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  Numbers are being forced. I've just heard that China is forcing this in the next 120 hours. Also just heard that Abadi is now in the U.S. Exciting…. And this is out of the box for me cause I don't do timelines but it was told to me so I am hoping this is it and passing this on to you.

Ivantulafitov:  so end of month then gotchya

 120 hours = 5 days

Ivantulafitov:  9-25-2015 tman23
 This post 2015 summit taking place is quite different then in the past.

All the players are coming to town per se'. Then the majors will meet in council. Abadi is scheduled to be in town.

YEA it's a UN Meeting on counter terrorism... BITE ME! They will meet and media will cover it...But it isn't why all the majors are here including the Pope
(If) They all come to agree and then comes the rebuilding of world infastructure with several trillions to invest...

All this is being completed before Oct 6th... USA fiscal year funds get released on the 6th...

Iraq has held off on the investment law for a reason of timing in accordance to this meeting.


 Word is the boys club is in the U.S. (Jaffari/Abadi/Shabibi)….. Personally so many heads of state in town at once plus the Pope. This is good stuff.

 He could be in NY now, and make it back to Iraq for the 29th, when Parliament meets for the Investment law, and Abadi's announcement.

  I thought Abadi was here--considering basically all countries are here being represented... just keeping him under the radar i think... (jmo)

:  Tbirdd-it's a secret...~~~!!

 Since they have supposedly already RV'd in Iraq, I guess Abadi, Jaffari, and Shabibi don't have to be in country when it happens here.

  The world is looking but they don't see. But we do!!!

Elmerf123456:  Folks eyes wide open. I'm sleeping next to my Batphone. Sleep is overrated but needed lightly. I'm happy with the news, hopeful and extremely happy with who's in town and what seems to be unfolding……

We have had many false alarms but never with as many heads of state a pope the Chinese President and a contingency from Zimbabwe Viet Nam and Iraq all in the same place.

Yes Putin too.  Wow. Let's do this!  I feel this is very special.
R2D2:  Guys this meeting of world leaders is historic! Even the Zimmeister is there, Mugabe! Don't know what's up, but it can't be bad!


Rrrr:  There’s no bags to pack. I’m ready to go. Just need to stop at the bank, and watch them put on their show. Already in my bank clothes, I’m gonna fly. So tweet me and grant my plea. Let me know we have RV’d. Hold those rates so high, I’ll start to cry. Then I’ll be leavin

Systema:  Had some banking to do yesterday and once I was finished I made an inquiry.  I asked the teller what 2 million Viet Dong would cost me in Canadian dollars ( I'm in Canada just so you know).  Teller told me it would be $132.00 CDN.

 I asked to see the screen and verified myself it was correct.

 I did some banking today and once done asked a different teller then yesterday how much 2 million Dong would cost me Canadian...she told me $330.00 CDN.
I asked to see the screen myself and again verified she was correct.  This happened at the TD bank in Pxxxxxxxx.  It is a significant move and let's hope it really moves a lot more soon.  I'm excited and you should be too.

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