Saturday, May 18, 2013



[KajunRedBull] Okie put on a show last night with Great Info! Hope yall were watching!

[KajunRedBull] I will be reviewing one more time my rv plans and strategy today in prep for upcoming graduation

[spiritfilled] sananddan24 TexasMom If the rate has truly been set as Okie said ...and I believe Okie awlays brings what he is told...then to me that speaks volumes...Markz agreed also that the rate has been set

[sananddan24] Texasmom yes right he said the VND was very very very good ... i think

[TexasMom] spiritfilled I agree very encouraging!

[TexasMom] sananddan24 yes, i did see that.

[Maryrose] spiritfilled but again, let's just wait and see if what Okie was told comes to pass

[burk50] Texas Mom did u read Boca Linda on recaps said fathers cousin said v n d r v d in Europe ??

[KajunRedBull] spiritfilled Now BlueDog75 has stated in the past it would be double digits and has maintained that stance for a long time
[Maryrose] burk50 if in fact it is true. We will see

[spiritfilled] KajunRedBull Okie: ok here is something that may light your fires---the rates were firmly set 36 hours ago Okie: the rates are wonderful---nuff said----and no--i won't

[spiritfilled] Okie: yes the vnd rate is set also---and it also is very very very good

[okrocks] one thing i have learned, visible rates until going live are greatly subjected to change... even though Iraq has said it can sustain a double digit number does not mean it will come out the gate that way... it could, but I doubt it, perhaps group rates will be dif?? rates seen are placeholders IMO

[EVH] Okie is telling the truth on the rates. They are set. All currencies are set. Just waiting on the banks to catch up..

[Maryrose] EVH we shall see

[jamajacks] EVH Did you just say that you have seen the rates?

[EVH] Yep. You all have. Some just do not want to believe them

[jamajacks] EVH We have seen many different rates on the boards.

[heartfelt] This is a blessing from above so no matter what the numbers are we need to be grateful to be given this opportunity!

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