Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.

Tony:  Can't hide it much longer.  Four dates this month applied to it and they all have passed. .  Rates have not changed for last 5 days. . . to be paid before the holiday which starts tomorrow.  Some paid on Sunday.  Others to have been paid yesterday.  Cards (credit cards) activated. . . can be used outside the country.  As of this morning it is a different rate when they use their cards outside the country.  A rate we will truly love, without a doubt.
Yesterday people exchanged foreign currency but not the Dinar.  One that we've said was in the basket. . . After doing multiple exchanges, the bank called back wanting their money back, saying they made a mistake.  Some they got back.  Also told the people they were doing their own customers only.
Rates fluctuated.  One exchanger was quoted $17K but by the time the supervisor approved it the rate had dropped and he exchanged for $13K.  Exchanges were made at different banks, in various states, and even some Tier Two banks.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  It is a global window.  All are working on it. . . .People told Sept 21 it was to be activated.  No new date but saying it will be completed by . . . (an agreed upon date that Tony will not say)               Tony: Optimum time is between midnight and 6 am EST
Tony:  TPB want it completed by the end of the month.  My understanding everyone else wants it done.  Iraq wanted it done before the holiday.  They asked people not to protest during the holiday. . . wouldn't need to if this was done.

IRAQ:    Visa and Master Cards are activated with a different rate that applies outside the country.  A better rate than in-country.  Tony:  Means they have an exchange rate with other countries. . . can now transfer money among all of there cards.
  • CBI  and Finance Minister issued an article regarding the use of the credit cards in other countries.   
  • Banks 
  • TV              Mosques 
  • ISIL
INTERNATIONAL:    Tony:  Want to acknowledge Great Britain was a huge part of this.  We do respect and appreciate this and you will always be our (USA) partners . . .
  • UN Operational rates usually come out the 30th and mid month. Tony said he had not checked on them.  
  • Rates  unchanged in last five days.
  • Mexico Exchange:  Tony said he did not know what the laws/requirements were in Mexico but if your going it's worth a try. 
  • ZIM Extension:  Tony:  I have not seen it in writing.  They will probably wait for the GCR announcement and then put out a date. 
  • Gifting before it revalues keeps you under the yearly gifting limit of $14,000.   
  • Banks:    
  • Packages:   
TNT Celebrations notice will probably be by Twitter notification.  Those who have made donations will be notified by email you supplied with your contribution.  Tony hopes to have celebrations within 15 days if it happens soon.   Holiday celebrations would affect location availability/scheduling if the RV is delayed longer.
Gifts/Donations for TNT Forum can be made to: Anthony Renfrow, 9580 Oak Ave Parkway 7269 Folsom CA 95630.  Checks must be made out to Tony please


PAM:  You guys know more than you think you know.  Take your time.  You can do this.
RAY:   Everyone hang in there.  Continue to enjoy this, "when will we see it Wednesday."
TONY:  There is no negative news.  Haven’t heard any.  Only hearing any time, any minute be ready.  Banks notified.  Tier two banks notified.
Hearing bank regional managers releasing more information to their branches; moving people into positions; moving from branch banks to investment locations; notified more WM’s in last few weeks.
Telling me they are building up to “release to the public.”  Do what I’m doing.  I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day.  Hoping this is the last call.  If not, hoping we’ll still be here when it’s time for the next one.  All the news is good.  If somebody tells you you can’t get paid unless you hand them your dinar, look at them and say, “one of us is a darn fool and it’s not me.”   

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