all the governments and the greedy have tried to destroy all my hopes and my aspirations, since I know that after 14 years we are finally seeing the fruit of our suffering taking heed, 

I will see it through because my God is awesome and He never comes in late. This is here my friend and I know that no matter who or what is out there giving you what you call lost hopes,I'm not one of them,see my mission before Jehová is to lead all the hopeful and faithful to the end of this journey and maintain there Hopes focus on the real deals ahead,and to keep God's dreams alive in those 28 million hearts just to help humanity and teach them to PAY-IT-FOWARD. IN MY HONEST OPINION GOD HAS WON. HAPPY JOURNEYS, NA'MASTE

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