Wednesday, January 30, 2013


duffy2] On PTR call, some lady came in and said her relative who was born in Iraq has been in touch with them over there and was told it Rv'd in Iraq and they are letting folks cash in at the banks at $ 1.10 or something like that. When she said this, Tony verified he has heard the same thing. So, it seems to go along with everything else we are hearing...

[duffy2] In other words, that would be an In-country rate and Rv. Our rate will be much higher and I guess that $ 1.10 will creep upwards as well. Something to that effect.

[JstBringIt] duffy2 Time for a hotdog!!! lol

[sammyb] duffy2 the correct statement is they can deposit their money, it will be given the right rate, but it is not availble to them for several days. They can only withdraw the orginal amount deposited.

 [goin4broke] duffy2 That is the rate Winalot found in the paper last week and it stayed there. Come on RV.

[sammyb] Her daughter works with this man who was born in Iraq and his relatives called him to let him know and he checked his account in Iraq and found it to be true

[healthscans] duffy2 Thank you for sharing. Sounds good to me.

[hopeful2&2] duffy2 thank you for sharing

 [sisterbreen] sammyb what?

showmethemoney] in reference to Duffy2 post. said that you can deposit only

[duffy2] Showmethemoney: That is correct. Can only deposit and in a few days will be able to take money out. That would seem logical if it is an in country Rv and not announced to the world yet.

RindsGuy] duffy2 is this recently like today or yesterday?

[cherryberry] RindsGuy Now

[RindsGuy] cherryberry ok

[duffy2] Rindsguy: They didn't say if it was today or yesterday that he went into the bank in Iraq to cash out. 

[RindsGuy] duffy2 Ok, because I thought I'd heard about $1.11 thing a week or two ago but I could be confused with something else.

[sammyb] duffy2 he can't cash out only deposit, but his account reflects the amount

[duffy2] Rindsguy: Well, a rate has been in the papers for the last 10 days and yes it was about that rate. So, I guess if they have an in country rate or Rv, they do not have to tell it to the world until they are ready. that is all we can assume.

[Achmed] duffy2 there will be only one rate, in country or out!

duffy2] Achmed: Well, I am not sure about that. We have been informed many times over the last few months that the rate we will get will be much higher than the Rv'd rate in Iraq. Negotiated rates for various countires I believe is what they said. So, who knows. We will only find out in time as this unfolds.

winalot] $3.42.... give or take a few for spread... that's my guess

campdav] winalot Had to take a deep breath , real real close to us goin to the Banks I hope and pray

[winalot] campdav stick a fork in it

[cherryberry] winalot do you think the group rate will be higher or is bunk?

[winalot] yes

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