Friday, September 25, 2015



 Parliament meets again on 9/28. I think they may pass a 'boatload" of laws, the RV Tuesday or Wednesday. They seem to do everything at last minute!! Makes sense, in that Oct 1 is the USA new accounting period. I think.

Iko Ward:
  Morning everyone. During this frustrating waiting game, it's important to note how far we have come. Forex used to only poll down into the 1130's this time of day even six weeks ago. Now the 1110 range is common. They used to only poll four or five times in a 24 hour period, now it's more like a dozen and the times vary significantly. So the PTB is monitoring closely, the currency trading elite are looking for clues. With everything else that is happening, take heart.

  I am looking for an awesome week end--- I certainly hope you guys are as well.
Isabelle:  IKo, Is the varying numbers due to the USD changing in value OR the IQD? The 1110 is an expression of the value as related to the USD which we know does vary, but I thought that the IQD is a programed rate of 1166, a constant. How do you know the change has anything to do with the value of the IQD? Just asking, and thanks for all your post.

Iko Ward:   Isabelle, I have noticed the 3-4 point polls are related to the USD Value, but the people at Forex push the spread in a given direction (below 1106) when they feel an RV is imminent. Since IQD is a restricted currency and only traded by the big boys it's hard to find actual analysis. They do revert to the CBI rate of 1166 at least once a day.


Greatly Blessed:
 Good Morning room watching Morning Joe on MSNBC and a historian came on to say that the Pope is wearing white which represents resurrection.

He is addressing the UN this morning. Joe said he is bring light to a dark world. It is very powerful that he will be talking to one of the most dysfunctional body in the world.

What is happening now is very powerful.

He will  be addressing the biggest crowd at the UN ever. The UN is a heavily dysfunctional body. Even the PTB revere this man. That's something.

I believe he will be unlocking this GCR/RV key IMO. He is going into private meetings now. The Vatican is an observer body at the UN and it's the first a Pope will address the UN General Assembly.

I hope these so called PTB will take to heart his message. They are ruining the world with their greed. Sorry JMHO.

I find it amazing that Kings and Queens are also present.

Tbirdd:  GB--- you mentioned that the PTB do revere him.... i believe that, just hope they will remember his messages after a day..

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