Friday, September 25, 2015



Taxmom:   [ Bruce call ]  Chinese delegation meeting with O tomorrow; Zimbabwe delegation is in NY for meetings; Putin will meet with O Saturday.

Still hoping for this week. Treasury notes are ready to go;

He heard one of the Iraq bond offerings was completed

QI card holders in US are activated and being used at new rate

Last test, Bruce heard it was tried Monday night. Heard Abadi wants it before the holiday which only gives him 3 hrs, so not so sure he will get it.

6 zeros off trillion notes for Zimbabwe an 3 zeros off the billion notes is what Bruce heard
Mssylvia:  Bruce said timing is ".proximate" he is excited and said this week is not over, yet. I have been advised that Bruce has some really good contacts that he gets his information from.Just hope this timing is right. He said nothing holding it up.Boy! I know they are not waiting on me. Just let is go!!

Pinkroses:  Bruce's call: caller asking using a currency dealer to do exchange. Bruce thinks there maybe some benefit. but realize currency dealers are not banks. possibility they will wire money to your bank. if rates the same something for you to consider. in old days we all thought we all exchange through currency dealers. but recently opinion to use the major banks, because the dealers have to wire the funds to the banks anyways.

 Bruce: still hoping for it to RV this week still, on or by Saturday is a good window to be in right now

  Bruce: All the currencies we thought will go including the ZIM is still a go in the first basket. Bruce knows the ZIM is because he knows someone on Tuesday was able to exchange the ZIM


Four2atous:  China is the big boy on the block = http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2785905/China-overtakes-U-S-wo ​rld-s-largest-economy-IMF-says-economy-worth-17-6trillion-America-fall​ s-second-place-time-1872.html

tbone : " Fed still on track for rate hike this year, Yellen says" ​http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/09/24/us-usa-fed-yellen-idUSKCN0RO​2GR20150924

Rrrr: A tree in autumn splendor… the smell of spring after a shower, an ocean breeze on a hot summer day, a bird in perfect song, a bright full moon rising, sunrise, sunset, puppies and kittens and butterfly trails, sounds of the ocean, the first snow of winter, rainbows, babies laughing, clear mountain views, Just pause and reflect how even the thought of these miracles makes you feel and will continue long after the RV has come and gone… Nice eh?

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