Sunday, September 23, 2012

$3.41 RV RATE, 23 SEPT

9-23-2012 MIG Ghost: I was on Randy Koonce's conf call 3 hrs, the intel was all good: HERE IS BOTTOM LINE: 1) THE NATIONAL MEETING [Conference] is the Key! 2) The seated {formal} Ministers will be announced, 3) the Strategic Council {power sharing} becomes official, 4) a day or so later these steps will be announced in the Gazette, 5) The Gazette Announcement makes it law! 6) Then Shabibi can push the RV button! He cannot pull the rv-trigger until these events happen! Everyone happy, all info points to every power player being in agreement, being happy, that the ministers & power sharing are already agreed, PS 2: The Natl Meeting all info points to the Natl Meeting to be held near end of next week, PS 3: Shabibi the Only One it is only Shabibi that will push the RV button, PS 4: 1 to 5 days. All intel points to that being 1 day to maybe up to 5 days after the Gazette Announcement. Once the Natl Meeting is successfully held, the rv cannot be held back. The whole purpose of the Natl Meeting is to formally show the seated ministers {& that power will be shared} meaning the govt is ready! 3.41 RV RATE: 1) that is what the rv rate must be, 2) it is arrived at from UN $ figures: 3) The current Iraq Budget is: 89.1 B expenditures Total Iraq income is: 26.1 B That means the value of the IQD must be raised by a factor of 3.41 to meet their cost needs; do not listen to anyone who tells you it will be 1:1 or less. HCL + ERBIL is not an issue; cannot come out separate from rv, actually it is done, just not announced, will come out when ministers are announced. MANAGED FLOAT: Shabibi has said, several times: "The rv will be a managed float." "I will manage the float." HIGHER THAN 3.41? However, it could eventually go higher than 3.41, it has been stated by {I didnt catch the name} that: 1) "The Iraqi currency will be the strongest in the world." 2) A country's currency value is determined by the natural resources that can be pulled out of its soils 3) no country has more than Iraq. RV IN-COUNTRY? There has not been nor will there be any such thing, it will rv for everyone all at the same time.

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