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 KTFA .......... 1 ... 2 ... 3 things:

1.) We have a NEW COALITION that we explained over 7 months ago........... it has given Iraq a new found SECURITY that is being kept on the down side. Mainly to give Iraq's Army and GOI all the credit.

2.) You saw The MOTHER of all LAWS on Your CC last MONDAY. You are about to see the rest of her family next week.

As we Shared ............ IF .......... We see 1 and 2 then the %'s go up that we will see 3 before the end of 2015.

3.) And IF You see 3 come back ........... It's only because they built what he requested when M and o's weakness/election selfishness removed him in 2012.

**Whether or not You approve of this .......... THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW !!!

Ah.......?...... BTW ...... That was sarcasm.


NOTE that WS is QUALITY not wasted QUANTITY.

May You all have an Aloha Saturday with God's Blessing surrounding Your walk and thoughts.

KTFA     Frank


Frank26:  L ets ....... A void .......... W ar ........ S tupid !!!


This idea by The ISX can only function with an INVESTMENT LAW.

Guess what?

They will start to tell You about ALL THE LAWS by Sunday night .......... Whereas on Your MONDAY NIGHT CC .......... TEAMS will tell You about ......... ALL LAWS.

Take this to God in PRAYER ........... Tell Him of Your Gratitude.

KTFA   Frank


Walkingstick:   Stock market calls for the establishment of a "guarantee deposits" institution to gain the confidence of investors

Editor: AB, HA 2015/09/26 17:26   Long-Presse / Baghdad

Iraq Stock Exchange called, on Saturday, to create a "Deposit Insurance Corporation" to protect depositors and earn "" investor confidence, and proposed the launch of a "national investment fund" to promote the value of investments, and as revealed that the banking sector represents 62% of the market shares, demanded a plan International Classification to overcome the "bad" of the Iraqi economy.

The executive director of the market, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The banking sector is one of the most prominent themes driving the Iraqi market for securities, and any impact on the work of banks will reflect negatively on the market work," noting that "the banking sector represents 62% of the total of the Matrouh shares in the market. "

He said Abdul Salam, that "the investment portfolio of the key drivers for the market one way or another, so the banking sector composition of the investment province within the same sector, and the issuance of portfolio management for investment funds and corporate financial investment instructions by the Securities Commission and the Central Bank of Iraq."

He called Abdul Salam, to "the establishment of the Deposit Insurance Corporation to protect depositors in the government and private banks and earn the confidence of investors and savers in Iraqi banks and contribute significantly to the stock market."

He stressed Abdul Salam, "the need for continued cooperation between the Iraqi government and the private sector", calling for "the launch of a national investment fund to which they contribute and the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq and government funds and government and private banks, in order to enhance the value of investments."

He called Abdul Salam, "to work to overcome Category bad for the Iraqi economy by the international financial institutions, increasing the lead (B minus) through a well-defined plan," calling for "not to neglect the international classifications and publish its recommendations to investors in order to preserve the value of existing investments and maximize the future value of investments and amending the provisions of the prevailing and instructions issued by the laws that hinder the development of investment and financial tools. " Link


Frank26:   Good God they are voting and passing LAWS i don't even know about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice.    KTFA    Frank....... Where is THE COOKIE LAW? .lol (See Articles Below)


walkingstick :Kaabi: one point hinder voting on the Federal Court Act

History of edits:: 2015/9/26 17:17 •

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the National Alliance Tawfiq al-Kaabi said most of the points of contention on the Federal Court Act have been resolved except for one point and said that they obstruct the law was passed.

He said al-Kaabi told {Euphrates News} today that "the Federal Court Act on the verge of Readiness for a vote in the House of Representatives with the exception of one point in dispute, where the Kurdish side seeks to be a vote within the Court unanimously, while the National Alliance wants to be a vote of two thirds of the audience."

He pointed out the importance of expediting the resolution of the point of contention and providing law for approval because it is one of the important laws.

He was President Fuad Masum stressed earlier in the importance of the political blocs are working to resolve all laws files, and the need to speed up the enactment of laws, especially the Federal Court Act.

and was a member of the board Presidency of the Council of Representatives, Sheikh Hamoudi said earlier in the House of Representatives on the determination of the necessary laws and legislation late during the next phase of the current legislative term, stressing that Parliament follow the direction of past reforms and root out corruption and strengthen the supervisory role. And ended



Walkingstick:  Deputy for the National Alliance: We will vote on the two thirds of the Federal Court Act if it continued to reject the Kurds

Follow-up - and babysit - saw a member of the Legal Committee of the parliamentary bloc of the citizen properly Shawki, on Saturday, the Federal Court Act is one of the most important aspects of the state, stressing move legislation of the law by two thirds the Federal Court Act "away from the Kurds in the absence of show flexibility in the voting on it."

Said Shawki today that "the Federal Court Act is one of the projects to require a two-thirds majority, meaning the total votes of 219 votes, for the purpose of enacting of the law," noting that "the vote on the law requires the presence intensive for members of the National Alliance and the rest of the national forces, including the National Alliance, away from the forces of the Kurdistan Alliance, which refuses to vote on it in its current form. "

He explained that "the issue of contention with the Kurdish forces relating to the holding of the Court unanimously voting Aliy decisions also unanimously", adding that "this is not unusual in the world, and is disabled for the role of the Court, the fact that the contentious issues of Athsm unanimously they are difficult to verify."

He pointed out that "the President of the House of Representatives and other forces, and promised to influence Kurdish forces to show flexibility to vote on the law," pointing out that "in the absence of show flexibility by the Kurds it, voting will be by two thirds in the presence of the National Alliance and the National Forces Alliance".


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