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[vegaspete] I have a contact in the xxxxxxxxxx group and I don't mean like us.  he just told me that the VND rv'd today and at rate of $3 and some cents. I don't know the acutal rate but I do know it rv'd

[sandytob] vegaspete can we go to a bank with vnd and exchange?

[vegaspete] the only thing holding up the IQD is the paper work and that is getting completed as we speak

[pastored] this is is is going to happen folks

[1biz4u] vegaspete when do we go to the bank then? lol

[vegaspete] That's what I asked. I am going to make a ton of calls

[Andrin] vegaspete that's awesome!!

 [burk50] Vegaspete that s nice so when can we ce ? Pray ur Arn't joking

[MtnStar] vegaspete but the VND isn't showing that - do you know where they saw that?
[blackjon] vegaspete no it did not sry if it did 3/4 of the ppl in this room would be out partying

[vegaspete] the IQD is going to be in the $11 range and the group rate is going to make you go thru your whole box of depends

 [burk50] Blackjon well we didn't know that's why ,lol

[KajunRedBull] vegaspete Take a step back because blackjon is correct AND There will be NO CHANCE of anyone Double Dipping..They will come out for rv together.imho

 [vegaspete] It will be released at the same time

[burk50] Vegaspete can u double ck?

[jetpack] Sry no way vnd will be over $3 IMHO

[jetpack] Love be wrong tho

[vegaspete] i just got home from work and my mom comes home from a lunch meeting about you know what and came home running into the house telling me it RV'D

[KajunRedBull] blackjon if that were true I assure you my banker would not have a peaceful dinner until he took care of me! :

[burk50] Jet pack with God everything's possible Amen

[vegaspete] I have no reason to lie to you all or make stuff up. this is just what I was told by some very credible people

[KajunRedBull] vegaspete and we thank you for sharing!

[jetpack] vegaspete praying you r right

 [1biz4u] vegaspete we believe you, praying we see the fruits of it today! Lol

[okrocks] vegaspete appreciate your sharing, are you able to reconcile it in your mind as to how this will play out?

[jyburt] just checked and still can be purchased but i also know it will be on sale till about ten minutes before it rv

[jetpack] vegaspete so when will u have confirmation ??

 [spiritfilled] Robertprofessor di you just see the post from vegaspete ??

[vegaspete] One doctor asked me if I cashed out and I was like….. what?

[Andrin] vegaspete when will it show to us lil people lol

[blackjon] vegaspete do you own VND ?

[vegaspete] blackjon yes I do

[jetpack] vegaspete 3? Who other two ? Tks

[vegaspete] They told me the vnd is in the $3 range and the dinar is in the $11 range and that the group rate is going to knock you out cold. I won't say it because you all will think I am in the mental ward

[pastorart] vegaspete I will take it thanks

[jetpack] vegaspete so when r they saying would show public ?

[1biz4u] vegaspete thanks and great news!!

[keiji] vegaspete ty....please share more when you get it..

[vegaspete] I am just as shocked as you all. Again I am not making stuff up or trying to hurt anyone

[vegaspete] it will be public as soon as the paperwok on the dinar is done. Don't know why it wouldn't be done. I mean come one how long as this dragged out, ahaha

[1biz4u] vegaspete I agree with that! Imo

 [burk50] Vegaspete what paperwork needs to get done? Thx

[vegaspete] have faith it has happend and all we are waiting for is th go ahead and that's this week

[vegaspete] I didn't get a lot of answers. I got some info via text and on a call. I hope to ask more questions later

[jetdemon] vegaspete Thanks!!!

[vegaspete] again, I was told by three sources of which are very credible souces, two are doctors told me the the vnd rv'd today and that only the last bit of paperword being done othe IQD is all and that we will be at the banks this week

[nolaspice] guys the vnd is tradeable now - if it revalued today - then we go to the bank tomorrow and exchange

jetpack] As of this moment in WF foreign current exchange dept there is no change on VND, maybe tomorrow will be different


[vegaspete] they can't do a global reset with pennies like .86 cent's and .47 cents this is bigger than we will ever even realize. this will affect every person on the planet regardless if they own these currencies [okrocks] vegaspete rates aside, how can it have rv'd and no one know about it or see it? ... it rv'd but they are "holding" it, is that what you are saying?

[vegaspete] okrocks I don't have the answer to that. I got a call from a doctor friend of the family and he told me what I told you all. I am just the messenger

[mkay] vegaspete I totally believe you

[xyz] vegaspete i am tired ...all i care is closure is the when!

vegaspete] xyz I agree totally

spiritfilled] If it has in fact rved ..either currency ...I do not think it will show anywhere until at least after normal banking hours ...IMO...so tomorrow at the earliest is my projection..IMO

burk50] Vegaspete well u brightened my day and the castle wow thx for sharing

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