Wednesday, September 23, 2015

TNT: MARTHA UPDATE :holiday date and current timelines, 23 SEPT

9/23 Yom Kippur and tonight the start of EID
Eid runs for 4 days which will end 9/27
Pope"s schedule is as follows
9/23-Washington, D.C. meets with President, 9/24 Pope addresses Congress, 9/25 NYC to address the UN General Assembly, 9/26 Philadelphia 9/27 flies home
9/22 President of China in San Francisco. meets with President Obama on 9/25 and speaks at UN on 9/28 along with President Obama and President Putin
9/28 the Super Blood Moon ; the start of Sukkot, a very joyous holiday
9/29 PM Abadi is supposed to make a major announcement to the People of Iraq
9/29 the UN operational rates are for Oct 1,2015
9/30 the absolute last day of the month and back wall which I hate to call it
Oct 1,2015- the new fiscal year for US Budget is to be announced ?
will we have a new balanced budget? will there be debt forgiveness? will the world be destroyed by an armageddon? ( couldnt resist that )

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