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Thursday, October 9, 2014



Santa Cl > Two days ago one of my guys said the funds arrived on a large bond deal, they are waiting on the codes to release them. Also Reno is very happy today. This is real folks! Be positive and stay the coarse....

E October 9, 2014 at 12:54pm the markets are in free fall again today in the u.s. so there must be something happening in the world - I would expect any major Iraq announcements to be made in the mosques tomorrow morning - IMHO

Linda > People have said just before the RV happens everything will go silent.  I believe that is the silence you are hearing and the title of this post.

bookman oldstyle
 > guess the quiet is so we toothless crackheads don't scare the beautiful TRN (USN) away. ;)


robert October 9, 2014 , what i can see before i went to bed last night ,it looks like we are in a great position.So groups were meant to be going in.I have 2 questions

Has anyone heard from gen64 group yet?

And do we have a kinda-timeline 48hrs or less.

Thanks guys if anyone could give me a heads up would be much appreciated as said went to bed early last night still trying shift the remains of this chest infection.Thanks guys and blessings to one and all.

G T > robert According to xxxx....Gen64 is now the WF Friends & Family!!!
Apparently they would go in the same time as us

Ron Burgundy > I heard recently that the groups will go at the same time as dinarland (or perhaps a fraction sooner).  I believe that group confirmations will come at or almost the same time as the 800#'s

Springs > Ron Burgundy Thanks Ron. I believe too that groups are going to go at the same time as the public. Makes it all a fair playing field.

Donna Skinner > Spring, the Gen 64 group will get their Email from Wells Fargo.  The General 64 group no longer has our email information.

Sunshine62 > There will be no phone calls re: the Wells Fargo/Gen64 group.  Emails only...just fyi


Condor A major announcement was scheduled for 10 am this morning in Iraq . It is 7:30 pm now in Iraq. Did the announcement take place. ???

AJM0603 > Condor We heard it had not but they are rarely on time and expect it their evening.

Condor > AJM0603 Thanks A ! Important announcement IMO . If new rate is announced it should be forced to go international.

 > Condor Let me put something to rest.  A new rate will never, ever be announced out of Iraq...They could never be that obvious.

Our sign of an rv will basically when the rates change on the bank screens (just one example)

We also make the assumption that an "announcement" means our RV. How many announcements has Abadi made since he took office?  Anyone know?  I venture to say almost daily
I'll take it one step further..Everytime Obama, Yellen, Leguarde, etc etc. is scheduled for a press conference...we think it is our signal. 

So far, that has not been the case.  "WE" being anyone in dinarland who is hanging on the every word of those thought to be in control of this process.

"We" being anyone in dinarland who is aware there is press conference or a meeting somewhere on the planet.

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