Monday, September 28, 2015

TNT:My Bank Story in Seattle by Kdawn, 28 SEPT

I have been in touch with a WM with Wells Fargo, here in Seattle, for the past several years.  Eric is a Regional WM.  He has many clients that are invested in the Dinar.  But he has always said that Wells Fargo is not involved in the Dinar and could be a scam.  But I still contact him every so often, because I would like to do business after the RV.  He's a great guy!  Always respectful.
Today I was compelled to call him.  ( I don't really know why just a feeling)  After I told him everything we know, with what Tony has been saying, he said that he gets calls all the time, asking the same questions.  He has checked with higher up people many times, he gets the same response... "we do not deal in this currency, and will not participate in the future."
I told him that we know of people across the country that have exchanged, some getting SKR's and/or part of the money available.  After stating again, all of the facts regarding Iraq and their currency being restored and becoming international, like Kuwait, he said... "I would love for it to happen, then I would have a lot new clients to work with."
He also told me that if anything was happening, he would be one that would be in the know, because of his position in Wells Fargo.  He will continue to keep my information, incase he does hear something, but he said.... "I haven't heard a peep."
I was disappointed that he still hadn't heard anything.  And was still being told the same mantra.  Doesn't anyone know anything in Seattle?  This is ridiculous that people are reporting other bank stories that are more positive.  Also, that people have exchanged..... where?  Seattle people and banks are very savvy, why wouldn't they know anything.
Anyone from Seattle know anything that you can share???  Or, anyone else that want's to shine a light on this, I welcome it.  

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