Wednesday, September 30, 2015

TNT: My bank story just 20 minutes ago!!!!! BY 0613SHERRI, 30 SEPT

I have little time to post, but I had to tell you my bank story just 20 minutes ago.
Earlier today I called Wells Fargo to tell them I needed an appointment to open a new account. (I already have a mortgage with W/F.)  I asked if I could get the exchange rate for the VNN.  The teller told me I would have to come in, that they could not give me the rate by phone.  I thought, hmmmm..... Anyway, I went in and was going to have to wait for an available person to help me set up an account.  I went to a teller and asked if she could give me the exchange rate for the VNN. 

 She said, "Sure".  She looked in the system and said, "Looks like it's $ 1.05."  Well, of course, I started shaking, and doing a great job of holding my composure, asked, "Can I go ahead and exchange right now?"  She said, "Sure."  I went out to get my car and brought in my VNN and went straight back to the same teller.  She started wanting all of my personal info; SS#, DOB, a picture ID, etc.  

I asked, "Why do you need all of this just to exchange my currency?"  She said, "Well, it's not that way for all currencies, just this one."  When she finished entering all my info she said, "Hmm, something is not right."  

My heart sunk, and I asked, "What is wrong?"  She said, "The rate is .00003 (whatever the rate was).  I said, "What happened to the $ 1.05?"  She didn't know what had happened.  I walked away let down, of course.  BTW, she also told me that they do not exchange Dinar, and didn't think they ever would.  Is this coincidence???? that this happens to so many people?  They go in and are told a rate, then before the exchange it drops.  I really don't think this is coincidence!!  Not with this same thing happening to so many people.  Any suggestions????

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