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[Jeff] letitbe I think it will be before January 1. What I am looking at as milestones beyond what is stated in the recaps article is this: 1) The USA has no budget why? 2) The EURO meetings ended with no budget why? they stated next year 3) On CNBC Marc Faber plainly stated that we will wake up on a Monday and things will have changed [Jeff] Also what is up with Monday and Greece? How can their be no budget for the Euro blocs and yet they save Greece on Monday? [Jeff] One more how come the markets went up on Friday in most categories and the flipping Euro went up in value? No budgets? Debt laden and fiscal cliff imminent all interesting

[marmeysue]. So, I really think we are that close to this happeneing.

[schipperke] jack1977 I hate picking myself and others up when it doesn't happen...best thing to do is be patient and don't get caught up in the rumors

 [da58] schipperke chould be on forex tomorrow when mkts open

[marmeysue] schipperke agree a wait and see attitude is the best thing to do.

[da58] we'll see..

 [schipperke] marmeysue yes I agree....IF putting out too much information DOES keep it from us...then I wish they would just stop posting it....

 [jack1977] schipperke nope that is not gunna happen to me been in the rumor mill to long ............... lol

 [marmeysue] schipperke Yes and just push that stupid RV button already. But all we have all learned about governement, economy, banking and patience. Invaluable info
[schipperke] marmeysue we have learned a lot through this process...a big eye opener!!

 [marmeysue] schipperke really is the truth...I feel like I received a college degree in so many things. haha

[schipperke] marmeysue I'm ready for graduation !!!! lol


[redhead1] Does anyone have a status update on the VND and what we are expecting????

[WCW] redhead1 i think this baby is so close but i just cant put a time on it right now

[captaincaveman] no one can put a time on it. but we are very very close. Heard that before? Rofl


 [HIGHERGROUND] Did you all know that we should be excited?? We are heirs, joint heirs and MILLION Heirs!!!!! Praise God!!!



SSO_Scooby] Release of 16 female employee of the Central Bank on charges of currency auction sale....AGHDAD / OruzI learned Agency (UR) of informed political sources that the judiciary decided to release 16 female out of 20 have been detained on suspicion Btorthen corruption regard ERA selling the currency in the Central Bank of Iraq last month. The sources said that he “was released 16 female out of 20 had been arrested last month on the basis of information it turned out they were not accurate.” The sources added that the “four employees to Azln under arrest is scheduled release also for lack of evidence that prove Torthen corruption auction currency,” adding that “the curious thing about the subject that the arrest of employees was made without conducting any preliminary investigation the subject.”  http://www.uragency.net/2012-03-11-16-31-52/2012-03-11-16-33-45/13514-2012-11-04-07-23-11222222222222.html

[SSO_Scooby] Shwan Taha: Kurdistan could turn to the United Nations in the event of deadlock with Maliki....NOAA Radio – 11/23/2012 A member of the security and defense committee MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Chuan Mohamed Taha, the possibility of recourse for the Kurdistan region to the United Nations or America to resolve outstanding differences in the event of a deadlock with Maliki. Taha said in a statement to the Agency news, Friday, that there is political problems many differences varied because of governance, noting that the Kurdistan region sent two delegations to Baghdad, but the results were not positive. added there political pressure, economic and military on the region, adding that the Kurdish leaders would prefer to have to resolve differences Iraqi and Peshmerga forces have no intention of resorting to collision with the security forces, but state law is trying to be there for clashes inciting sectarian strife and ethnic groups.   http://www.alrafedain.net/index.php?show=news&action=article&id=89426

[SSO_Scooby] Foreign Relations accused the United States and Britain keep the Iraq under Chapter VII....aturday, November 24 2 / November 2012 16:33 Accused member of the Committee on Foreign Relations Relations Rafi Abd al-Jabbar parliamentary powers, including the United States and Britain, to take the issue of Kuwaiti debt on Iraq to keep it under Chapter VII in order to maintain control of it. He told all of Iraq [where] that “file Kuwaiti debt unrelated item VII, but taken by major countries, including the United States and Britain as an excuse to keep the paper to put pressure on Iraq and control it.” Abdul-Jabbar said that “the government has allocated $ 500 million to settle debts to Kuwait and commissioned a committee of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to pursue the case and settled legally to end the entire file, and this initiative in good faith by Iraq to settle.”


[SSO_Scooby] I am betting Malki is just waiting on this ch7 to lift and he going to tell everyone of who is who go jump in the gulf ocean an tell them you cannt tell me nothing now ...and then WE will see what kind of person malki is IMO

[jcal] He might try but he wont make it

[Expendable3] He's kinda doing that already lol

[jcal] Just for show

[brobi] im betting they wont lift chapter7 till he is gone

[Florida] SSO_Scooby well, chap 7 can't life until the RV occurs. So maybe he is waiting for that. So are we all. LOL

jcal] 4,487 dead, and 32,226 wounded in Iraq Malki will do what he is told. he may not like it but he will weither in chpt 7 or not.

[jcal] We are not going to allow another dictator to take over Iraq.

[pjs] bbl

[jcal] Malki knows we will let the cat out of the bag if he goes aganist us. He commited war crimes.

[Capt Ron] When the time comes to execute this (highly synchronized) global currency realignment, no tin pot dictator wanna-be in Iraq will be asked for his opinion.

[Capt Ron] And that will be true in other countries in addition to Iraq.

[jcal] True

[Capt Ron] It does seem that, from reading Scooby's stuff, that that time of reckoning is getting very close.

[Capt Ron] I like it.


 [findmoney] Hello everyone

 [findmoney] Spent some days away really looking at this. I think we are real close to see this happen and here is why

 [Dinarblessed] findmoney Go for it!!!!

 [fantasia] findmoney so what you got to share?

[ [findmoney] Geo Policitacal positioning is / has been behind schedule

 [findmoney] Easy way to look at it is this.

 [findmoney] The USA has obviosly been ready for this since 2009. There has been NO paper bills ( Fed notes) put in circulation since then. Just look.

 [findmoney] Then you have the EU crisis going.

[deniseanderson] findmoney and the US going off fiscal cliff, EU crisis has been going on how long, US hasn't pasted a budget, it makes me think there is SOMEONE that does want this to take place, they [governments] have the fix SO why not do it thats my opinion

[findmoney] deniseanderson Has to happen in some way. In other countries they hit the streets to protest. Here the Gov Handout people get up at 4 am to go buy a 40 inch TV for 199

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