Wednesday, January 23, 2013


childofgod] MarkZ How are you tonight?

[MarkZ] childofgod stoked and excited for this week. Long day but a good one.

[Maryrose] MarkZ sounds good to me!!

[bigbear] MarkZ hi What has got you excited for this week

[MarkZ] bigbear News from around the world. Rates in Lebanon and Jordon. Davos meetings with the word "RESET" being used alot in articles coming out of there. FOX and MSNBC talking about the Iraqi currency changing soon. Tough not to be excited.

[FreeManna] Markz wow our news talking about that. Awesome. Did u hear that 2night

[MarkZ] Last few days. Have you all not been reading recaps?

[childofgod] MarkZ Rates are active in Lebanon and Jordan?

 [bigbear] MarkZ Thanks I had not heard any of those news items

 [MarkZ] It took the kuwait RV awhile to pop through but it started this way. Cracks in the dam. The world can't keep putting fingers in the dyke. Not enough fingers. :)
[childofgod] MarkZ Good point

[MarkZ] Oh and who is in charge now at UST?

[MarkZ] And who was in charge of the kuwait RV here?

[childofgod] MarkZ Same guy

[MarkZ] childofgod EXACTLY

[Retchie08] MarkZ .. WoW .. i Bet the "DeaLer" SaLes went through the ROOF 2Day .. & Mama aLways ToLd Me i Shud Have Made My profession as a 'Currency DeaLer' .. Guess i Shud Hav Listened Better .. :thud:

 [dutchess1947] How can anyone be trusted anymore when NOTHING that any of the guru's say comes true in all the time I have been listening. I feel the powers that be that have stolen all our money are sitting back laughing at all of us waiting to have enough money to just survive.

[MarkZ] Retchie08 Dealers I know were told yesterday that they can no longer buy dinar. All they have is what they have in stock. Does that excite you?

bigbear] MarkZ I thought Lew don't start till feb 1

MarkZ] I am not claiming a rate or a date but I am ready for Okie to land that poor tired jet soon. bigbear Told he assumed responsibilities today, ahead of schedule. Not verified though yet.

[bigbear] MarkZ then maybe we won't have to wait till the 1st

[19rue] MarkZ Do you post on any other site?

MarkZ] 19rue I rarely post. Not good for intel people to post. It ends up on recaps. ;)

 [Maryrose] MarkZ got a news flash for ya............. this may end up on recaps hon!!

 [keiji] MarkZ do you have strong sources?

 [MarkZ] Maryrose LOL that is why I kept it PG with just stuff from articles or recaps stuff.

WWP] Just got back,did Markz have update?

 [MarkZ] WWP recaps will have it later I bet.

FreeManna] Remember iraq starts three day weekend tomorrow, banks closed and shabbibi said needed 3 day weekend for rv. That made me feel good to hear this morning

Dakotaman] MarkZ Thanks for sharing

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