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This is a synopsis by KingDinar

My hopes is this will be a history lesson as well as a detailed theory of the Iraq RV that does nothing more than make you think, maybe bring you to a calm state in your investment.

Iraq plans to remove 3 zero’s. This is not a new plan. Actually, this was a designed plan that began back in 2004. In 2004, Iraq came out with the 25 Dinar and 100 Dinar coins.

Stop and think for a minute. This was a time when the Dinar was well into 3500 Dinars to 1 US Dollar. Why in the world would a country bring out a coin so low in value during this particular time?

Reason is, they were planning to drop the 3 zeros way back in 2004. When it didn’t happened as planned, and they had the coins distributed throughout the country, people were so angry that they were throwing them in the streets.

I have been collecting articles since 2005, and last year my computer crashed and lost it all. I spent the last two weeks digging up as many articles I could before presenting this. 
  Some, the important ones, I will have links to, others I have copied from other sites in their archives. While collecting these articles, I created a timeline for the last 7 years which displays each article, and who was quoted in the article. Then as the time went, and if it was later found to be true, they got a green check ?, if untrue they got a red X .

The reason I did this was so I could tell over time, who was the ones to listen to and who not to.

Surprising, Saleh and Shabibi, both from CBI, were the only two over 7 years that spoke truths.

Also, please understand when we translate the articles, using whatever source (Google, etc) it never comes out correctly, which is why you see things as watermelon and others pop up. Also the past, present, and future tense gets scrambled in the translations.

My two friends, one in Jordan and the other in Turkey assists me in translating many of these articles rather than using the translators so common mistakes are not made. Back to the theory.

Iraq has tried to RV their currency every year from 2005 to 2008 without success as you already know. What started out to be a fix for the US situation, turned out to actually be a global fix as has been stated.

Why they did not try to RV their currency from 18 January, 2009 - 16 January 2012, was due to an agreement Iraq had with the IMF to show they could keep inflation down for 3 years without changing their currency rate. Funny thing is, not one person caught this during these 3 years. During this time, the Iraq Dinar was bought like crazy as many stated it was going to RV so many times during this 3 year period.

My thought was this was intentional, not by our gurus, but by our government. Our government wanted US citizens to buy the Dinars like they were going out of style. Why? Well, one reason, tax dollars on RV time.

Secondly, I believe the US wanted a certain amount obtained by us which it turn would be the global currency needed along side of gold for when the global reset occurs. Thirdly, this was needed to assist Iraq in raising their cash on hand.

As I am sure many other countries have also done. Now I mentioned global reset for a reason and will back it with articles to prove this. Iraq Dinar will be the global currency that will sit with gold in each country to back each countries currencies.

The reason Iraq was picked (by the world) to be the world financial fix was they are the only country in the world that has a currency that can be backed by cash in hand. Iraq already is a gold backed country (black gold and real gold). Also a snippet taken from this article

“As Iraq — with one of the world’s largest untapped oil deposits—continues to increase its oil production output for export, the discovery of large quantities of gold changes the economic landscape for the Middle Eastern country.” Another article stated Iraq is pulling more ounces of gold from the ground per day than they are barrels of oil per day.

Now we saw it mentioned probably 6 to 10 times each year from 2005 to 2011 talking about (lifting, removing, deleting, or lower denoms)currency adjustments. During 2006 through 2009 so many referred to this as a LOP when in truth it was the opposite.

Some stated it was removing 3 zeros from $0.00085, others thought it was removing the Dinars with 3 zeros on it. The whole time it was referring to bringing in a new set of currencies to go with the currency they already have.

It wasn’t until 2012, that we really started seeing many articles referencing deleting the zeros. And in 2012, we know parliament  finally agreed and supported this to happen. If any saw the London website where it had the picture of the 25,000 Iraq dinar and the caption above stating Maliki approved and the statement below that said CBI was planning to drop the zeros.

Why do you think Iraq felt they needed to add this on this website. So the heavy investors could see, Iraq is ready. Iraq, is a safe and wealthy place to invest. Also remember that every country Central Bank directors were at this meeting in addition to WB, IMF, WTO, and the UN. This little picture of the 25000 Dinar was a huge statement to all of these folks.

Iraq has all along had the plan to add new bills to the currency they already have. You have to remember, Iraq has only one country to mimic a democratic country by, and that’s USA. So they are doing exactly what we have already done. We had the $10,000, $5,000 and $1,000 bills and slowly removed them from circulation. They still exist, just used between banks.

Now we have the $100 and lower bills. Iraq is printing (some say its printed already but I can show they are wrong) new bills with lower numbers or values just as we did. Then when they come out, they will draw in the larger notes which will be the global currency used just by Central Banks. They never intended to replace the currency we have.

Now to quickly show they have not completed printing the new currency,I have an article LINK

That is Shabibi telling the people and Parliament in a press release that the new currency will not be ready in time (1 January 2013) and not to worry as Shabibi says we have plenty of coinage in the vaults from 2004 and 2005 to use until the new currency is ready. Here is how it is stated  below:

Quote: “Noted that the central bank has reserves currency so that they can in the process of deletion of zeros and coverage significantly.”

Also in this article, the deputy governor of CBI Mohammed Saleh states that the delete the 3 zeros (RV) needs to be at the beginning of the fiscal year (1 January). As this snippet taken from an article on 23 July 2012.

CBI: Zero’s must drop at beginning of year; Would cause accounting problems July 23rd, 2012

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that “the project to delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi currency needs a new financial period, because all accounts start the new currency may be registered books accounting currency different from the work recorded the beginning of the year “.

Now, since we have not RV’d at this time. And everything I want to get in here I can’t as to its size, let me hit the point that it is easy to know when it will be. LINK

In this article we have it too plainly stated, as well as this 2010 article snippet below:

Central Bank: raise three zeroes from the Iraqi currency will not be two years ago (correctly translated is “for 2 more years”)


Hassan Rashed Widened in recent calls to the Central Bank of Iraq need to direct project raise three zeroes from the local currency, in the background of the increased security risks faced by the transfer of banknotes between banks and their branches in Baghdad and the provinces, as well and leading the other caused by the wide circulation of large amounts of Iraqi currency, which suffered from chronic inflation back to almost three decades.

Despite the approval by the Iraqi Finance to draft up zeroes, but the central bank adviser, Dr. Appearance of Mohammed Saleh says the issue is not as urgent cases and it is linked to achieving full economic stability in Iraq. He explained the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in a statement to Radio Free Iraq that the process of initiating a zeros will not be two years ago. (remember past, present, future is distorted when using translators)

My interpretation is: Basically saying that the process of dropping the 3 zeros will not be for 2 more years.

So basically we are at the end of our journey. We have maybe less than 90 days to go to never wait for this anymore. Be done, fineto, over with. Hang in there. Your really going to enjoy the rate. No where near what most predict. Definitely higher. Clue: the longer they waited, the more of a fix that is needed, the more valuable your dinars have become. Bless to all.

STRYKER:  He makes some great points, a few things in debate but an "A" for his time and dedication for sure....

I'm parcel to his prediction of January 1, 2013 myself ;-), I have typed about the 25 & 100 dinars in the CBI that are not in circulation and he talks about the coins that were in circulation, either way I agree 100% that they knew that they were going to need lower denoms and these would be used at some point....

Here is a link that does work, that proves his theory and mine....on lower denoms

I still think that they have printed the banknotes and we should see them REALLY REALLY REALLY SooN... blame Avarvets, she put the REALLY in my head yesterday.....


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