Thursday, May 9, 2013


5-9-2013 Newshound Guru LoriC  The United Nations seems intent on offering their full support for Iraq's removal from Chapter VII. I have a feeling their are certain covert stipulations that will accompany their generosity. So, the UN will continue to put on a good public show of support while hanging these restrictions over the GOI as a bargaining chip until they get what they want. There's no way of knowing but hopefully one of these necessary stipulations is to move forward with their economic reforms and introduce an internationally recognized currency. This is simply my gut feeling on the subject and I obviously can't prove this but it does seem to be a hot topic of late.

5-9-2013  Newshound  Guru Stryker  We have now seen our first article written about the Executive Order (EO) 13303 and the options associated with the expiration date of May 22 since the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve told Iraq back in February that they were not going to extend it another year.  This pressure and other actions put on them by the UN I believe have caused a since of urgency for Iraq to get the necessary issues under control so they can be removed from all sanctions thus removal of Chapter VII and that would enable them to protect their funds under full sovereignty with out the protection of the EO 13303...Iraq will need to be as secure and stable as they can for them to have a tradable currency and be lifted back into the international community before we see our investment gain in value.

5-9-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana     [you have always stated that you expect the dinar to RV at a rate of about $.10. Everyone states that Iraq is so rich and has the 3rd or 2nd (depends on which article that you read) largest oil reserves in the world. So, due to this huge wealth, you will read expectations of an RV for anywhere from $1 to $3.86...why are the expectations so high for the RV in Iraq?]   To me, .10 to $1 makes sense and would be an easy transition. Anything higher is probably a "pie in the sky" or wishful thinking, as they have no need to go that high.

5-9-2013  Newshound/Intel Guru Flashing   Good morning everybody. As you know i have just evaded to talk about the rv during the last days. There is a reason. There is a lot of bogus intel out there, and i don t want conflicts. However i insisted keep the faith and be confident because it is just upon us and although may be it is taking more than expected it will surprise us very soon. One of my sources informed me to skip this week and be in high alert during the first days of next week, just a rumor. be blessed, confident and prosperous .

5-9-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [If the dinar RVs at 1$ to 1D, why would their be a time limit to exchange the dinar?]   As far as we know, when they change the rate or remove the 0's, they will also be replacing the currency with "New" Iraqi Dinar bills. When they do that, the goal will be to phase out the "Old" (current) currency.  Most likely, they will do this over a 3-6 month period, as most countries do when they introduce new currency.  I don't think we have to be concerned about it being "illegal" to have the old currency, but if we don't cash in before they stop accepting it, all of our bills will be just like the old Saddam notes... worthless

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