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Foreign Affairs Member: Much success towards Chapter VII release – Need to focus on Arab support; Internal differences and a weak external role behind Chapter VII delays, 27 FEB

Foreign Affairs Member: Much success towards Chapter VII release – Need to focus on Arab support; Internal differences and a weak external role behind Chapter VII delays

Parliamentary Foreign Affairs: internal differences and weak role Alaqlpma and behind the delay in the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII
Ezzat member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary Safiya al-Suhail, delayed exit Iraq from Chapter VII of the current of the internal disputes led to “weaken the role externally as an effective and powerful.”
Suhail said told all of Iraq [where], that “internal differences weakened our role as an effective and strong externally, to the absence of a unified vision for Iraq about what is going on shifts in ocean levels”, noting that “the interest of Iraq as a sovereign linking bilateral relations with any state interests people security, economic, and be the foundation for our relations with the countries, and that openness towards everyone, without exception, is required for us as a country. “
She “we believe that the steps out of Iraq from Chapter VII need to be a joint effort between Iraq and among his friends, whether the U.S. side or the United Nations, or many of the countries that are supposed to be through mutual cooperation with Iraq and signed bilateral agreements in common, that help to get out of Chapter VII. “
She Rep. “I think the problems that we believe as a few out of Chapter VII, is not in the same proportion that we Natqdha, and there are still many steps so we can get out, and most importantly that Iraq seeks diplomatic and at the state level and work for it and emphasizes the The duty of states friendly to assist him in achieving that. “
With regard to relations Iraq with the world reported member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the parliamentary“I think we have achieved many successes, for joint cooperation and bilateral relations and diplomatic ties with many countries of the world, especially the EU and U.S. and Asian”, noting that “what we need is to focus more on better ties with the Arab countries, and also that I think we went a good pace, and most recently some steps on broader relations with Saudi Arabia. “
And continued, “It is clear that this move ice thaw in relations, and my expectations that there will be a label near the Saudi ambassador lasting peace in Iraq, not resident ambassador to Jordan, and will be through the promotion of mutual cooperation in all fields.”
She Suhail said, “What was of flights to Saudi Arabia, has seen some as one of the things related only the Ministry of Transport, and its conventions, but more than that, which is opening up about relationships wider and facilitate relations through the lines that enable both parties from direct access to the two countries. “
, However with regard to relations with Kuwait that “the recent visit of the Emir of Kuwait, and also to find a solution some problems through زاراتنا, with respect to residues what we inherited from the former regime towards compensation has received a lot of them, but not all,” indicating that “the conduct of flights between Iraq Kuwait directly open the way to facilitate joint cooperation in all fields, including economic, cultural, social and humanitarian, as well as that there is affinity relationships and a long-standing relationship is supposed to نعززها. “
Either about Iraq’s relations with regional countries, said Suhail “We believe that Iraq has to be a relationship balanced and friendly relations basis interest and sovereignty of Iraq, and that is always open to good relations with everyone what we see every day from some of the interventions that comes statements of this party or That, and more importantly that immunize ourselves in Iraq, and continue the adoption of a foreign policy sound and balanced reservation interests of Iraq with all neighboring countries, and strengthen its presence on the level of the Arab League, and at the level of the United Nations, and all nations of the world, in the sense that any interference from any country on Iraq caused by the lack of internal Hsantina to prevent such interference. “
Iraq has been under since 1990 under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, which imposed after the invasion system ousted the State of Kuwait in August of the same year, this item allows the use of force against Iraq as a threat to international security, as well as freezing of large amounts of its assets financial global banks to pay compensation to those affected by the invasion of Kuwait.

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