Sunday, September 27, 2015


    • Blessedlady04 said
      12:50 PM Sep 27, 2015
    Several months ago I opened several bank accts to be ready for exchange.  At Wells you can have a reocurring transfer which keeps your business accounts active until youre ready to use them.  I had just enough money in these accts to make the transfer from checking to savings back to checking one time each month to keep them active until RV.  In august my acct showed that the transfer failed and my banker who had told me originally that his manager got an email about the dinar and it was a sure thing now tells me that he advises me to close those accts because he is not sure about the dinar.  I waited until the end of the month because I had aready gotten a fee.  I went in and my other banker who has dinar of his own advised me to close the accts.  So on Saturday my husband and I went in to close the accts and one business checking banker was out getting married and the other one had an appt. and asked if I could come back on Monday.  I told him I was going to be out of town the following week and he said just wait until the end of the month and see what happens.  This afternoon after I got home from church I decided to check my banking online and the fees are gone. They were there yesterday.   Could it be that we are this close and the manager of the bank has gotten another email to get ready.  The manager knows I have dinar and he had approved fees to be removed from my acct before but the last two months would not take the fees off forcing me to close my accts or pay the fees.  But now they are gone.  And the funny part about it is I took the monies out of those accounts because I didn't want the fees to deplete them.  Well it shows that my reocurring transfers for both of those accts went through and are not to happen again until Oct 25th.  Strange don't you think.  SOMETHING IS UP!!!!!!!!!!

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