Friday, September 25, 2015


TNT Call notes 25-September-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, September 25, 2015.  How are you guys doing going into this absolute fabulous weekend?  I didn't think we'd be here, but we'll make the best of it.  Things are looking really, really good and people are really, really excited.
Does it mean they are waiting for Abadi to come to the UN?  There are 200 world leaders at the UN today and tomorrow.  They are focused on climate control.  In back rooms away from cameras could be about this...are there going to be discussions about it, I'm sure there will be..
I had a bank person tell us that he works in a bank and not seeing anything there. Asked if this is going to be a Super Fantastic Weekend. Is it scheduled to be? Yes.  That is because there are six more days in the month.  It is scheduled to happen by the 30th of this month and any one of those days could be the day.  It was released to go yesterday but it didn't...
Is this a good day for us?  Yep.  Is it a good weekend for us?  Yes.  Is it a good 6 days for us?  Absolutely:  the rates are the same at almost every bank;   they had adjustments on the back screens yesterday, which is ok because you will still love it anyway.  A whole lot of info came out yesterday;  people ramped up and where they're at.  They have their procedures.  A lot of people have been calling the banks this week;  rates have been popping up for an hour or two then going away.
Abadi plans to travel to NY after the holiday, but my understanding is today;  it could be Monday.  If he comes after the holiday, I don't think you guys will care.  I hope that's the plan anyway.  Everything is lined up and screens are back where they're supposed to be.  Only one currency is lower than our numbers;  don't worry though, it's still great!  If Abadi comes on Monday, that’s a four-day holiday.  Let’s let him come today or tomorrow so we can all celebrate.  Everything is lined up, things are where they should be backstage. 
404 caller:  if I didn't say correctly, they had an opportunity to do it, don't know if they tried to do it, but the window was opened for them to do it
Tony:  They had authorization to do it not that it was supposed to. I don't even know that they had tried to do it.
Caller:  when they give you this info, is it usually morning or within 24 hour window
Tony:  They give me three times during the day they could do it.
602 caller:  [chitchat]  The dates that changes on the screens – was that Wednesday’s date or is there a new date?  Have we passed that yet?
Tony:  No, Monday was the day!  On the 15th, and the 17th, it said “Part 1 activated”.  That activation is still there.   On the 19th, it switched to the 21st.  Maybe this time Part 1 is actually activated, because they did say today.  We are waiting for Part 2, which has a date that has not changed.  So my understanding is that it could happen any time but there IS a date. 
Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so we can all go and meet you out there!
872 caller:  [chitchat]  It may be out day, can’t get any better than that.
Tony:  Do you have some good news for us?  [chitchat] 
Caller:  You never say much about the call centers these days – are there still going to be call centers?
Tony:  I don’t know.  Don’t worry, we will still be here to explain things. They will take your call, but there might be some tweaking to how that is accomplished.  There has been a suggestion that they are letting too much information out, but over the next six days we will know.
Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, and you have a blessed weekend.
972 caller:  In the past, DC was always packed and ready to go…
Tony:  That is so funny!  Pam, DC and I go through this, while Ray is always packed because he travels.  IN the military, you have to have a go bag that stays packed all the time. He’s used to that.  Pam, Ray and DC are always packed for this situation;  is Tony packed?  No.  Pam has been packed so many times she has a bag for every season.  Now, they say it doesn’t matter if they tell me to pack because I’m not going to do it until they call me!  I’m excited and ready, yes, and I think I’ll have to pack within the next few days because the meetings are very good with memos going back and forth.  I’m looking through the closet to take this or that, but not putting it in the suitcase.
Caller: Thank you very much and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
919 caller:  Denzel Washington is going to play you in the movie!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas and Raleigh, Raleigh, Raleigh!  You are my true compass and I believe everything you guys tell us.
512 caller:  All the boys in Georgetown are super-enthused about what you do and we got up a little donation and sent it your way.  About the MasterCards – you’re saying that an Iraqi citizen with a MC can put it in an ATM machine and get local currency?
Tony:  Yes, so there must be a rate in their internal system.  It hasn’t made it to the public system yet, that’s all.  They have announced to their people that they can use their cards in any other country, so they have to have a rate in every country.
Caller:  In other words, they are just blocking information at the teller level.  We went into twelve banks, just as  test, and they looked at it as if we had three heads.
Tony:  You’ll know before they know.  If they knew, they would take off at lunchtime, buy as much dinar/dong as they could, and come back the next day to exchange it, then walk off the job at 5pm… and the banks don’t want that.  The banks wouldn’t open!  We don’t even want that to happen.
918 caller:  I’m taking a nap;  my girlfriend wants to ask you a question. 
(GF)  [Appreciation]  I have family members I purchased for – it’s their money, but the receipts are in my name. How do I handle that legally?  Am I going to be responsible for the taxes?
Tony:  What I would do – just my opinion – is to make out a gift letter today and give it to them TODAY.  You can give them a copy of the receipt if you want to as well, so that there is a paper trail.  That should cover you.  That’s how I would do it.
Caller:  I’ve already done all that, but I wanted to talk to you and make sure I did it the right way.  Some of them are older and a bit leery.  What about the taxes?
Tony:  Once you have made the gift, they are responsible for their own taxes, not you.
Pam:  Tell us what’s going on in Iraq,  please.
Tony: We know people got paid on Monday and Tuesday.  I haven’t talked to anyone in Iraq today. It’s difficult to get through to anyone in Iraq on Friday mornings because they are at the mosque.  We were getting so much information yesterday, and people are so excited… I hope they are getting money there and that we will soon get it here.  They are celebrating the Eid holiday over there, and I hope we will get updates after 3pm today.
206 caller:  I get on the call so late I never imagine my number will come up!
Tony:  Wait a minute.  My adviser says that the gift letter is not the best choice;  it’s better to create an affidavit saying it was a pass-through payment.
Caller:  I hope to send you a little gift later.  Would you rather see us exchange before or after the devaluation of the dollar? 
Tony:  Before, because I get more dollars that way.  When the dollar devalues, I want to have more of them.
Caller:  Would it not be more advantageous for them to delay it until after devaluation.  Isn’t that supposed to come next month?
Tony:  Why would the dollar devalue without the GCR occurring?  I don’t see that.  What’s going to make it devalue if not the GCR?  That is what makes the dollar devalue, unless someone knows something I don’t…  It’s not something we have to worry about until after.
Caller:  Do you think that they have plans to devalue the dollar next month because of their plans this month?
Tony: I do know that the dollar will come down a bit because the other currencies are coming up.  The stronger the dollar is, the worse the global economy is.  China has just passed the US as the most productive economy. 
Caller:  What are we expecting this time?  Roosevelt devalued the dollar 40%.
Tony:  I’m expecting 2-3%;  there is not way it’s going down 30-40%. That is the biggest joke in the world. We will hardly notice it.  Those who don’t have dinar will notice it, but we’ll still be the #2 economy in the world.  The US has become a consumer economy rather than producers. Unless one of our presidential candidates figures that out, it’s not going to improve much.
Caller:  If you can convert that into encouragement,  you’re good!  I will hope for the best, like we all well.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
870 caller:  So much has changed.  Do we still need to hurry to the bank to get the contract rates?  What about first, second, third mouse?
Tony:  It’s still there because that is a consumer issue, not a bank issue.  I would do it within a 3-4 day window.  There are still contract rates, and it depends on the speed of your appointment, how much you have, and how you present yourself. 
Caller:  Is it okay to take an attorney to check the NDA and such?
Tony:  I think they would prefer you to go in to your appointment by yourself.  Are you single?  Tell you husband to stay home, and take your attorney;  tell your banker that you want your husband/attorney to look things over.  I’m just joking.  You sound like an older lady, and they want you to be comfortable.  Take who you want, and assume it’s okay unless they tell you otherwise.  Nothing beats a failure but a try.  You need to be ready.
Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  A guy sent me an email from Dallas – he is made cuff links from gold and diamonds that he is making me.  He sent me a picture.  They looks beautiful, thanks!
513 caller:  Do you have any more insight into how they might roll this out?
Tony:  I got a lot of insight yesterday, but don’t think they want it out at this time;  they tweaked it, not totally changed it, and we’ll find out the final tweaks on the final day.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  I hope you enjoy your stay in Vegas!
405 caller:  Last time I heard the rates, it was dong = 47 cents, dinar = $3.91…
Tony:  The dong rates sounds good, dinar is between $3.22 and $3.91.  Pam? 
Pam:  I don’t think there’s much you didn’t tell them!  You guys have heard all the possible scenarios, everything we hear as we heard it, so when it happens you’ll know how to handle it.  You have plenty of time, and you guys can do this.  You know a lot more than you think you know;  take your time, you’ll be great.
Tony:  Just don’t panic.  I hope you have all made your plans, with the minor issues of when is my bank appointment and how much will I get?  Ray?
Ray:  I haven’t prepared any extra speeches:  goodbye!  I’ve enjoyed it!
Tony:  We are still in that time frame.  People are excited all around the world, comfortable with the next days and what is being accomplished.  Be ready to initiate and follow your plan.  It’s out of our hands completely.  Those few who are involved are all going to be in New York, discussing it face-to-face, saying “let’s get this party started!”  I see the big picture, I’m not staying up at night waiting for the call because when I get it, I’m ready to go.  I don’t have my go bag, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have yours.  That’s it,  hope to talk to you over the weekend.  Enjoy your day!

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