Friday, September 25, 2015

TNT:My bank story today....it's close folks., 25 SEPT

    • Systema said
      01:28 PM Sep 25, 2015
    Had some banking to do yesterday and once I was finished I made an inquiry.  I asked the teller what 2 million Viet Dong would cost me in Canadian dollars ( I'm in Canada just so you know).  Teller told me it would be $132.00 CDN. I asked to see the screen and verified myself it was correct.  I did some banking today and once done asked a different teller then yesterday how much 2 million Dong would cost me Canadian...she told me $330.00 CDN.  I asked to see the screen myself and again verified she was correct.  This happened at the TD bank on Liverpool Rd just North of the 401 in Pickering.  It is a significant move and let's hope it really moves a lot more soon.  I'm excited and you should be too.

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