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IRAQ NEWS 3 UPDATES : " IQD RV Soon!! and (000's) issue on the table", 26 AUGUST

24-08-2013 01:58 PMBaghdad (news) .. A member of the Economic Commission Mahma Khalil, the failure of the central bank in the stability of the Iraqi dinar against other currencies. Khelil said (of the Agency news): that in all countries of the world and function of the central bank to maintain the value of its currency against other currencies and the stability of its exchange rate, stressing that the central bank failed in maintaining the value of the dinar. added: that the central bank possesses no after strategic economic to maintain the value of the Iraqi dinar and meet the challenges of other currencies, indicating that it is unreasonable to have balance Iraqi sovereignty more than 76 billion dollars and the dinar exchange rate (1200) . saw the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar declined severely over the past few months, generating a great upheaval in the domestic market. / End /
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^^^^[ScottyD] The RV must happen time is running out for them^^^^

25-08-2013 11:52 AMBaghdad (news) .. He competent economic affairs as Abdul Hadi, the time was not suitable for the project to delete the zeros from the currency because of high rates of inflation in Iraq. said Abdul Hadi (of the Agency news): The central bank determines the time for the process to delete the zeros and that need to be determinants and data deal with the bank high level of transparency. said: that the time is not suitable for the process of deletion of zeros, because the process of inflation continues to rise in Iraq, despite that these percentages are not large, indicating that the deletion process needed to stabilize the Iraqi currency in order to facilitate the citizen. noted that the Economic Commission Parliamentary suggested that the date of implementation of the project to delete the three zeroes from the currency at the beginning of next year. / End
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^^^^[ScottyD] 3 ooo's can not happen until the RV happens^^^^ the Clock is ticking!!!

26-08-2013 10:34 AMBaghdad (news) .. Praised a member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition of Kurdish blocs / Dler capable, Bembagesat both Iraq and India to agree to be economic transactions and trade of the two countries in local currencies, stressing that it will support the value of the dinar and make it desirable internationally. said is capable (of the Agency news): The talks of the Iraqi delegation Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and a group of ministers and economists, with the Indian side on accreditation in business dealings between the two local currencies rather than the dollar and this measure will support the value of the dinar and improves positioned internationally. said: that the Iraqi dinar is strong and covered with reserves of large foreign currency and gold, especially during recently improved the dinar exchange rate and significantly against the dollar, making the countries of great economic such as India to retain the Iraqi dinar and deal him, this is an indicator of economic well for the Iraqi dinar. This was confirmed Minister of Indian that both Iraq and the Indian Tbagesoa on strengthening bilateral economic relations, The possibility of adopting local currencies Iraqi and Indian business dealings of the two countries instead of the U.S. dollar. / End / 8.'s. m /
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[ScottyD] Outreach from india will boost the RV!!
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