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Strong dinar dinar would collapse" .. misgivings and tranquility surrounded the status of national currency

[tlm724] Economists and politicians believe that the Iraqi currency prone to "collapse" and its value against the dollar always seesaw,

[tlm724] while others say that these fears just speculation unrealistic, the fact that the dinar propped strong reserves deposited in the Central Bank, along with the largest reserves a world of oil in Iraq

[tlm724] this is an opinion piece

[tlm724] that "the Iraqi dinar fine and remains strong despite the financial crisis plaguing Iraq,
tlm724] "talking about the collapse of the Iraqi dinar, is premature."

[tlm724] "The dinar is still strong for hard foreign currency, a recuperative against the dollar,

[tlm724] it is recuperative we watched them correct the market spread, they do have control

[tlm724] this opinion is stating the dinar isn't strong because everything is based on oil sales HOWEVER we are witnessing the shift in revenue generation via loans for the private industry

[tlm724] IF Iraq hadn't done that then I suppose the dinar could lose value BUT that should not happen now with all the initiatives

[tlm724] the government did not take a lesson from the crises experienced by Iraq, particularly the crisis in 2008, as it was unable to diversify sources of income and has been dependent on oil only.

[tlm724] actaully they have learned a lesson because we see the course of action now, yeah they did it all wrong up until NOW

[tlm724] "The dinar exchange rate will fluctuate in the coming period, because past experience in Iraq was subject to the exchange rate of the dinar dramatically future expectations and speculative market traders

[tlm724] that "low income as a result of austerity measures reduced the demand for foreign currency, and thus will improve the situation of the Iraqi dinar

[tlm724] so the people have less money to spend they aren't buying dollars which improves or at least stabilizes the dinar because they are using it, seems like a shell game does it not

[tlm724] so again this is an opinion article

[tlm724] my opinion is this, Iraq had no choice but to activate the private sector, they can no longer depend on oil with the likes of Iran getting back in the game so they forge boldly ahead despite the opposition to change, the Supreme religious leaders are saying enough is enough, no more talk it is time for action ! That is reassuring to me that Iraq is finally on the right path and is making that transition to a free market economy and with that comes a strong dinar


A member of the parliamentary finance: dealers, contractors and banks involved money laundering

[tlm724] love seeing this again in the news !

[tlm724] The presence of multiple files and the names of dealers, contractors and banks involved the crime of money laundering

[tlm724] the results will be announced verdict soon


Prime Minister: Investment Advisor is the only way to raise the economic growth of the country

[tlm724] Saleh, said that investment protection is the only and the main way to raise the economic growth in the country

[tlm724] "the investment essential and important issue of protection of the fact that the country has no alternative to economic growth and raise the rates of development, but from investments overseas

[tlm724] that foreign investment collide today big handicaps most important corruption,

[tlm724] "the fight against investment Iraq's equivalent of terrorism that attacks the country.

[tlm724] this is just what we were talking about, turning the private sector around and Saleh is saying one way to make the needed adjustments to the economy is bring in foreign investors and their money, they gotta pass that investment law and protect the investment or no one is going to invest !


Abadi Office: Prime Minister collide Pmaviac corruption want to block his reforms

[tlm724] only way to rebuild the Iraqi state on sound foundations provide a decent life for citizens and elevate the level of performance and at the same time hit the corruption and the corrupt Iraqi economy and address the modern scientific way.

[tlm724] sound foundations provide a decent life for citizens

[tlm724] hit the corruption and the corrupt Iraqi economy and address the modern scientific way

[tlm724] scientific way = the IMF and World Bank recommendations

[cat] amen

[tlm724] Abadi will not back down from the reforms !

[tlm724] emphasizes that the Iraqi citizens already deserve to live a better life and that is no way to achieve this unless of During the reform to move forward.

[tlm724] cat yes !
lm724] The prime minister Haider al-Abadi, said last Monday that "reforms may cost us our lives, and it is the alternative dictatorship and chaos", stressing that "the reforms remain to shout political track, and we're going

[tlm724] he is going forward come what may !


The Iraqi government has completed the adoption of a plan for running public and private sectors

[tlm724] The Iraqi government has completed the adoption of a plan for running public and private sectors

[tlm724] says it all

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