Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.  

Tony: Today is the quietest day we have had in the last two weeks.  Everything got quiet.  We don't know about the announcements yesterday.  Won't know anything until the evening. Still have green light.  Still have rates. We should have a good week or weekend. Everything is very positive. . . Don't know why the speeches did not take place.  

CURRENT WINDOW:   Window of opportunity is down to 48 hours or less.

IRAQ:   Tony said the expected speeches in Iraq last night did not take place. 
  • CBI     
  • Banks 
  • TV              Mosques 
  • ISIL
  • Afghanistan & Iran Currency.  Tony said he does not see the return for the money spent.  Said we know the other currencies we've purchased and the rates for them.  That the Afghanistan and Iran currencies are unknowns. Ray said the 10,000 Afghanistan note was not being accepted. Tony:  We do know there is a list of nine different currencies that might be good but why take a chance?
  • ZIM:  Tony expects it will "hold on" for about 90 days.  (I think he meant be valid for 90 days after the Iraq RV)
  • Rates    
UNITED STATES:     Exchanges for the last two weeks in the US, seem to be mostly on the east coast and in the Rupiah
  • UST:    
  • Banks:         People still being trained and still raising the rates at exchange.  We still have access to the contract rates.
  • Packages:   
  • VEGAS has always been planned as a four day event with training during the day.  Information on investments, trusts, annuities.  Dinner to meet the mods; gifts and all kinds of music. 
EXCHANGING: Both spouses must sign an NDA.  Will not have access to the funds until both have signed.

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