Wednesday, September 30, 2015



Iko Ward:
  Forex is at 1105.5 across the board, World markets are way up, ISX is down, Gold is down. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

Keno3775:  iko we need around 1-50 or close right

Iko ward:  Keno...we need 1085 as an indicator everything is done and on it';s way. Then we want .285 or that neck of the woods for a 3.91 exchange.

OkRocks:  The Pope... http://www.romereports.com/2015/09/30/pope-francis-discusses-key-points-from-his-trip-to-cuba-and-the-united-states
Elmerf123456:  Welcome to the worst day of the year for investors, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at stock futures this morning. Thank the portfolio window-dressers or bouncy dead cats, but the market looks set to fly. Can you say manipulation? It's easy if you try!

Don't buy into the snakes lure. It's the end of the month and they're trying to help post better numbers because it's been the worst month in years I'm not fooled so you don't be fooled but unfortunately there are many that will be And more losses will eventually be experienced ! It's what they do !

The man behind the curtain says hey now that you brought the donuts let's come up with an idea it is the end of the month we better do something with that terrible numbers this quarter then someone from the back of the room says hey let's pump up the market And that's what we see


 I wonder if since PM isn't speaking till 6:30pm that we are going to have to wait till after that to RV?

NurseGinger:  Dan blessed~ CL speaks at 11:00am today. Then Abadi speaks at 6:30pm today. The Pope will speak tomorrow the 1st and again on the 2nd and 3rd.

CNBC’s Sara Eisen Speaks with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde



 I expect the market carnage to cease as soon as the world is informed of the reset. So we might see these for a few more weeks to month +/- but after that, it should be recognized by everyone that there is liquidity in the market and wealth all over the planet.

Sharona:  Will stock prices go back up near the levels they were at after this market carnage?  Or do you think the prices will remain much lower for years?

Ranger4564:  The cabal is intent on enslaving humanity, and a market crash will facilitate that, that is their plan.

The good guys are intent on saving humanity, and they are preventing the market crash, to facilitate that, that is their plan.

If the GFR / GCR / RV, whatever you call it, is indeed meant to be for good, then the market may continue declining until the market is alerted to the GFR / GCR / RV. If the GFR / GCR / RV is not meant to save humanity, then the market may crash further.

I was saying that I expect the markets to stabilize / improve once the GFR / GCR / RV are made public knowledge and markets accept the fair / level playing field, and welcome the newfound wealth.

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