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Saturday, May 30, 2015


5-30-15 rrrr: Ok, Let me clarify as many of us are confused…. the Iraq Parliament Adjourns on Sunday….. Abadi has stated on numerous occasions that parliament will not adjourn until the Monetary Reform is completed.

What this means is that parliament’s job is complete…. There is nothing left to do but “PRESS THE FRIGIN BUTTON”.

The US, IMF, CBI, and Willy Wonka have all give their approval.

This Puppy is ready to go…. FUR SHUR… FUR SHUR… This RV is about to explode. 

Breitling - You want to know my mood about Iraq?  It’s unbelievable what’s coming out!  I’m going to be in Iraq for the next 20 years…I’m heavily in the ISX…I have stock and I’m getting ready for when they are on NASDAQ so whatever the situation is, [whether] ISIS or Iran does something,  that’s what I’m aiming for.
Delta - The article came out today the currency…the new notes are going to compete with the other currencies in Iraq – meaning the dollar, the Euro’s or whatever they’ve got there. They stated they were going to give value to the Iraqi dinar…indirectly they are giving you the announcement right there. I’m excited!

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