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3-28-2013  Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "The Minister of Planning / the Acting Minister of Finance, Prof. Ali Yousef Al-Shukri, searched with a delegation from the World Bank the restructuring of Rafidain and Rasheed Banks."   We have talked on the past about when Shabibi stated this event was not a CBI event, but an Iraqi event.  And how this would have to be coordinated amongst several agencies.  Here we have the Minister of Planning engaging with the World Bank.  This IMO is a significant step towards changing the value of the dinar. 

3-28-2013  Intel Guru OCrush    Its a stand off! LOL!  Between some blocs and the CoM (Council of Ministers).  The CoM need to ratify and vote on the amnesty law and the accountability & justice and send it to parliament for a vote.  Once this is done then parliament will vote on the antiquities, mesopotamian and other laws.  The CoM is playing a dangerous game here but they will blink...the people are watching:)  The CoM will hold an emergency meeting to vote on these two issues before sunday:)  Also, the 3 homes that were on the border were demolished and they are finishing the border...YAHOOO! The conditions that were set by the UNSC have been completed (just the 3 homes) and the families were compensated:)  Great news!  

3-28-2013  Intel Guru Ray   [Is Maliki's power a threat to the Iraqi people not getting their money if it RV's before they put him out of power?]   I don't think Maliki is a problem anymore.  [did Maliki really agree to give up his powers?]  With the Erbil, Maliki will agree to share.  [do we need to see the passing of laws tomorrow before the budget is posted in the Gazette?]   We aren't sure of the timing of the posting but we feel it is very close.   I wish we had a date.  Everything is falling into place and we feel we should be seeing the RV any day now.  [post 2 of 2]

3-28-2013  Intel Guru Ray    [Does Chap VII have to be lifted formally for us to be able to cash in at our banks?]   Once it RVs you should be able to go to your bank and cash in.  [Should we expect them to work or show any results on Friday (their Holy day)?]  They have in the past so it is possible.  [Did the Antiquities law get passed?]   We are not sure if it passed or not.  [We haven't seen any news on the IMF moving the currency from Article XIV to Article VIII. Have you heard of any IMF actions that could take it to a convertible currency?]  Not that I know of.  From my sources, something big is going on and we need to watch the news.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

3-28-2013  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3    I have been getting info since last Friday from people I know in Washington, people in Iraq in the military & civilians.  They all started calling me within a few hours of each other saying "this thing is coming, this is our week, the end of the week or by April 1st".  They called back over and over and confirmed this. They are excited as I am.  If you're not hugging your family right now knowing that tomorrow is going to be bright, whether it's tomorrow or April 1st or 3 months from now, it makes no difference.  You are in it, it's not going to be a life of penny pinching much longer.  There is article after article that points to April 1st.  Are you dancing yet?  This is getting ready to explode right in front of our faces.  [post 3 of 3]

3-28-2013  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3   Iraq is going to be the richest country in the world. It is the richest country in the world.  They are now 2nd behind the Saudis in oil production & reserves.  40% of the worlds oil will come from Iraq within the next decade.  How rich is Iraq?  There's no way to put a finger on it.  We are about to see one of the greatest events ever in history.  We are invested in the Iraqi currency that is going to change this world.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

3-28-2013  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3    I invested about 5 1/2 - 6 years ago.  It's been an absolute nightmare.  I researched it for 9 months and convinced myself...it's real, it's going to take place.  So, I got excited about it.  We are looking at the end of the road right now.  I have great expectations for Thursday to April 1st.  This has been a long term investment.  It shouldn't have been. The 7 countries previously that RV'ed that were liberated by war all did it within 3 1/2 years and they all revalued for a substantial increase in money.  That was one of the things in my research.  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

3-28-2013  Intel Guru SteveI    Some one will ask the rate, it is still 3.41... As for the timeline could be as early as this weekend...or next week. A strong this weekend or shortly thereafter.    I just got an email from another source that more world wide people are arriving at the airport.  Something is for sure going down. Again, we are there. Done. Done. Done.   [post 2 of 2]

3-28-2013  Intel Guru SteveI   [do you have an idea of when the budget will be in the gazzette? We believe this week.  [We haven't seen any news on the IMF moving the currency from Article XIV to Article VIII. Have you heard of any IMF actions that could take it to a convertible currency?]   I have been able to confirm that many people world wide are at the CBI and still arriving. So something is for sure going on  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

3-28-2013  Newshound Guru Enorrste   Articles:  "Suhail looking with a delegation from the World Bank to restructure the Iraqi banks" & "World Bank: eager to give advice to improve the performance of the Bank and Iraqi banks"   These articles actually added something that the original article did not include:  that the WB is also planning on making changes to the CBI itself.  That has me a little concerned.  It could open a bag of worms that we have not anticipated.  Time will tell.  It begs the question, though:  what is wrong with the CBI that it needs to be "adjusted"?

3-28-2013  Intel Guru TerryK   [we keep hearing that the dong won't go at the same time, will it go with the IQD.]  IT IS GOING WITH THE DINAR. IT'S IN THE FIRST BASKET.  HEY, REMEMBER MY BUDDY...AT WAS IN IRAQ.  TALKED TO HIM TODAY AFTER MONTHS OF NOTHING HE REMINDED ME WHAT HE TOLD ME, 6.18.  I LIKE 7.42 BETTER BUT HEY I TAKE BOTH

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