Monday, September 28, 2015


Highlights of Tony's CC.  Updated as the call progresses.
Before the recording:                                                                                                                                                                       Already Blessed:  They are done with the bank reconciliation in a few hours.  I would thinkwe are golden.
Tony:  We are in a great position.  There are 192 world leaders at the UN. Does it have anything to do with us.  It's a huge possibility.  Everybody was "super" excited this weekend for what is to come.  Coming from every direction. Someone could say something in their speech today at the UN. . . could set it all off. . .don't know.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Window right now through the first of Oct.  Tony:  Could be any day right now.  Nothing in the system stopping it. . . time . . . optimal time.  
IRAQ:  is expected to make a major announcement tomorrow after evening mosque.  Something to do with reform.  Abadhi does not have to be in Iraq for the RV to happen. They also are to make a public announcement on the national guard law and/or anti-money laundering and investment law tomorrow.
  • Cards:  are all supposed to be the same and read the same.  All will be the same when the announcement is made publicly and that is when the US can go.   
  • IMF    
  • Rates Unchanged from the past        
  • Banks:   brought people in over this last weekend.  They have notified employees down to another level of employees.  Not at the tellers yet, but close.  Tony:  They have to give them some kind of advance notice . .  time to accept they have missed out.
  • Negotiation strategy:  The bank may offer you a higher exchange rate for the longer you leave your funds deposited with them.          
EXCHANGING:    Send you to locations based on the amount of currency you hold.  May need second appointment to negotiate a rate. Wealth Managers are now set up to do the exchanges. Single notes will go to a regular bank. Larger amounts expected to be directed to other locations.  They do not want lines at the banks.  Want the exchange completed in the first 10 days from when it starts and expect the other 6 million to exchange to come in over the next months.  Banks to be open to 11 pm.  May have a third shift.  Soon as numbers are released you can start to call for appointments. Tony said,  You may expect to go into the bank and educate them on their own procedures.  Do not accept what you are told by a branch manager or head teller.  They may not know.
Each bank now expected to have their own 800 numbers.

Caller:  Got to know the Governors wife . . . we share recipes. . . hear from her . . .told me everyone will be able to exchange by Oct. first.  Another connection is telling us the same thing.
Caller:  On scale of 100 this month?   Tony: Odds this happening now 99.8%

PAM:  lost connection
RAY:  Enjoy this marvelous Monday.  It may get more marvelouser.
TONY:  Tell you what Pam going to say.  “You guys know more than you think you know  You have all the information.   We’ve gone over it ??? times in the last 5 years.  Be kind to each other.  Be respectful.  Be helpful to each other.  Not just today but during the process.”
Tony:  Superfantastic information.  Everybody on pins and needles since Friday.  Did not know if it would be before UN event or after.  Major announcement scheduled in Iraq tomorrow.  Could be national guard law or anti-money laundering or what we’ve waited for and get this party started.
Our window we’ve been looking at for last 2 weeks concludes this week.  I think it will.  Nothing technically blocking this.  Everything green.  Systems up and running.  Tested and paid.  Waiting for the witching hour.  That is all we are waiting for right now.  Would love this is our last call.  If not see you on Wednesday if not before!  On Wednesday, if not before!  (yes he repeated what he said.)

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