Thursday, September 24, 2015


Terry K Chat 11:51am EDT 9/24/15

[terryk] Well it's 10 am mountain time right
[terryk] sorry late
[terryk] yep they are on their way out to work on Internet again
[wushock92] Wow! You sure have had a lot of trouble with the interweb

[terryk] U think?
[terryk] lol
[terryk] why I stopped calls for now
[terryk] phone internet

[wushock92] A technological nightmare at best

[terryk] since June 3 been without for total 26 days
[terryk] not counting drops

[kenbbq1] Howdy TerryK

 [terryk] So what do u all think about this 4 th blood moon

[kenbbq1] do not believe in that stuff.....

[kenbbq1] we have gone through all the numbers games and all the lunar stuff and we still wait...when Obama say go we will get it....

[terryk] Well I heard rumor he don't want this to happen while he in office
[terryk] but I think this is a lot bigger than o
[terryk] but that's me

[kenbbq1] I sure hope it is....
[Colorado] Logically - if it is going to cause the dollar to take a dive, no Politian wants this to happen on their watch

Dollar falls against the euro - Twilight News / US dollar fell against the euro on Wednesday after European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said the bank needs more time to assess whether the program will expand stimulus. He informed Draghi of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament that slowing growth in emerging markets and the high value of the euro and falling commodities all prices of factors already frustrated expectations to enhance its asset purchase program, but that there is a need for more evidence to determine whether these factors have a lasting impact. Draghi's comments pushed the euro higher against the dollar after it was European currency had fallen to its lowest level in two weeks and a half. The euro was also the highest level in a week against the pound to hit 73.47 pence after Draghi comments. The dollar continued to climb against emerging-market currencies, its highest level ever in front of the Brazilian currency at 4.12 riyals. The euro ended the US trading, up 0.58 percent against the greenback at $ 1.1185 and rose 0.07 percent against the Japanese currency to 120.21 yen. The Swiss currency against the dollar rose 0.39 percent to 0.9791 francs. The decline in the dollar index, who measures the greenback's value against a basket of six currencies Riasah- 0.05 percent to end the trading in the US market at 96.231 after he jumped earlier to 96.548, the highest level in two weeks and a half. http://www.ara.shafaaq.com/30329

[terryk] I think it will crush it

[kenbbq1] gotta run ya'll take care
[wushock92] Bye kenbbq1

[terryk] Later bro
[terryk] thanks
[terryk] So I see Abadi is busy
[terryk] Allawi supporting
[terryk] national guard law still not passed
[terryk] nothing on Iran currency
[terryk] so typical Thursday
[terryk] but heard Isis maybe pulling out of Iraq
[terryk] due to some very nice strikes

[wushock92] i saw that yesterday

[terryk] see you’re all ahead of me
[terryk] lol
[wushock92] Not hardly!
[terryk] Well going to get off of here thanks all for keeping each other informed
[terryk] God Bless

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