Wednesday, September 23, 2015



  hmmm Art Cashin on CNBC just stated that 'he's looking to the Popes visit to the UN in NY today and his speach to the General Assembly as the start of what he really wants to accomplish in the States'.... the things that make you go hmmmmm,~!

Robert001:  CBI auction cite which posted dianr rate is still blank this morning... http://www.changedetection.com/log/iq/cbi/index3_log.html

  on The Big Call last night, Bruce expressed that it Abadi expressed wanting the reforms before Friday, period of their holiday

Lilypad:  Just now posted on Abadi's Facebook: The Prime Minister, Dr. Haider ubadi held a meeting with the integrity of the judges of the money laundering and economic crime. It was during the meeting emphasized the need to tighten the procedures to reduce corruption financial and administrative and speed up to resolve the issues and to develop new strategies to help in the process of deterring the corruption and the recovery of money stolen by corrupt.
Lilypad:  Just now on Abadi's Facebook. I have paraphrased his speech to make it more undstandable for everyone. Part 1.My heartiest appreciation and thanks to the people of Iraq and the Islamic nation on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, God blessed our leaders in allowing us to serve our people and achieving their goals and aspirations of building a nation syncing, stable and prosperous of the reservation and their right to a decent life.

Part 2: We would especially like to congratulate and thank all combatants of avoidance as they face the intimidation of ISIS and they are giving their lives in order to defend their own people and to their families and their places of worship, and continue to be the night of day of the liberation of the overtaken cities and upon the shoulders of their children.



Mnt Goat  ...Iraq is in fact working hard on trying to reconcile the issues within the National Guard law.  I firmly feel they will work out any issues before Eid and we will see the conclusion of this law maybe this week or next. It is looking very good. Remember it can’t go on forever.

Their latest target is Oct 1st  for National Guard law, Judicial Reforms, Amnesty, and Investment laws.  

Just Monday 9/21 we heard that Fuad Masum has announced “we finished the National reconciliation project & will present after the feast!”.

This means after Eid around October 4th timeframe.

Hurray! This confirms the target of very early Oct I have been talking about.

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