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[BWM] OK guys.. tonight we’ll go old school days and keep the chat open but PLEASE IM YOUR QUESTIONS TO ME so that we can avoid duplications…. we have 3 pages of questions cued up already and we want to get thru them as quickly as possible so please keep chatter down

[KCMana] First of all thank you to everyone here at 3sintel for allowing us the opportunity to share with the community.

[KCMana] I have been reviewing the events of the past couple of days and I am amazed at the humanity of it all. We have those who are trying to help, whether it’s a large group of strangers, their family members or friends. Many are “attempting” to follow the ever-changing thought process of what the rules are.

[KCMana] And then, we have the others. Those who continually like to stir the pot, cause confusion and promote their own agenda to the detriment of everyone around them. It doesn’t matter if you are in a small group or large group, these type of people appear everywhere. 
They are looking for self-promotion and are feeding their own egos and truly don’t care who they hurt in the process. I am going to say to everyone, PLEASE, just stop feeding their ego. If you tune them out and turn them off, they can’t hurt or confuse you. Eventually, they will get the message and go away.

[KCMana] So where are we really with the Generals64/Studley bank group? THIS IS IMPORTANT – We have not been hacked, we have not been compromised. We were flooded, our e-mail was flooded, our server was flooded it became overwhelming (again).

Could this have been malicious? Maybe, it could have been someone intentionally causing disruption but I like to believe several kind souls were attempting to help by imputing their friends, family or groups and many e-mail addresses were entered incorrectly.

I will attempt to go over most of the problems we have been facing with the e-mail system in this chat tonight.

[generals64] I’m here kiddo  hey…..We WILL NOT RUN NOR HIDE

[KCMana] I received multiple e-mails demanding to know who we are and what we are about. I want to stress to everyone “we” the Generals64/Studley bank group do NOT “owe” anyone anything. Understand, I am not being mean to anyone, I am not trying to “hurt your feelings”…. We just truly owe no one – NOTHING!

This is our quick history.  A small group in the OKC area joined together with a small group in KC to help OUR family and friends get the best rate. We decided that working as a UNITED front was better for each of us individually. We formed a group, we made friends in chat rooms and thought….”we could help them also.” 

It grew organically from there. So here we are now THE LARGEST organized “bank” group in DinarLand. What is our purpose? To help our family and friends – and now extended friends.

[KCMana] The confusion over the last few days has taken a great toll on me personally. Most people can’t understand what it is like to have 500-1500 e-mails at a time in your mailbox. The stress of the attacks from strangers, losing days you should be with your family.

This is what I have been faced with the last few days (and many times over the past few years).  I am really to the point I that I cannot read your e-mails. I have created a coined response that I use just to make it through the e-mails that continue to flood in.

I know YOU think it is just one e-mail, just one question…. but look in this room, look around DinarLand and the insanity that cascades out. Just one e-mail from each one of you is truly more than one person can handle.

I really don’t even want the thank you e-mails. As much as I appreciate them, I am way too overwhelmed right now to receive them. So, thank you for encouraging everyone to back off and just relax… Please let me catch up, and I have to get back to work. (You know the real job – that keeps the lights on). 

[KCMana] I believe most of you already know, this job of the Generals64/Studley leadership group is completely VOLUNTEER… but beyond that, we pay for a website, we pay to keep a list, we pay to help our group.

So when people imply that we somehow “owe” them something, I generally hit the roof. We are receiving NOTHING from the bank!!! I can’t stress that enough. They haven’t helped us with this process. They haven’t contributed in any way except to let us know that in the end (whenever that may be) OUR group will receive the best rate.

[KCMana] Why are we so “special” …. We haven’t caused problems. We don’t call the RV… ever! Sure, we have said “we feel like we are close,” but we don’t call it. We don’t stir up trouble. We stay focused on our goal to ensure the best possible rate for our family and friends. DinarLand just gets to reap the benefit of our hard work if they choose to.

[KCMana] I do want to address some of the concerns that have been cropping up. Yes it’s important to have your name on the Generals64/Studley bank group to receive the bank instructions directly from us…. Instead of a third party….

NOW WAIT, before you panic. MANY of you have groups of family and friends, some of whom are elderly and cannot access e-mail. We know that, and we understand that, and I truly believe, you will be just fine. When you receive your e-mail from us, those who are working with groups like this you may have to make a few phone calls to ensure everyone is covered, but there will be a way.

We aren’t here to leave anyone out in the dark. Now, those of you who were expecting to receive our e-mail from one of the “boards” I am now not sure that will be the case…. But remember this is a fluid situation and this too can change. I always like to look at things logically, why would the bank have someone put out this info?  Distraction?  Maybe…. To get a better headcount?  Maybe…. So in the future, let’s all take it down a notch. This is time for calm, slow down and think things through.

[KCMana] Someone put a post out that said you “had” to go to your personal link from our last e-mail message and update your information. REALLY!!! Come on, did you receive an e-mail from us asking you to do that… NO! So, why jump in with both feet and go crazy. I will make this promise, if we need our group to do something, we will inform you about it immediately.  We still have our message board, I do post info that our group may need. So visit it, please, before you send me thousands of e-mails.

[KCMana] Now let’s talk about our e-mail list – I used to send a monthly update, I had to stop that because it is far too time consuming. I have gone to a quarterly update, next one is due to go out in OCTOBER. I am using a bulk mail system. Gmail only allows you to e-mail up to 500 people in one day… so I had to go bigger and stronger to accommodate our load. Many e-mail providers try to control your spam by attacking/kicking/or bouncing e-mail from bulk servers.

[KCMana] This is NOT an invitation to e-mail me! This is NOT an invitation for you to add me to your e-mail list and send me jokes or intel. This is NOT an invitation for you to e-mail me telling me your life story, we all have one, I don’t need to hear it. This is not an invitation for you to share your MLM with me. I don’t want to Google talk, Facebook or tweet.

[KCMana] Understand, most of the e-mail I receive I will not answer. If it goes too far, you will be removed from our group.

[KCMana] So, you must do this on your own… ADD iqdgroup@generals64.info to your “safe sender” or “white” list.  If you don’t understand that, find a 15 year old to help you — or call your e-mail provider and ask them how to make sure you receive your e-mail from us. Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL are some of the WORST e-mail addresses to have for OUR system. They flag us, they can see the volume of mail coming from our IP address to thousands of their users…. They kick it back all the time. PLEASE DO NOT USE – Verizon, Blackberry or icloud addresses at all. Army.Mil or .EDU addresses do not work.

[KCMana] For those of you using a spam filter e-mail program like People PC, Earthlink, Mail Link, Total control, etc. I am NOT filling out any form to “ensure” I am a safe sender. You have this system, contact your e-mail provider to find out how to receive the group e-mails.

[KCMana] It’s truly time for everyone to pick themselves up and take personal responsibility. You must be capable of making your own decisions on how to exchange, where to exchange, how much to exchange. We are NOT here to hold your hand. Remember, we are here to get the best possible rate for our family and friends. If you want to be counted as a friend, act like one.

[KCMana] OK BWM – Thanks for letting me share… ready for questions
[generals64] Can I add something?
[KCMana] YES – generals64 please
[generals64] I love you guys dearly…..I get upset quickly but we are not in this for an ego trip…. There has been talk of “tier” rates…. They could be right, just bad terminology. There is a street rate and OUR group rate….  No one knows what it is and no one really knows the date.

[generals64] The group rate is exactly what we were targeting and that is a portion of the bank spread. Our original goal was to come up with 1 billion dinar…. that’s not a problem. You guys can see our girl has it under control and AndieZ works with her

[KCMana] generals64 – I agree, I do think it is important that people really understand NO ONE will know “when,” not us either
[generals64] the group will know immediately after we do though

[BWM] The purpose of tonight’s Q&A was specifically to answer questions about group exchange… As you know we don’t do date and rate so if you were looking for that answer, well… you know where you can go.  The questions will be laid out for the leadership to address as they like whether that be one or a number of them… so please be patient until we are done… Remember, you can continue to IM me questions during the chat

[KCMana] Much of our leadership is here… generals64, 4th-time, WileyMorgan
[BWM] Thanks again to Generals, KCMANA, wileymorgan and 4thtime (who appears to be having some trouble staying in) for joining us tonight.  Let’s get started…

[lostintx] Any way we can verify that we are still in the group? And any truth to the rumor about a code being needed to prove group affiliation?
[generals64] No, it’s that simple
[KCMana] To verify you’re in the group, use your personal link. It is at the bottom of your group e-mails or on your welcome e-mail that says “keep this link.”  Most of our base group has been with us for 2 years. You’re fine, no worries. You can always check your info using your personal link.  PLEASE remember…. your personal link is YOUR information. When you forward our e-mails to your friends and they click your link… YOU’RE GONE, removed, goodbye

[interesting] Joined 2 years ago. Used my computer for setting up mine and a family member using different e-mail addresses, will that be a problem considering all that has gone on? THANKS for all you do!
[generals64] KCmana needs to answer (she did)…I was the person that had them shut it down…. So, blame me…. but she and Andie have it under complete control

[BWM] burchds: Did the rules change? If so, by whom and how were they changed for general’s members?
[generals64] No rules on the site were changed….we had some problems with bad e-mails
[KCMana] The rules change all the time. At this time, we believe it is good for everyone to be signed up individually. Now if you’re married, one is fine (unless you haven’t told him how much you have)

[HappyJan] When I first joined list I was in NJ and used my NJ zipcode. I am now a Florida resident. Do I have to change my zip?
[KCMana] You do not need to change your zip at this time. Tell them when you call the 800 #

[CAfaceman] Is there any truth to the rumor that if we exchange even one dinar note prior to our Studley/Generals64 bank appointment that we will be excluded from participating in the group rate package your team has negotiated?
[KCMana] No one knows the answer to that one…. for me, personally, I would not risk it.

[Wellness] Can we cash out a little VND to payoff our reserves before making our appointment with WF and not have our rate default to street rate.

[generals64] It is basically a rumor…. Please note rumor…. We have that with the bank right now…But, it is a RUMOR created from another site
[KCMana] Also, remember “they” have eyes & ears on the chat rooms… they know all the games people are trying to come up with
[BWM] the safe answer is you will exchange what you have “IN HAND”… what the banks will do with reserves is still unconfirmed

[BD] If our IP address has changed since we signed up originally last year, do we have to re-register?
[KCMana] NO – We don’t hit your IP, we send e-mail

[txgirl] If you have children that you have bought dinar for and they do not have a clue, what is your best advice for them to cash in?
[KCMana] Tell them – I gifted everyone at one time. With a letter explaining what I thought it was… Whatever is best for your family relationship. DO NOT SIGN THEM UP if they don’t know about it.
[wileymorgan] Any gift of dinar will be a blessing, it is more money that they had the day before. Street rate is better than no rate

[kman48] I signed up tonight after you came back on line, how long is it typically before I receive the e-mail?
[KCMana] It depends on the traffic. We have had a ton of people on tonight. Check your spam folder. Do you have an e-mail account that requires a form to be filled out (ain’t gonna happen). Make sure we are on your safe sender list. It all helps you receive “your welcome”

[caramina] Does a married couple need to register separately and if you have a trust, does that need to be registered separately also? Thanks!
[KCMana] Caramina – Married… that depends. Did you tell him how much you have? Are you exchanging separately? Your Trust is you, right? …. I think one is enough

[interesting] I have a family member who no longer has their previous KCMana update e-mail with their link so they can not update their information.  What do they do?

[KCMana] Go to www.Generals64.info.  Click “subscribe,” enter the e-mail address you registered with… you’ll pop up. Change anything you need to. Switch e-mail address, it’s all good. Click “unsubscribe” by mistake… OOPS, you’re off the list.

[KCMana] Generals is reminding me… POST RV we will have an address for everyone to send him toasters
[generals64] You know I’m kidding….
[4th-time] Just picturing the generals with 10, 20, 30,000 toasters and the guy delivering them
[KCMana] 4th-time he’ll be like a kid in a candy store

[tweedledee] A friend is giving dinar to 350 employees. They do not know they are getting it and may or may not have e-mails. How does this boss handle signing them up for the group?
[KCMana] tweedledee: Please do NOT sign up anyone that is unaware. I think WileyMorgan said it best, street rate is better than no rate if it comes to that

[oucrazy] Will the rate be exposed to us prior to the exchange appointment?
[KCMana] We will know that when we get the instructions

[Capt Crunch] Can we take an attorney to the cash out?
[KCMana] Capt Crunch – I really wish I could answer that, I don’t know.  Ask them when you call in.
[generals64] KCmana – Let me have this one… Capt Crunch, this has been discussed with the bank…No lawyer needs to be there at that time… It is simply a deposited cash transaction. However, they will want to have a chance at you with a wealth management person and I would have one there then for safety’s sake. There is about a 20 minute appt. time…. Sorry but too many people to handle

[generals64] By the way…we are only quoting what the banks have told us and the truth. If you are looking for rumors, then adios

[23skido] What if there is a family of 4 and they have only one e-mail addy? How would they register for the group?
[KCMana] One person is listed and uses the one e-mail. Each e-mail can only be used ONCE (1x) period. So when you type in multiple names with the same e-mail you just replace the person you entered before.

[KCMana] FYI….. G-MAIL works best with our system

[cib] If someone has one or two 25k dinars must they still register if they have no computer or e-mail?
[KCMana] We started this group for those with very small amounts. G-mail has free e-mail

[Gnarz] I spoke to KCMANA a while back and she said there would be a deal through HSBC for international members. We/he would like confirmation this is still the case and ask: Do international members need to individually register the same as the WF customers/group members do?
[KCMana] For our international friends… Make sure you have checked the box that lets us know you’re outside of the USA. We will send any and all information we receive to help the best way we can

[doghouse] 1. Will people in Hawaii (Oahu) have a place to exchange? 2. Will all get same rate and % and perks?
[KCMana] Yes / Yes …

[KCMana] I should mention we are ONLY attempting to have the best rate out there… NO PERKS

[KCMana] I believe Alaska is the area that 800#’s don’t work… We have informed the bank of that issue
[wileymorgan] You are correct, KC.  It was Alaska and we have not been provided and answers yet

[Fishin47] Any idea of Canadian Banks that will be participating in the CE?
[KCMana] Fishin47 – We will post all information for those outside of the USA that we can. Please make sure you have checked that box.

[RPharmer] Do we know of a group rate for the VND yet? Not the rate but will there be a group rate?

[interesting] I won’t feel comfortable doing the CE without a delarue machine to authenticate my currency.  It would take too long any other way. How can we be SURE we will be sent to a CE location that DEFINITELY has a delarue machine to verify my currency?
[KCMana] I won’t answer this. When we get the instructions, we will tell you what we know.

[BWM] I can give a “best” guess on the process… this is an OPINION… you will call the number, they will ask for a zip code and you will be given a location unless you have another option to discuss (you want to exchange in another location).  They will be using locations that allow for optimum timing (remember that 20 minutes Generals referred to) and security

[Vivi] Thank you! Could you address concerns about the security of the information we are providing?
[KCMana] Vivi – I am the only one with access to it. If you only knew how much I don’t care to look at anyone’s info.

[Fishin47] If you live in Mexico and travel to the U.S. for CE, will they be allowed to cash in at the group rate if registered with G64?
[KCMana] Fishin47 – I can’t imagine why not

[randee1] I am going to capitalize all my dinar into a “blind” trust of which I am the trustee. In registering for the group can I register with my own name as the trustee or do I have to register for the group using the name of the trust itself?
[KCMana] randee1 – You’re really over thinking this. It’s you

[BWM] Let me address something that was brought up by Generals and KCmana… the idea that the RATE was negotiated but not PERKS… Why? Think about it… someone with a single 25k note would not qualify for private banking unless the rate was stupid… there are still qualifications that have to be met by the bank.  Most banks require a minimum deposit of 250k to 1M to qualify for private banking… it depends on the bank and whether or not they have options for wealth management locally or have to have them “shipped” in

[coorslite21] So is the delarue machine really necessary with all of the other identifiable features incorporated into the IQD?
[KCMana] coorslite21 – I trust we will all be fine. Let’s wait to see what our instructions say before we start being concerned about the delarue

[BD] For those who may have to fly to their appointment, has there been any confirmation to a limit of dinar they are allowed to travel with?
[KCMana] BD – check with the TSA
[wileymorgan] Per the TSA website, there are no restrictions on transporting currency, foreign or domestic, within the U.S.

[KCMana] Guys we are here to help get the best rate for the group. We can not fix the world problems.

[calgon] Any truth to the 30 day time limit to CE?
[KCMana] calgon – If there is a limit to the group rate we will know when the instructions come out.

[Asells] Someone e-mailed me … What can we expect out of the NDA?
[KCMana] I have not seen an NDA, so I can’t answer that

[BWM] OK guys.. the only questions that I currently have.. have either been answered earlier, don’t pertain to group info, or are specific enough that I can answer… I will stay until room closes to answer other questions as needed also…

[greatseedsower] My 15 year old purchased his own dinar and VND. Can he join group?
[KCMana] greatseedsower – Yes.  Guys, our group is open to everyone.
[4th-time] greatseedsower – My kids have their own and I will exchange theirs they are minors
[BWM] You can always pursue a power of attorney for kids, elderly or others as needed

[rcgervais] Will there be a 11% tax that the bank will take out at exchange?
[wileymorgan] rcgervais – No one knows at this time

[yellow2] Will the 800 # be posted on Dinar Recaps or can only get it thru your site?
[KCMana] yellow2 – NO you have to be on the e-mail list

[BWM] Thanks to our mods and admin tonight for making this happen

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