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Saturday, February 7, 2015


DINAR IRAQ & DONG VIETNAM :y Own Prediction (To Believe It Or Not):- New Iraqi Dinar (IQD) will revalue to at least USD 1 to USD1.50, a suitable exchange rate based on the country current foreign currency exchange reserves, gold reserves, total monetary supply, national debts to GDP ratio, etc.
Time frame for possible revaluation happen will anytime now till June 2015. If after June 2015 still not happen yet, that means most likely been postponed to early next year. Just a revaluation sudden changes of exchange rate most likely will happen either on 1st Quarter or 2nd Quarter of the country financial year. Impossible will dragged till 3rd or 4th Quarter.
IQD will also most likely will happen immediate when current security problem inside country already been under control or ISIS been defeated, all area seized by ISIS before been taken back by Iraq Government.
Exact date nobody can know for sure, unless got insider news from CBI. The RV rate will sudden changes then few hours later, news just announce. Impossible will issue out news inform when RV first, to prevent panic buying situation worldwide.
The minimum rate RV range is also taken into consideration minimum rate required to combat and eliminate dollarization problem inside Iraq, the situation whereby its citizens more tendency to use USD in daily transactions.
The first RV rate will coexist for first 2-3 years until all currency supply worldwide hold by worldwide investors been taken back exchange return to CBI. After 2-3 years, exchange rate will eventually rise back to previous all time high rate of USD3.22 or more. IQD will continue by managed floating rate by CBI, by gradual growth RV first to USD 1 or over then eventually after 2-3 years return back to USD 3 over rate.

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