Saturday, September 26, 2015

TNT :Friends Bank story ( from yesterday 9/25/15) BY TRUCKERBABE67, 26 SEPT

A dinarian friend of mine called me very excited yesterday!   ( she is not on the boards so can't post here and she gave me permission to post / talk about it)     She explained that she decided to call several banks to inquire about the Indonesian Rupiah,  the first 3 banks ( wells fargo )  wouldn't or couldnt give no info on the Rupiah.   ( In Dallas,Tx. area)

BUT...when she called the 4rth one,  asking If they have a exchange rate on the Rupiah,  the lady looked it up and told her yes we exchange the Rupiah, and at a rate of $10k  per million!      my friend said oh great!  can I come exchange mine right now?  the banker lady said sure,  come on over.   & then my friend asked her again if she could by chance get a cashiers check for the $10k   and banker lady said sure that will be no problem. 
Sooo... my friend said she was sooo excited and nervous at same time so took a few min.  to get her grip! lol   and went to go do her exchange,  but by the time she arrived at the bank the banker lady she spoke to was out to lunch. 

so the teller that explained that the lady she spoke to was out to lunch he asked if there was anything he could help her with and she said sure...maybe you can help, and explained what she was there for,  and he looked it up and by then the rate already changed back to $80 per million.   
She was bummed out ...was soooo close yet nope didnt happen! lol  ....BUT she is still very excited as this is just another sign that something is most definately going on and we are ALLOT CLOSER,  everyday! 
( she plans on calling them back Monday to check again )
Anyways just thought I'd share this with everyone as more proof of things happening & appear to be moving forward.

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