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Thursday, October 18, 2012


[clubber3] A post under dinar Detectives this morning by the get team. Somebody reported that the Dong showed at .81 then Jumped to .91 and 1.19 before falling to regular rate last night

 [heartfelt] clubber3 that is strange as if 1.19 might be a code because the iqd was reported of having a 1.18-1.19 on the screen too.

[heartfelt] hmmm

shasta7: always... liked watching Red (Red Skelton)  .......... just think this was back in 1969!!http://thepeoplesguidetotheusconstitution.com/535/pledge-of-allegiance-explained/

Asells: shasta7 wow !!! i've never HEARD this .... WONDERFUL !!! AMEN !!! and Awesome !! Thanks for SHARING !! woot yay !

[olesailor]  from the Revolutionary War there came a slogan, "From Time to time the Tree of Liberty must be watered by the Blood of Patriots."

[whitelions] Has any body seen this Obama senior aide visits Iraq – White House 10/18/2012 3:23 PM  http://en.aswataliraq.info/%28S%28tw2mxp45xhy33q45kal5ul3i%29%29/Default1.aspx?page=article_page&id=151048&l=1

Captaincaveman: Gold Standard Returns On January 1, 2013: Banks Have Already Adopted New Rules   http://beforeitsnews.com/gold-and-precious-metals/2012/10/gold-standard-returns-on-january-1-2013-banks-have-already-adopted-new-rules-2453130.html

 [BigB] whitelions The PTB remind me of a spoiled little boy with an ant farm. Watch the ants build their cities and then flip it upside down and watch the chaos before they rebuild. ...They are just bored, they have everything anyone could ever want.
[socalcutie] BigB here is what i am amazed at. the 99%ers calmly protest yet all over europe they are agressively protesting and we are in just as bad of shape as they are, but citizens here listen to the crap put out by our officials and think all is ok. do they live in LA LA land and that is not Los Angeles.

[captaincaveman] PTB ?http://www.marketwatch.com/story/power-30-financial-forces-2012-10-18?siteid=rss&rss=1

BigB] Stitch 2012jesus Did you catch this one ? "Exxon seeks to quit Iraq's West Qurna oilfield project" http://finance.yahoo.com/news/exxon-seeks-quit-iraqs-west-140941377.html

BigB] Stitch Here is another indicator. We had 3.6 last week, now it has grown! "5 MILLION OUNCES of REGISTERED Silver Withdrawn From Brink’s Since Friday!" ...   http://www.silverdoctors.com/5-million-ounces-of-registered-silver-withdrawn-from-brinks-since-friday/

[geterdone] Is there anyone in here that cares to discuss what I have missed about the pinging/attacks on banks? I am in the middle of trying to fix/show/sell my home and have missed a bunch.

[janana] geterdone seems that banks keep getting cyber attacked...a credit union might be a safer way to go post rv

[sunny] janana geterdone The pinging ties things up but doesn't seem to be more harmful than a slow down. Am I being simplistic here?


[redhead1] Hot Intel - Shabbi has returned to Iraq and plans to push the button at 5:00 am on 10/19/2012 - with a rate of $12.00 IQD - where did I get my information - from my guru the German Shepherd who communicates in code - he barked 12 times for the rate and drank his water for the date 

[prissynell] redhead1 I like the date by the german Sheppard

[redhead1] Prissynell - so far he is as right as anyone else - he asked me to set up a website and would give intel for Milkbones

 [Coffeeone] Stated "next window" October 21st, I know, I know - Terryk. Cannot resist, Sorry 

 [redhead1] That Terry K loves giving dates - one day he is going to be right - 

 [prissynell] Wouldnt we all like to know about when the real RV date would be just approx within a week

 [redhead1] Does anyone else find it strange that Wells Fargo has personal wealth managers set up who claim they have no information on the dinar RV - is there that much wealth to manage without us?

 [BigB] 2012jesus Any thoughts on Bluwolf's post last night? I had to read that one several times as I couldn't believe what I was reading.

 [2012jesus] BigB did not read it ,,is it on recaps

[2mater] The 'being quiet' thing sure doesn't seem to make any difference - I remember CAP coming up with that 'sock in his mouth' comment in May - now it's mid-October

[tatortot] BigB Which part could you not believe?

BigB] tatortot I am probably wrong but it sounds like he is saying that it was actually reversed.

[tatortot] BigB I will have to read it again but I did not get that. I get confused alot. Thanks for answering my question.

[BigB] tatortot "bluwolf] Waiting no smoke it was news,but see you had to look into the same,so happens he that is being spotted is maliki and not shabbi"

BigB] tatortot He is saying it was Maliki not Shabibi. We are at the mercy of the news.

[[2012jesus] BigB thats would be funny 

 [tatortot] BigB Yes we are. Thanks for interpreting I see that now.

[Ribeye] BigB if i knew his connections i would have 'thoughts'. Lol

[BigB] tatortot 2012jesus Here is another interesting quote from Bluwolf last night "Ribeye] bluwolf i have long felt that the currency wars have been the WWIII of the 21st century without guns. am i correct and are the 'good guys' winning iyo ? [bluwolf] Ribeye THE GOOD GUYS HAVE ALREADY WON"

[olordplease] BigB my fear is who decides who the good guys r

[candy] olordplease that would be my questions as well.


[feda] please believe .... and this is jmo ... the gov will never let us get all this $$$$ and not get a taste .....you know ...just like the gangster movies... got to send the suitcase back home....

[candy] feda i thnk the real question will be how the IRS treats this. If it is a currency exchange, then there is an IRS ruling in place.

BigB] candy we may not have to worry about that - if this goes to the end of the year, the IRS may go bye bye with the FED.

[candy] BigB i agree, but i am sure the govenment will come up with some way to get their "unfair share"

eda] there is no way we will get off tax free... only current rich folks know how to get around all the new regs in place

[BigB] candy Did you read yesterday about the US Treasury putting a $16,000,000,000,000 lien on the FED?

[candy] BigB i did not, do youhave a link! sounds interesting.

 [moonchild] BigB who said that?

 [BigB] candy Maryrose Hey, the good news is that because the RV has not happened yet, many have held their Dinar over a year and if we have to pay capital gains, we now will be in the long term rate.

[BigB] candy I'll see if I can find it.

[candy] BigB thanks! i would love to read it.

[Coffeeone] feda We can Learn from the current rich folks, they say nothing is really hidden now; at the second debate Mr. Romney talked about a Blind Trust hmmmmmmm.  

[candy] Coffeeone a blind trust is required for all in polical office, so they can't do any insider trading.

[prissynell] BigB I heard there was going to be one rate for ever one on taxes like 15% due to not knowing when dinars was purchased on a bunch of people

[prissynell] Mitt Romney also talked about he wants to do away with the Frank Dodd Insurance 

[Coffeeone] candy There is much more to it than that, don't stop investigating. :cheerleader: :cheerleader: As they say, you don't know, what you don't know. 

[BigB] candy moonchild I do not have a link - it was a statement that I read from an excellent source (so don't take it as gospel). And the amount is off. ... UCC1 filings or commercial banking.. the agricultural lien filed by the Department of Treasury against the Fed is for $14,300,000,000,000. Thats all

 [candy] prissynell the tax laws are due to change Jan2013. Lets hope we are done by then

[Coffeeone] prissynell Yes, there is good or bad concerning Frank-Dodd, you wanna pay 1% on your banking activity?

[prissynell] Yes, I know they are making all capital gaines- long term rate

prissynell] I want it backed by Treasury not the FDIC alone 

[WCW] well i see more smoke before the fire. we wait till afer rv and then we will know for sure about the taxes. i have a busy day and want be back till after 6 pm cdt yall have a blessed day 

[prissynell] I asked the private banker if the Feds went down would a FD acct be ok since backed by treasury and he said yes

BigB] prissynell If this does not happen till next year and capital gains taxes apply, the gove is going to get a lot more. "O" care has upped the rate substantially. 2012 15% 15% 35% 2013+ (current law) 23.8% 43.4% 43.4%   http://www.atr.org/five-worst-obamacare-taxes-coming-a7217#ixzz29aSlxN7

[prissynell] Coffeeone that 1% is on any acct after 2012

[prissynell] 2013

[Coffeeone] Is it in Frank-Dodd, that you have to have 10 million dollars to be an "investor"? Just saying everything is not black and white. Who presented Frank-Dodd as something wonderful to us anyway, uh our Gurus. : 

[feda]  Please Remember ....... Get Professional Advice

[prissynell] I have a Frank Dodd with 1500 balance, it charges no fees

candy] prissynell if i understand the law as it reads now, a currency exchange is taxable on anything over $200. However, people in lower tax bracket MAY not have to pay

 [Coffeeone] feda Yes, since we really don't know, yet my experience has been the so-call Professionals suck. We are really going to have to listen to God. : 

[BigB] Coffeeone It is not great or wonderful - The subject was only brought up as a means to protect your investment.

[andisgram1] candy does that tax bracket include the $ from the exchange?

[candy] andisgram1 there are several places you can look in the IRS codes. One specifically states anything over $200, but there is another spot that states if you are in a 10 or 15% bracket, there may be no tax due. I am NOT a CPA, so please be sure to get professional help.

[2012jesus] been here ove r9 years i do not care what the tax is ,,i just want it done ,,tired of the ride ,,

[BigB] 2012jesus I could not have said it better myself.

 [prissynell] We all know the FedR is going down so you better protect your money some how

[prissynell] I have a sister in law that is one of the top private investment bankers in Houston

[marmeysue] prissynell SO what does she have to say about the dinar and the rv?

[prissynell] She is the one that told me to go with FDIC and Frank Dodd insurance accts


[BigB] 2012jesus puppylove I think we should hire someone to go to Iraq and really find out what is happening there. I find it so hard to believe that we an never get a real answer from anyone. I just don't get it! Am I alone in this thinkin?

trailblazer1] BigB I dont get it either. We are in information age where stuff should come out quickly and correctly.

 [Austin-Powers-For-PM] da58 Yep, all's quiet on the Dinar Front. After the crazy events of the past two days, it's time for peace and quiet as we wait for the next shoe to drop. I wonder what that will be? Shabibi magically reappears at the CBI? Maliki flees to his retirement chalet in Switzerland? Hammerman takes Okie's place as the official announcer of the RV? Lol

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