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Thursday, May 1, 2014


Ok, I mostly lurk and really do not say much but I feel this is worth bringing to the Family!! Over 6 mos ago I brought this GCR to her attention, she was stunned at the fact that this was taking place knowing nothing about it! she had no knowledge and had not even heard the term Delarue used for a currency counter, over the past few months she has mentioned very quietly a few e mails floating around about the Dinar and Dong! very guarded with the info.. 

On Monday last week I scheduled an appointment to speak with her about opening an account with WF specifically for the exchange money! Not only was this account opened is was also explained to me where the exchange would take place (Private Bank) but also that there would be a team of about 8 people there to assist as well as herself! There was also comments made about things she has been told she cannot discuss. I don't know about the rest of you but really gave me some encouragement and I hope does you too!

Keep the faith everyone we are close!

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