Saturday, July 18, 2015


Thank You Blackjack7 for sharing this with us all!

Blackjack7 :
 ok I will be getting a call very shortly should not only be interesting but very EXCITING!!!!!

  Just got the call and everything from the RV to Global release of funds for the bonds was done last night...he received this info from his contact at Interpol 

Folks this is all over on Monday...so please do not shoot the messenger delivering this most exciting news….. 

He also said that money is flowing but you just cannot use it but it is seen in the accounts

He will finally be able to utilize his funds that have been sitting in his account for a few months now...all due to the RV happening

ExtremeBusiness:  Blackjack....how confident do you feel that this info is logit?

  I have known the gentleman for quite some time and his contacts are at the highest level so yes confidence is definitely HIGH!!!

Royal: just wondering if you know the type of accounts your source was speaking about

  Royal these are people who have already received funds for other transactions such as bonds and possibly currency but have been in essence frozen...now they will have the ability to use those funds freely

There also might be yet another morsel this evening as well!!!

I will say this again and again any intel I receive will not be kept a secret I would be very selfish for doing so...having said that how you interpret the info is up to you all I can do is present it how it was given to me

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