Wednesday, September 23, 2015


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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, September 23, 2015.  We are here and so much closer to the end, it is my firm belief.  Before we get started, yesterday I got a phone call.  We haven’t asked for any donations because I keep thinking this thing is over, but it hasn’t happened and our bill is due.  It’s a month behind but we kept hoping that it would happen so we left it.  Those who can, please help us out because it is due, it is red, and they did call me.  I paid what I could, but…
I put on a countdown on a text message, because my information is that this is happening by the end of the month, within seven days.  The activation dates on the screen were the 15th, the 18th, and the 21st, which was Monday.  People were told it was supposed to be activated that day.  Is there is a new date? There is a day they’re saying this should be completed by, but  no new date on the screen.  The rates have not changed for the last five days;  they have been holding steady.  This is all really good information.  We know Abadi wanted people paid by tomorrow. That’s when the holiday begins.
Their cards were all activated and they can use them outside the country.  They have used them outside the country and as of this morning there is a different rate when they do that.  If I put out the rate today, people will be upset, but it’s a rate we will truly love, without a doubt.
I thought that was really good news, because how long can they hide that, that Visa and MasterCard are using the new rate in their system. That has to come to us sooner or later, and it has to show up if they are transferring those rates in and out of the country.  I have to put these pieces of the puzzle together, especially as others are saying we HAVE to see this release by a certain date.  It’s not much longer to the agreed-upon date, and then the money flows, the dam breaks, there is an explosion or we see what happens.  I know there have been four dates assigned to this, and they have passed all four, and nothing happened, even though they told their people.  But at least they gave us actual dates for the first time in five years!
I was talking on the phone or in the bank this weekend and Monday and yesterday.  We had people who went to the bank and exchanged foreign currency – not the dinar, another one that is in the basket.  It started with 7-8 people who exchanged;  I talked to one who told us the amount and it is consistent with what others got.  After multiple exchanges, the bank called back and tried to get to the money back!  Some people had the foresight to move the money out of the bank after the transaction, so the bank couldn’t get it back.  At a tier 2 bank, the guy at the bank said he couldn’t exchange my contact because he was exchanging his customers, and sent him to another bank.  He went to the other bank and by the time he became a customer, the rate went back down. Yesterday, someone was quoted a rate, and by the time the manager approved it, the rate went down, but they still did the exchange and the person got his money.  There was a explosion – different banks were doing exchanges between Saturday and yesterday.
I don’t think it will happen today.  You had to be at the right place at the right time, but hopefully, it won’t matter because the goal is still to have it completed this month.  Everyone is working with this as a global window.  Every day it’s changing, but that’s what they are working with right now.
I had a call and some texts where someone is saying (once again) that US citizens will not see this RV, that you have to go through this one guy to get this RV.  This is for the public, and they have exchange centers for the public.  If it were only for groups, why would they have this systems, these exchanges centers all over the place, and have trained all these people.  These are scare tactics so that you will turn over your dinar to them.  The banks want your currency and exchange, they don’t want it to happen through one individual.  We are lining up for a good time!
828 caller:  Can you expound on a comment you made last Friday about “the RV should occur by the end of the month one way or another”?  What did you mean by that?
Tony:  My understanding is that the powers that be want it to be  done by the end of the month, and I think it will be. Iraq has been wanting this for months, and everyone else wants it done as well although a few things are being tweaked.  Iraq wants it released by the holiday which starts tomorrow;  they have asked people not to protest over the holidays, and they wouldn’t protest if they have money to buy things and celebrate.  People are still asking Iraq to do different things and people are still fighting the reforms.  They have set a deadline to have everything done by the 29th, but the RV can go before then.  They are being told to be ready before the end of the month.  The date has not changed since Monday;  they change it as they pass every due date.  Did they change it because of the cards?  I don’t know why they have not changed the date when they have changed it 4-5 times.   They say they can use the cards at the international rate, but they haven’t changed the rate. Everyone I talk to says they want to change it by the end of this month.
Caller:  How we will know when the Raleigh celebration will be held?
Tony:  We will still have Twitter, our other sites, all the rest… I will send it out so you can follow it, even if we have to change the Twitter name.  Everyone who has donated, I will also send out an email blast along with those who are in the forum.  We can also put up a new site if we need to.
404 caller:  Given all the intel you’ve shared, what’s the best time frame we can anticipate the Vegas event?  Will that be in the fourth quarter or the start of 2016?
Tony:  If I can do it within 15 days, I will – but Vegas is booked out from 1. November.  I would try to do it during October, as soon as possible, if there is any venue available.  I would throw it together, just so we can get together.  If nothing is available, then it will have to be in the New Year.  We will look for the first available date for four days in a big enough space, but we’ll have to see how many people want to come, because it will be in the thousands.
Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Hopefully in the next few days…
432 caller:  News is sounding great.  Can you give my number to Okie?
Tony:  We are just waiting.  The opportunity is still here and we are waiting for it.  I haven’t talked to Okie in few days; he is still sick, but he’s still excited about what’s happening.  He’s still getting the news…
Caller:  I’ll see you in Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
601 caller:  I have a hypothetical question.  I’ve been in this for nine years, after two years of research – it just made sense to me that the value would have to go up.  All these different countries are not playing nicely together now, but if they fell apart, will the GCR and the RV still happen?
Tony:  Yes, it will, because it was designed that way.  The RV will still happen, even if the GCR did not, and Britain and the UK would go back to our original deal.
I got a letter from some people in Britain;  they chastised me for not giving me enough credit for participating in the Iraq war and the group that put this together.  They are right – Britain was a big part of that.  The first time I got in trouble in DC was when I mentioned the UK.  We do respect and appreciate you;  you will always be our partners, and we are glad you are part of this, too.
352 caller:  What is the significance behind debt forgiveness for Iraq and Zimbabwe?  Does that play into the RV at all?
Tony: The less debt you have, the more valuable your currency is.  We want Zimbabwe to be of as much value as possible;  by wiping out the debt, the value of the currency goes up, so you will still have that value because you hold the currency.  The same is true of Iraq.
Jerry on Skype:  Someone was asking me if the UN operational deadline applies here.
Tony:  That usually comes out on the 1st or 15th, but it doesn’t really matter – Iraq will change the rates whenever they choose.  It would be easier to change it once.
Caller:  What about their fiscal year?
Tony:  Their fiscal year starts on October 1st, just like ours.  Yes, there are good reasons for this to happen by then, but we just have to wait and see what happens.
773 caller:  Good weekend?
Tony:   It could have been better – I am dragging around stuff that you guys don’t know.  I thought this would be over by now!
Caller:  So there is an international rate on the cards – is it better than in-country?  And are the Visa and MasterCards different than the Qi cards?
Tony: Oh, yeah!  The rate is better — that’s what my guy told me!  And with Visa/MC, you go to an ATM and it gives you the local currency, so they have to have an exchange rates with all those countries.  Whether it is 1166, 800 or some other rate, then Visa and MC has to expose that rate in the very near future, and my guy said it was a great rate.  I don’t know if they can use their Qi cards outside the country, but they are saying they can transfer funds between their cards and accounts.  They are calling this ‘port conversions’.
954 caller:  How many currencies are in the basket?
Tony:  There are five that I know of.
410 caller:  I know you cannot give a date, but can you give a time – such as in the middle of the night, or after the markets close, or whatever?
Tony:  I think the optimum time is between midnight and 6am EST.  You don’t have to look for it in the middle of the night because the banks don’t open until 9am.  If they make the announcement and we do the tweet, you’ll still have to call the 800 numbers. I don’t get up in the middle of the night to look for it, and don’t recommend you do so.
Caller:  My friend is heading to Mexico for a week;  should she take her currency, or just take a note and have a better time?
Tony:  I don’t know what the requirements are in Mexico.  If you have a note in your hand, you can at least try at the airport or wherever.  She could be at the right place at the right time and they might give it to her.
Caller:  I’m excited!  I heard that Abadi is making a trip during the holiday…?
Tony:  I haven’t heard that.  Where to?
Caller:  I heard that he and another minister were coming to the US, and I couldn’t figure out why they would do that during their holiday.
Tony: The Chinese President arrived yesterday, and will meet with the President tomorrow and then the UN the next day.  The Pope is meeting with the President and the UN this week as well.  Some people say it’s all about the RV, others say it might be about global warming and things he wants to talk about.  I don’t know.
239 caller:  Are there any problems with gifting people with 100 trillion zim notes?  I know there is a limit of $14,000, but I’ve already given it to them…
Tony:  At the moment, it’s valueless, so I don’t see any problems.  Yes, you should give those gifts NOW, before it revalues.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
352 caller:  Mtn Goat said the Visa/MC won’t go international until after the RV.
Tony:  The CBI has announced that they can use their cards internationally, and this contact has already used his card in this country and told me the rate.
Caller:  Many have gone to restaurants over the last month and given $3 as a tip. I would hope that they could send the same to you as a donation for all the benefits you have given us.
Tony:  We are a month and a half behind. I really hoped we would be through with this by now, so I haven’t mentioned it, but Pam says we are red-lined now. Our address is
9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269,  Folsom CA 95630-7269;  we appreciate it!  If you send a check or money order, you have to make it out to Tony Renfrow.  TNT doesn’t have a bank account, so I have to shred those if you send checks to TNT.
405 caller:  We’ve heard September 30th is the deadline for zim – has that been extended?  If this doesn’t happen by then, what will do they do?
Tony:  They will probably wait until the GCR is announced, and then give a date.  They are pushing to get this done before 1. October.  If something else happens beyond their control, I think they will still do it as soon as possible. This is not designed to go to next year, for instance.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Let’s just get this show on the road!
Tony:  Pam says it’s time.
Pam:  I am all set!  You know more than you think you know. Take your time.  You can do this, and we’ll all get there together.
Ray:  hang in there, continue to enjoy this When will I see it Wednesday!
Tony:  I haven’t heard any negative news – everyone is ready, banks have been notified.  Quite a few people have been able to exchange, and regional managers have been giving more information to their branches, moving people to exchange locations, etc.  They have notified more wealth managers, and they are building up to the release to the public, getting their people ready for that.  I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day, hoping this is the last call.  If not, I hope we’ll be here for the next one!   All the news is good, and if someone tells you otherwise, ask what makes sense.  If someone says you can’t get paid unless you hand them your dinar, say “One of us is a darned fool, and it’s not me!”  Enjoy the rest of your day… Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

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