Tuesday, September 29, 2015


S3A : 

  • Which is 8 cents or 8th of a penny ?
    • 1.000.000 = 1,000,000  (continental European & American & British)

      Decimal Point vs Decimal Comma vs Other Decimal Separators 


      I believe that's continental European, and the notation is not consistent. The Swiss (IIRC) use 1'000'000 for a million, for instance, where the French use 1.000.000 and the Americans and British use 1,000,000.
      Lastly, I found this site http://brilliantmaps.com/decimals/
    • The price in the market
      $ 100 USD = 122.800 Iraqi Dinars
    • Indeed , looks like profit to me .
    • Flash, I think it's 80 cents. 100 / 122.8 = .81 which means, each Dinar = $.81 .
      I hope I did the math right, it should be so simple, but sometimes the simple calcs trip you up. And I just woke up. Just started sipping my first cup of coffee.
  • 09/29/2015
    US $ 1 = 1,187.0700 Iraqi dinars
    1 Iraqi dinars = US $ 0.0008
    Last update: Tuesday, September 29, 2015, 10:49 GMT Baghdad
    The price in the market
    $ 100 USD = 122.800 Iraqi Dinars
    • Fabulous news ... I've wondered where I could find out this kind of information - live in real time.  Do you mind sharing your 'source' ... like where the info came from?  Only if it's public, mind you.   I don't want to compromise private intel providers.  Thanks Exo!
    • Market may mean, stock market, or the actual Bazaars and shops, so you can look for online pricing for merchandise in Iraq to see if any of those reveal anything... look for online street cams or what not, see if there's a stream that shows a street market in Iraq, or look at the ISX or other market activity in Iraq or elsewhere trading in Iraq.

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