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11-14-2013  ***Dinar Guru News Flash***  A handful of Intel Gurus feel we are right on top of the RV...Very exciting.  Remember we are looking for a consensus from MANY gurus.  As of right now we are not getting this yet.  We are cautiously optimistic about the direction Iraq is headed...lots of GREAT stuff happening.  Use the Dinar Guru Tool Bar on the left to see updated Dinar Guru RV Meters and the Iraq's possible "To Do" list to get the big picture of guru sentiment...
11-14-2013   Newshound Guru Kaperoni    Keep in mind this plan has nothing to do with the official rate of the dinar.  This is an "in country" issue.  The bottom line is, nothing is going to happen with the dinar till Iraq gets this rate in line with the IMF requirements.  So were not going to see any movement or new exchange regime/Article VIII for at least 45 days...probably 90 days. 

11-14-2013   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Article:  "Central Bank plans to issue bonds in local currency for the first time since 2003"   Yesterday, the CBI announced they were going to sell bonds denominated in dinar for monetary policy!  This is huge as they are going to use this tool (bonds) to lower the market rate.  Sell bonds for dinar, creates demand for dinar thus increases the market value (lowers the spread between official rate and market rate).   

11-14-2013  Intel Guru TNT Tony

11-14-2013   Intel Guru Mnt Goat 
  This RV will be kicked off when the CBI site rate is changed. This is essentially the annouoncement. When I say formal announcement I do not mean they will come right out and announce to the world that they just revalued their currency. Then, if not at the same time, the international exchanges and banks will be updated and the rates activated. This is the process and there is no shortcuts or exceptions. 

   Intel Guru Mnt Goat 
 Today is Thursday 11/14 and we are on track during this waiting period. My contacts are telling we are now in the next open window period for this process which is thru Sunday with exchanging possibly beginning on Monday 11/18 if all goes well. They do not expect this to go to yet another window of next week again... It could change but I have high confidence we are on track to see the activation later this week and go to the banks early next week.  I do not anticipate any obstacles. There is too much at stake for Iraq...They need a usable, viable, internationally recognized currency, and they need it now. They can not afford any more holdups.

11-14-2013   Newshound Guru Tlar    They will need to also activate the tariff law and finally release the rate.  We see movements on the tariff laws that testify to their gradual implantation.  We have seen articles about the rate being released to float and this is the third leg of the three legged chair.  Iraq is definitely implementing all three legs of the chair.  It would not surprise me if once they get these tools up and operational that they quickly change the currency.  [post 2 of 2]

11-14-2013   Newshound Guru Tlar
   Article:   "Central Bank plans to issue bonds in local currency for the first time since 2003"   Iraq still is using the auctions in an attempt to level out the rates, street and program.  If they stop the auctions without adding an appropriate replacement, then they are leaving the rate to chance with no way to support it.  This article is the first honest attempt in my opinion to support the rate post auctions.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

11-14-2013   Newshound Guru Adam Montana
  [Iraq should have a world-wide tradeable currency: who or what is preventing this? will they ever join the real world?]  What is preventing this: Iraq themselves. They will not raise the value until they are fully prepared, which is nearing quickly.  Will it ever happen: I definitely believe it will.

11-14-2013   Newshound
 Guru Shredd  
 great news on the bonds... it's a good indication of the maturity of iraq economically...these will show investors stability, the hot word for them for over a decade...and what's great is bonds by nature are not short term investments so the investors to these know iraq is dependable for a longer run plus, the rate tells me it is low risk.  Iraq has a lot to prove to the investors who have been waiting and watching.  I know we all expected this, but it is no coincidence regarding the timing by year end.

11-14-2013   Intel Guru Loechin
   Guys all is well the window will open wider as the night progresses.  You ever open a window in the am. You just do it a little, then as the days goes on you open it more...well the window is getting opened more as the night approaches.   I have no idea when the numbers will be released.  This really is it guys,  forget time frame's and just enjoy your last hours of being broke.   The UST has it so guess what...HALLELUJAH.  [do you know if the UST has incentive to do this quickly. Can our govt stop it again?]   It can't be stopped.
11-14-2013   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Are we close?? I am as hopeful as anyone - I believe we are close. However, there are a number of influential parties with various agenda's who are "in play" right now. They are all trying to get something from this...let's pray our agenda and their agenda's happen to collide in the same solution shortly.

11-14-2013   Intel Guru TNT Tony
   We have been told that they expect 2.5 million appointments to be made in the first 24 hrs and their goal is to get them in and out in the first 5 to 7 days.  It didn't happen when it was supposed to (earlier today it was expected) but it is happening now.  Again, we should see the RV here within 2 to 6 hours of the official public announcement in Iraq.   At this point it will either be announced early in the morning or during the day tomorrow.  Just be ready to go. This is what I am hearing and I am sticking to it.  I believe my sources are the best in the business.  [post 3 of 3]

11-14-2013   Intel Guru TNT Tony   We have been informed that the rate in Iraq is $3.66 as of 6:38 pm pst.  It was at $3.44 earlier...we have been informed that cards were once again loaded with different rates.  "It will not have an impact on our rate." All essential personnel have been called to duty and are currently working on completing this task.  They have been briefed to expect you sometime tomorrow and all day Friday.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

11-14-2013   Intel Guru TNT Tony
   Finally, it took all day but FINALLY, the last required documents have made it to the UST.  I know someone told you that there were no more documents to be signed or delivered, but they don't know about the new deal.  It doesn't really matter though, you will see it when the RV is announced.  IMF and UST are currently working together to finish this asap.  This will remain a multiple agency project until it is finished. 

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