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FRANK:  Let’s study the evolution of the monetary reform of the Iraqi Dinar.

1, 2, 3. In your notes 1,2,3 should be very, very predominant!
#1 (SECURITY) is doing very well. #1 - behind the “Wizards curtain” - is a much needed wall of defense. It’s not an “iron-curtain” like we feared in the past. It’s not just for Iraq … but in all the middle-east … and in fact for the whole world. In my opinion, the currency of Iraq is the economic foundation to many middle-eastern countries – and you’re slowly starting to see that they are willing to admit that. I consider the middle east as part of the reinstatement of the IQD. You see, a reinstatement will occur in-country. #1 needs to consider the middle-east (in general) to be a part of this generation.

<<< Boy, I hope you caught that last sentence.
The reinstatement must flow freely through and with them … along with Iraq.

#1 – SECURITY has created a NEW Coalition Force (which we’ve been telling you about for over 7 months). Why do you now see this [evidence]? (Because they didn’t want you to see it – until now).

In my opinion -- the RI is in correlation with the “in-country” – and the countries outside. They are separate things mind you … but the RI is an “in-country affair” – and the middle-eastern countries are a part of the RI right now. This is the backbone to the RV of the IQD. International!!!

The international world wants the RV … Iraq wants the RI … and so what is going on right now is inside of Iraq and outside with the middle-eastern countries is literally is the RI – therefore we are combining two things that shouldn’t be together. And it’s not just being done for Iraq. It’s being done for the middle-east and in turn for the world … (and you.)

The world is tired of constantly being sick. Where are the days of “good-days?” It’s gone with the world of terrorism.

When you’re getting ready to do something … anything … you beef-up security.

After 9-11 … many pulled back in (like a turtle with its head). But enough of that! So a few weeks ago we busted down the doors at the CBI. It’s a new Coalition force!

When have you seen the likes of France, China, Italy and now Russia gear-up their military to help? Now Syria, Korea and Iran? Wow!
They are now a part of this. The New Coalition Force.

In less than a month … the speed of light has dominated Iraq and the middle-east … and now spilled into the world … giving us the SECURITY where Dr. Shabibi wanted it. Iraq can take the credit. We don’t care – just get out of the way!
EID … maybe their gone … maybe their not.

The extended it another day – because they are not ready to tell you things until they are ready.

Are they ready to tell you about #1? I am.

Is the GOICBI ready to tell you about #2? Not really.

They will tell you about the laws … when they are ready too.

They will tell you when their currency is ready to become a reserve currency.

WalkingStick has brought forth many articles talking about SECURITY and LAWS.

According to Teams … Dr. S is impressed. The banks are happy. Technology improves.

Iraq is building a lot of banks inside and outside of Iraq right now.

A lot of these banks will be loaded up with a lot of money … which will need LAWS in order to loan that money to the citizens. The bonds didn’t work at 1166. The experiment failed – which will force Iraq to finish the monetary reform.

If we see #1 and #2 … then we will see Dr. S in 2015. #1 and #2 are very impressive.

Oil prices are waiting to go back up … but not just yet. Hummmmm.

Many countries depend on Iraq’s oil.

The IMF says that China’s Renminbi is about to become a “reserve currency.”

How is this possible when China hasn’t played fairly?

Is this a deal? Hummmmm? Why not … they did one with Iran.

Many countries have joined the New Coalition Force – so that they can participate in “deals” – (which is ironic because they could care less about terrorism).

Amazing … so many things happening so fast at the end of 2015.

Terrorism will always be a part of this planet until Jesus Christ returns.

How can Iraq have a “calculated” 8% growth at 1166? It can’t – until the currency changes.

#1 and #2 breaks up the long line family!

Subtract 9 years from 2015 … what year is that? Could that be part of the Marshal Plan? They are reviewing this right now – and I like that a lot.

The GOI is busy and Abadi isn’t there … he’s in New York City … and has been for about a week.

The UN meetings are about over … and he’ll soon return to Iraq … (possibly to see LAWS from the GOI completed).

SECURITY is the #1 thing for the world … you can’t do anything before that.

Last Monday we told you that you would see “negativity” about Iraq and this investment … but I never thought I’d see such negativity from so-called “gurus” – many of which said to “give-up.”

Many even reported that Iraq was undergoing a coup. <<< LOL Just muzzle all of that negative stuff. They don’t have a coup going on!

The Gazette is getting ready to print a lot of laws right now – and maybe we should pray for those laws.

Dr. Shabibi’s banks are back! And in my opinion, they are soon to be in his control and will pop-up like mushrooms in the morning hours.

From Oct 10th to Oct 14th --- Iraq must move to the next level.

The 2016 budget wants to come out by Oct 10th … no later than Oct. 14th.

Abadi is trying to change things. He is cutting the power positions and in terrorism.

Don’t listen to the negative rumors about Iraq! The GOI is passing laws like crazy … but we haven’t seen the National Guard Law yet.

What is #3?

For Dr. Shabibi to come back before the end of 2015 … or the 1st quarter of 2016.

There are laws that you are not even aware of that the GOI is passing.

The baby-banks of Dr. S are important because they will launch the economic reform and the private sector.

The loans … via Iraq’s banks … trigger the private sector … which signals the end of the 5 year plan. This helps the SME – which is literally the RI. [Small-Medium-Enterprises].

Please pray for Kim Clement.

Russia is an ally of the USA – but Russia is running in fear … and wants to get a head of ISIS right now. So Russia joins the New Coalition Force because they want to confront and combat ISIS. Putin can’t afford more problems that could grow into his backyard.

This will cause a high-security risk for Russia and they know it.

What is happening in the United Nations right now … it’s all about #1 – SECURITY!!! Don’t you think they [other countries] have a lot of dinars?

World currency reforms are running crazy right now because of this – but they will return to normal. “Trust, but verify” – Ronald Reagan

Little is known about Maliki lately. He is the mother of terrorism in the middle-east – but he screams to make a deal. I think you’ll read about it tomorrow (or tonight). The CIA and our military … right now … as I’m talking to you … they are tracking “high-value” targets in the middle-east.

With J-SOC [Joint Special Operations Command] and the CIA is targeting “high-value” things in Syria and Iraq … SPECIFICALLY … LASER TAG … LONE RANGER … SILVER-BULLET TIME.
Russia is against ISIS and DAASH … it’s a coalition without the approval of the USA. Did you get that?

The international community is forcing Obama – especially at the UN this week. Think about what I’m telling you. He’s only been our delay. He is out of options. We have more cooperation with our coalition forces than we do with our own President.

You’re policy sucks, Mr. President. They know you’re leaving Mr. President – so the middle-eastern foreign policy changed. I’m not trying to be disrespectful to the President – but he panders to the Democrats and his “legacy” and nothing else.

We need the National Guard Law – we don’t see it yet … so please pray about it.

China entered the New Coalition Force because this affects them too.

When the smoke clears … and we enter the RI … it will be the end of Jihad. It is not the goal and approval by most Muslims. It is murder.

iTeam changed their minds … they believe we could see this 50/50 before the end of this year.

DELTA:  Without money … you cannot have SECURITY.

The soldiers need to get paid.

Iraq is hungry for liquidity.

The CBI did a great job of sucking all of the 3 zeros off of the streets.

My wife is from Iraq, and I’m from Syria. I have dual-citizenship.

In the middle-east we have a lot of Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

I am a Christian. I love Jesus Christ.

I have a lot of friends who are Muslim. They don’t believe in killing.

What country has the most to gain from terrorism?

Remember … there was a deal between Syria and Russia to put a oil pipeline through Syria to Russia.

FRANK:  We cannot find any information about Alak.

DELTA:   Yes – he is in Iraq. He is very, very busy.

I believe that we will see the monetary reform before the end of this year.

My team … 99.99% something will happen before the end of the year.

92 days left in this year.

I was told that they really have to get moving very fast.

They are standing behind the target date before the end of the year.

FRANK – iTeam … within 11 hours after our conference call last week … they got some new information … they moved their projection to 50/50 that it could go this year or next. (NOTE: previously it was 80/20 … 80% chance for 2016).

Teams are moving “targets” right now.

I believe Maliki needs to be captured right now – and he needs to go away.

DELTA –Maliki has been a “hot” issue in Iraq for a long time … but not lately. He used to give people money under the table. Abadi has eliminated those people. Maliki is out of power … and now he doesn’t have any money … so he is losing a lot of ground. Nobody listens to Maliki anymore. He has no support. He’ll get phased out just like the 3 zeros.

FRANK –Maybe the middle-east wants Maliki to “phase-out” – but I think that the Western-culture wants him out of the picture. We’ll see.

So what happened to the October 1st date that Iraq must pass the Money Laundering Law or Iraq would be on the “black-list” – well … guess what? They didn’t that!

Iraq will need to keep treading water because we are almost done with #1 and #2 – and if we get #3 … what do you think Dr. Shabibi will want to do?

DELTA –Money Laundering – this is a done deal. That was one of the major accomplishments to move forward with the monetary reform and Article 8 compliance.

FRANK –I’m excited about what I’m seeing with the New Coalition Force!

Let’s see what happens this week.

DELTA –The holiday is over now.

Keep in mind … October 1st is the grand opening of the Islamic Bank.

Today this announced that the banks have all of the new high-tech technology.

They need to increase the value of the IQD … and the banks know it.

I believe that we are very close due to what the World Bank’s involvement has been with the state-controlled banks in Iraq.

When the value increases … the CBI will offer gold to the citizens … (because the Iraqi citizens don’t trust the banks).

Remember, the Qi-Card … the MasterCard … the ATM … all of this leads up to changing the value. Something really, really has to happen before the end of the year … but it could happen at any time.

Parliament should meet tomorrow. The Investment Laws has nothing to do with the monetary reform … but over the next two weeks … we have a lot to watch for.

FRANK –Please look at post #52 (yesterday’s thread) to learn more about the Islamic Banks – things that the IMF wanted from Iraq.

The fear of terrorism was given birth by 9-11.

Russia doesn’t want any more problems either.

#1 is doing very well.

#2 is being born right in front of us.

Delta feels that there may be something … and we hope that he can find something and show it to you.

I don’t know when they are doing this … but they ARE doing this!

I want to see the National Guard Law – it will be extremely important.

Many laws … (well over 100) … are coming. It may take all week before we find out about all of them.

I hope you enjoyed your conference call.

Call ended in prayer.

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