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Monday, November 11, 2013



BLUWOLF: All I will say is that all points to a certain hour of midnight looking forward to day Tuesday.

Rates are still very high, banks ready, personnel ready, no delays, paymasters on high alert.

What is still needed to be done?  Nothing.

What is needed to be announced?  Nothing,

Who needs to sign off on this rv?  No one. 
Will all banks pay the same? Yes,, on only the walk in street rate, WF is buying remember,

Will we be taxed 50% if we sell our dinars to WF? No that is completely false,

 Do we have to hold aside 50 % of our exchange for tax purposes?  No you do not,

Are we obligated to go to a specific bank chosen by the bank agent after we give them our zip codes? No.  they can suggest but you can choose to go wherever you feel comfortable in going,

The 72 hour ends tonight,  so relax. Well, l hope this has answered many of your questions. You may post. Be Back Later! ...


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