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TNT Call with Tony for Today - Monday 7/8/13 ... Playback number is559.726.1399...409029#THIS IS TNT DINAR'S Call Notes for MONDAY JULY 8, 2013 and I apologize for anything missing, TONY was much clearer and louder on this call, so the recording will be great!    This is what I heard.  It's Tony's opinion - based on what he's received via sources in the Dinar community and the World.  Feel free to always verify what you hear, and do your own due diligence.   Thank you for being a part of TNT DINAR.      :)   Montana

Monday July 8, 2013


Whats happening in Iraq,  overall,  and at the Banks, so this could be an unusually long call, how could that be, when Tony does 2 hour calls...but..
IRAQ:  Barzani and Maliki met again, and made agreements, announcements,  made it public,  HCL,  news articles,  and everyone is happy
Looking at things on the boards, ch7 still a ?,  agreements still a question?  You have to ask yourself?  Would the UN release them and then still have to work w/ them on the sanctions? 

They're announcing on the news that they are FREE TO MAKE THIER OWN DECISIONS.
So if thats true, then what would that have to do w/ ..
And could 1 person, hold the world system ransom,  that doesn't make any sense to me.
Not a factor that the RV didn't happen or Ch.7... or that they were moved to Ch 6, so I can't understand that at all. I don't believe thats what we are waiting for.Laws agreements, etc.. just like we do.
So if we are waiting for them to agree on everything, that will never happen.6 months after the RV they will still be passing laws.

If we look at Banking issues.Told you over the weekend there were some problems. Issues in DC, they used the word insider trading"
but there can't be with this.
Some ppl can't buy after a certain time, and that was an issue, but it was shut down;There was an issue putting the 4 countries in but with 4 crews working day and night thats done.
The Banks crew were told to go home until it was resolved, were manned yesterday, and told to be here at 7am Monday morning
As far as the system itself and where it fits into this 
going to do something diff. before we get to the banking situation.
Going to give you a broader scope of whats going on I've got to be careful since some think not everyone is ready for it
but i'll try anyway I'll give you a bigger picture of how the countries are related and the banks are related and you'll understand how the cash out procedure will be prolly never heard this on any other boards don't think this will hurt anything

You've head about groups forever. Diff. types of groups. Groups that send their dinars in and gets SKR's - from individuals,  not banks.
Then there are groups that are going to banks, and the banks give SKR's Then there are groups that are told to call the 888# and get a better  price.All banks want to give you a great price.

But there is a certain bank, w/ China, and I question the where, why China is the 1st country to own part of a US Bank
Why,  why is China that is the only country that can direct to the treasury, when the rest have to go to auction here is the fact of the matter when we needed to be Basel 3 compliant,  they did some things for us,  thats why they own part of the bank,  they'll benefit,  there was only so much dinar to go around,  they're not taking it, but a contract agreement in place, some stays here and some goes there--

w/ one bank, you;ll only get part of your dinar,  
w/ the other bank, you'll get all of  your dinar, they're going to be competitive trying to make you understand 
w/ every story there is always a little bit of truth behind it
if you are in the wrong type group, you'll still prolly lose your money some know that your money is gone some will find after the RV is there an advantage to being part of them -- yes
I talked to several banks, and they said the groups will get a higher rate,not all of them but some groups.
I didn't get to do the call w/ the banker,  I wanted to,  but they had meetings this morning,  and not just their branch, but others,  all had meetings this summer,  and the guy I was supposed to talk to, said it's not about the dinar, but thats what they are supposed to say.

Going to give you the banking group Whats going to happen at the bank You'll have an option to be part of the group they'll give out 888 numbers one that you formed or someone else formed
you will negotiate w/ the bank based on the amt. 
The total group has they'll make an offer, based on his negotiating skills and then they'll....lets say the base rate is $5 and this is just an example if the base is $5,  and you have 500 B,  he negotiates a rate of $9 that means that everyone in that group is going to get more than 5 so here's your group name and # and then they'll refer you to this,  ie. 
 I'm in Tony's group, and you tell them how much dinar you have personally,  ie. 1M,  ok,  the rate was 5, you'll get 6,  the highest rate the group will get, will be 9,  and the person w/ the lowest amount of dinar will get more than the 5.
Does it work to your advantage, it does. Extra dollar or 2.

The majority of ,  I know they can go into double digits and they will,  but only for a period of time that makes sense to them,  and then they will offer less and less, even within your group.
Diff banks will do diff amts.   They're competitive and now we have the smaller banks that will be able to also.
They will come out w/ 888 numbers, and they'll assign you to a branch, if you call as an individual,  but groups will be guaranteed a base rate.
Not everyone will get the $12,  I hope he gets it.
The guy that set it up.

Form your own little groups.Bankers that I've talked to, will accept groups,  Private Bankers will not send their groups to the 888 # thats a good thing I guess.

I hope this eve. or tomorrow, we'll get more in depth info.
So now we are we in this?
When they got out of Ch.7,  they told them they'd get paid by the 7th, they took it off the TV - they got an extension,  and then I was   Qi cards, weren't loaded,  the ones that got theirs activated last week, they are still active.
Everything doesn't happen at the same time.

Just because one person says that he knows someone whose card is not active doesn't mean that the rest aren't. They're doing them and the masses will be loaded.
Starting last night, once we knew the Budget was published, etc.. all I heard was its done, we'll see it... some thought last night,  the info I was told it was NOT for last night, but from this day forward

It's in process and we should be seeing it.As usual after I do the call, I get more info. So, I think thats where we are at.
Going.  According to plan. They're saying its over and done with.  Now that its public. Haven't been able to get info from over there.
After the bank info,  I'll get info. I don't think this is a great day.Nothing negative out there. They put the 4 countries in, because they couldn't wait till the next basket is scheduled.
I always thought that it would make sense - to go at the same time --- so no double dipping. So there is a 2nd basket.
Lets do Q & A

Because everything was resolved

Q & A
c- do we need an appt. to cash out VND
t- haven't heard that, its already a traded currency, unless it is based on the volume
any branch can do that for you.
c- ty, ty, ty, ty, ty, so ty, ty, ty ( Wow )   someone came into chat, a class for Asset protection 101 ???
T- on PTR we did some things w/ Anderson Law group,
c- never joined PTR,  but listened to the calls,  stopped listening because I didn't hear enough of you... trying to find you on the Internet,  I was ahead of the curve,
t- only been here - less than a week now
c- the 2 day delay... are the 2 days being added from when it was supposed to happen, did you every get resolution
t- no,  i didn't, hopefully i'll get it, if the 2 days were today or tomorrow, we're still there,  the words that are being used now,  are it's over and done.
t- so where are the 2 days
c- if Ramadan is not going to be an issue
t- that I know, its not an issue
c- ty for your time
c- if the rate is $12, ( muffled )  negotiate,
t- you don't, time frame... in the beginning every bank out there is trying to get you, and the branches for every bank
I'll give you the example again
if it came out at $3 and I want to give you $9 to get you in
but it hits Forex,  and its $5, I can still give you $9 but its not as good as before,
or lots of folks came in and now I'll offer you 8,  because its going down as it settles, so tomorrow will go down again,  or if I'm that bank and I say, I'll give you the $1 but you have to keep your money here for 8months, instead of 6 months.
There will be a bottom rate and a top rate,  if you are happy with the bottom rate, then, ok,  if you aren't with a group, they'll do the same thing,  they'll send you to an extension and make an offer w/ you and tell you to go to a bank.....
c- get trust set up, can you negotiate w/out a trust
t- dealing w/ the banks, call the 888 numbers
t- exchangers say they will be competitive w/ the banks
t- if we can get more info, we'll do this again
c- I'm a mom, and smoking cigars is no good for you
c- the Rupiah, is the rate going up on that, or can you go to the bank w/out an appt.
t- everything is being set up for the dinar, don't think you need an appt. for that.,  but tellers that are trained for that
c- don't forget about what I said about smoking
c- want to thank everyone who helped you make this line available and the website available, so quickly
t- I always like to thank them,  and worked tirelessly, to make it better, we are looking to do a Radio Site, blast it to your speakers,  and one guy that owns a radio station who wants to do it, and an online radio, should have it in the next day, and the chat room we have, right now we have 4-5 #s bridged in.
c- the evolution of the website is phenomenal
c- based on rumor,  Wed. or Thursday, like Kuwait
t-Kuwait was different, it had an in country RV, and they could all see it
t- this is the first time this has happened - its a Global reset - its an electronic reset, trying to do it from the cards first,  get them to use the cards, to make them an electronic society,  they're doing it over there,  our fault, is that we think things should be done the way we want to do it,  look at JPMorgan and Citibanks,  they never trusted their banks,  go to FB,  talking about their cards being loaded , using them and the rate.  Don't be overly excited, don't get depressed, its taking time, but we also know they are trying to push this through, now.
c- the next 24/72 hours is a good window for us?
t- think its a great window,  tv is signing that there is 76B extra money from the budget, how strong they will be as Iraq emerging from Ch. 7, security in meetings all money, did a dry run the last time...
Thats whats going on over there and the meetings at the bank,  get after the call, the merchants over there,  update,  if there is enough to do a call, I will and if not, I'll post it in the forum.
c- thanks to you and your team
Is the cash out or exchange process, for the street ppl if they are not in a group>
T- calls based on how they come in,  they'll send you to an extension and the rate that you will be offered,  you can go in and negotiate on your own, flexibility in there,  i will tell you when ... its not actually there, I'm sure we'll be aware, once it happens,  trying to give you the basic structure, the options, even if you put one bank agains the other, dial both 888 numbers.
They're trying to simplify it, and I'm making it more complicated.
c- hearing we should have a separate account for the dong and dinar
c- in the beginning they said that, don't put them together, ??
t- I haven't heard that it matters, you'll have a receipt for them
c- we're on the same wavelength
c- Ray Ren's calls,  when , date,
t- you won't believe this,  his calls are 24 hours a day basically,  I don't know how he does it,  everytime I call him, he's on open Mic,  he starts at 4am, they do 2 hours of church, then... I don't know the number..maybe one of the listeners can post it on the forum, he's in there every day.
c- are you ok w/ wiring from DB to your bank,....
t-I think the... don't post the open mic number------you wont' believe this
I DON'T THINK ANYTHING WILL BE A PROBLEM SENDING A WIRE, FROM DB, and it still has to go thru the Fed Res.  the problem is when it's in your account and then wires will go out, and they'll monitor it, and it will be on hold,  .....they are going to go thru and thats why they said, not to wire anything over 500K in the first 30 days,  so not into the acct.,  but out of the acct.
they expect it to come from the exchange
c- when do you expect the RV, from now to
t- from now to tomorrow, lol,  they gave us a window,  I'm expecting it anytime, everyone is a saying its over and done with, they fixed the 4 countries, and this thing is going thru,  can't give you the exact time frame, I think we will see it in the still of the night.
T- Let me tell you this quick
GETTING INFO, THAT WE WILL HAVE A TEXT SERVICE, to send a text out to you.
Full name, etc..
don't think so, but we'll need to load it
I'm looking at servers, that should be done,  I haven't looked at it,  want to send a text out to let you know that we are having a call,  but let's see how much it will cost me first...
c- out of the capital area, reserve on order, and they change it thru Sterling, but also have dinar from other sources, will they be able to exchange it w/ them too?
t- yes
t- what I'm hearing is,  call the 888 # there are certain companies they won't take it from, so if you bought it from them, they won't take it,  but if they don't - you can take it to the bank anyway,  they'll do whats in their best interest.
c- after Vegas, when will you come to NC, and will you share investment opportunities, and how can a NC person participate.
t- I'll come to NC before Vegas, and to eat,  not talk,  will put it out there, and do a little meeting - get together,  will tell you what I'm doing, relax, no presentations
just coming to see the family
c- thank you for all you do, even the website, your character and integrity
Here is the thing,  while we are talking... get the info,  decide for ourselves,  opinions
--- I like that,  I look at this like a learning experience for all of us.
How the banking works,  even the 888 #,  so you can think and think again, and do it now, before it goes in.

I changed the words...
c- Tony the fearless tiger, you take them on
c- is that Iraq or here?
T- no thats here, they are waiting for you
c- DB, DC how are they going to go above the CBI rate and be competitive with the banks,
t- well,  I could give you some options, based on info I rec'd over the weekend,  the only way they can be competitive
there are 2 options
don't know if either one is true, but the only 2 things that I can think of.
1.  CBI will totally back them, give more so we can get our tax credits back
2.  They made an agreement w/ China, because both would pay to get tax credits
c- the dinar represents .$32... lots of room for horse trading,
t- its only $2 to pull it out of the ground,  Iraq can give a whole lot more and not give you teh $32, and China would want to do,  they have more room to party
and they can get it so much cheaper,  can't guarantee that either would do i
c- makes sense that our gov. would do it
t- always said that myself, why let them buy up all the dinar, through our banking system, because there is more than just the dinar, kick back, its part of a larger deal, to  make everyone basis compliant,  the reset,  they couldn't make more dinar,  we've divided the pie, and how to do we give them ... to get it done over there,  can't change 1303 to say Chinese and Americans can do that,
c- hope we have a big enough share
c- where do you thin the ceiling might be
t- double digits,  can't give you the #,  if I gave you that number, everyone would last until they gave them the #, and they've changed the # since I got it
c- some forums are talking over $20 and Shabs said, that CBI could spend around $16
c- so is the 20 feaseable, or mid range that the banks are going to offer
t- mid range
c- nervous about forming a group, flaky and their own agenda
c- did call to a Big 4, and told that person, they were not interested in dealing w/ a group, only individual, due to privacy and amt. of money transacting
t- I can understand that,  forgot I was supposed to tell you this
The higher ups are establishing the rules,  months ago - they were told to not let you out with that money,  the more they bring in, the better they look.  They're not there for you.  No matter what they tell you.
c- and thats the concern, their interests are divided and not in your favor and I'd be suspect of the deals they bring to the table, looking at other avenues
t- they are trained to direct you into certain investments
c- trying to keep the customer happy
c- not giving the lion's share to one bank
c- I'll divide some to out of the country also
t- be flexable and spread out,  diversify, in the holdings and the banks its in both
t- I can promise you, that some of you will def. loose money, its a learning curve, it will happen
c- any further thoughts on a TNT group, w/ the exchangers or the banks or several
t- was going to talk to the banker this morning about that
c- hate to be a clanging cymbol, but leveraging tool,  strength in numbers
t- didn't want to do it on the other site, but now, w/ our own members
c- ty for all you do,  and thank you for all the ppl that helped you get the site up, nice to get a cross section of news,  and you are one of the options that we've chosen , and those that helped you put it together,  my husband and I salute them all.
c- was there a rate attached'
t- there was a dollar amt. in dinar, and how it was to be spent, didn't read the whole thing, but it's supposed to be $3.44 and thats the rate there, but we're looking at something totally different
c- i remember you saying that
c- also heard ...cbi  not shipping dinar
t- heard a half billion last week,  but if thats true, maybe I should buy some more today
t- even if they stop selling, when the RV is announced, they exchangers will still sell, and the banking laws changed, so they can sell it too
The exchangers made so much money, and the banks wanted to.
Its going to be available at a new rate.
c- love the new site
t- haven't gone through it, the ppl that made this,  Pam Already Blessed,  Montana,  So ready for it, thats my daughter,  raillroader, Paula, Steve, and I appreciate them every day... its a team effort and everyone getting it done.
c- someone came on and said connected to the right place
c- thank you for that
c-disappointed how the UN....a blessing for themselves,  and not embarass themselves
c- as a group , is it feasable to go out of the community, how does that go, if you have a group, and they live here and there... do they go to the same branch...
t- I don't know, its a good question, when you dial the 888 number they'll direct you to the branch,  form your group for those not around you,  I'd have to do it w/ ppl I trust,  I want to negotiate, that I have 20 ppl, that have $X million,  I don't want to know what anyone has , except for me
but its all going to be higher than the street rate.
I don't want you to think you have to do it.
t- there are some groups out there, that have the 888 numbers, but you still need to know that the group leader is saying I got $12,  but you need to know the high and the low.
t- we have 4400 registered members
but 5000 on the lines
messing w/ you
c- congrats on your site, its perky
c- Wasn't the budget published 4-6 months ago
t- March and April, is when it was voted on, not published, we waited to see it opened, so we can party
c- talking about 80B,  and 30 tons of gold, ref?
t- reserves are 80B,  the assets to back the dinar
t- how can our currency be this?
c- Shabs in NY did say $15
c- mentioned that there was 1 company that wouldn't take the dinar back?
t- I said they wouldn't take it form certain companies,  call Sterling
c- think your awesome, the site is fabulous, and Jedi 1 called in, haven't seen him in a long time
c- listened to you since DV, the PD, and so glad you have your own place
the budget written trillions
t- yep, when they make the announcement it will convert
t- wrote it that way to confuse ppl
t- there is a method to the madness, just trying to figure it out
c- any moment
t- no one told me we have to wait,  they're saying its finally done, its over,  are they prepared, for it , yes they are,  but don't know when,  the 2 day delay, is over tomorrow,  if its from the 7th which they told their ppl, then we go into the 9th,  can't keep announcing to their ppl, and when are we going to have our money?   Don't want to be like Egypt,  we'll see it in the very near future,
c- all the contacts, seem to be 100%,  can;t see it....
t- me neither, can't see them say we need to negotiate more,  why have it on the TV etc..
c- TX
yeah Tony's Team,  I like the site, and give my 2 cents, go RV, I'm ready for it
t - ty
c- latest rate on the dong
t- on the bank screen this morning at .87 cents
t- but the rate is supposed to be higher than that

c- if its .50 I'll be jumping up and down
( joking about the Vegas  party )
c- if it comes in at .87 I'll foot the bill
t- i'll write your number down
c- heard of Belize
c- whats the scoop
c- getting emails and they want me to buy real estate
t- like Nigeria, wouldn't put my wallet in the back pocket
c- congratulations on the elves, i enjoy what they done, when do you think we'll go to the banks, make decisions before we go, and very interested in after RV opportunities
t-first time I heard them as Elves,  magical what they did
t- hearing its done and over,  but different than before, and I'm waiting like you are
c- compare the rates
t- on bank sites, they'll all have currency traders, it changes during the day,  they don't memorize it,  before you go, and before you call the 888 number,  Chase will do it once a day,   WF and BofA may do it hourly
After the RV, want to say, that we'll be here, but unfortunately, EVERYONE THAT IS INVOLVED IN PUTTING THIS SITE TOGETHER,  we'll all be in ATLANTA cashing out.
But I'll try to come on and give you cash out info to keep you updated, and give out what I can, get Vegas together,  I didn't plan this,  RayRen can be there with trust info, and the Annunity company,  No law firms yet,   looking at 3-4 days rotate in, and see the presenters, every afternoon spend time as smaller groups, and get to know ppl on the boards,  and try to schedule entertainment for those that don't want to go out on the strip...
Been together 3 years, celebrate it with each other.
c- got a kick out of the guy from Granberry, HootToot
c- excellent job,  do you think I can get my husband a Range Rover?
t- tell him after you finish mine,  I hope you can buy him 2 on Thurs.
t- not hearing anything negative
t- everyone having meetings this morning
t- calls/ texts/ here that its on track, and any minute, and any day
t- don't know if its happening this afternoon, but I'll sit in the bank parking lot anytime
c- listened to a call w Kenya, Art and Ken, and other calls saying the same thing,  all is positive, great day, it should have happened twice last week,  but always one thing that stopped it, DC, or 4X, there was always one little thing and then it would have gone, but lets see if it goes today
c- double digits,
t- with the float, def. going to float, designed that way
t- the dealers will be competitive and I gave the 2 scenarios that I know
t- might be too large, its possible, they told me they'd take the group,  but that was a group of 25 - 30,  now do I say do I tell them its 2000-3000
t- that whole group is standing at the one bank
t- to do it for the whole country, at that level, even if I did it, it wouldn't guarantee the top rate,  it would be the bottom rate,  better than the street rate
ie. if you had 100K dinar,  versus the bank w/ 100K, they won't bargin with you, its not enough to bargin with you.
c- you going to talk w/ your ppl
t- they had a meeting this morning, they called them in
c- next call is Wed.
t- got the text info while we're here, about the text... to send out an alert
t- like to send a text each time we do a call
t- might do a call this afternoon, if the info is good
c- thanks
c- in a nursing home
c- thank you
c- registered for chat room
c- some issues
t- can you get into the forum ok?,
c- yes
t- in the forum, on index, 2nd topic is TNT chat...click on that
c-thank everyone, fantastic job, saw in the Forum, an article form CNN Australia, that it RV'd in Iraq
t- I saw it
c- person, guru, that said it RV'd in Iraq, and that...confused me, it owuldn't show on the forex, until July 15th, then it wouldn't show the rate to everyone, because they'd be paying out group
t- got to tell you,  first of all, don't know whats going on in Australia, as it was explained to me, when they use the cards the rate adjusts,  as far are 4X, if its on , we'll see it,  it will show at the banks before it shows on 4X
and as far as the groups getting paid before you and i---NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.
c- the whole group thing,  I have a good chunk and my husband & I are going to do it on our own,  is there a # - that if you have this much dinar...ball park, and this is what I'd like to get.
t- I'm thinking when it actually happens - i'll tell you what the rate is, unless they tell me I can't.  The high and low,  Ppl that are going to make you sign an NDA, ridiculous stuff. As far as you going in and getting the rate, its based on how much you have, and your negotiating skills, and the relationship skills.
c- ie. 10M,  outright and 10M on reserve,  like to get $8
t- oh yeah
c- doable
t- I think so
c- I'd be happy w/ 3.44,  been in a long time, 3 years,  long for me,  and get the most bang for the bucks.   Even if we don't get the higher rate, maybe its more than we thought.
t- negotiate from the top down.
c- want the best rate, and might go to another bank,  they don't want you to walk out the door.
t- its part of negotiating.
t- if they haven't given you what you can't refuse.....
t- put all your skills to work
c- can we go in and say Tony says....lol
t- Tony who
c-I bet some listen
t- a guy went into the bank and said Tonys on the ph, and they passed the ph around for me to talk...
c- celebrity Tony
c- better to say currency exchange vs cashing out
t- yes, I think so

TNT Call with Tony for Today - Monday 7/8/13 ...
Playback number is 559.726.1399...409029#

116 minutes long

(If you get the message “Url is expired” - it just means that too many people are trying to listen so just try again later)


want to thank them, helping you get the info out



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