Friday, October 26, 2012

MP rules out delegating zeros from currency soon,26 OCTOBER

MP rules out deleting zeros from currency soon

Friday, 26 October 2012 13:22 

Baghdad (AIN) –MP, Nahida al-Dayni, the member of the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee, ruled out deleting the zeros from the Iraqi currency soon.
Speaking to All Iraqi News Agency (AIN), she said "The process of deleting the zeros from the Iraqi currency will not be done soon due to the lack of the security and economic stability in Iraq in addition to the lack of the required observatory role and the reduction of the IQD to the USD.'

"The increase and decrease of the prices are related to the regional situation," he added, ruling out "The possibility of fixing the price of the USD to keep the same ratio of the IQD in the local markets."

Earlier, the Council of Ministers decided to postpone the process of deleting the zeros from the Iraqi currency till further notice.


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