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UPDATE: Current updates for today…

Poppy3 Update: After my last update it came to light Poppy3 had broken 3 ribs and had some internal bleeding as well. He stayed in the hospital yesterday…where they were giving him quite a bit of pain medication.  However, they sent him home last nite – he was not a happy camper. He’s hurt pretty bad and they had already written his discharge – Ouch!!

Dinar Update: Did I or did I not say – MAGNIFICENT back-and-forth towards the end?? What exactly did you think MAGNIFICENT would look like??

*** Current News ***

URGENT .. Biden arrived in Baghdad in secret visit lasted only two hours!!

A source close to the gangs in the Baghdad International Airport for the arrival of the Deputy Alriss Joe Biden to the capital Baghdad this evening in an unannounced visit ..
The sources of U.S. Vice President who heads the cell, the crisis in Iraq arrived at the Baghdad International Airport and met with the administrator of the high-level Iraqi very “did not allow the source to know of it but he said he saw his motorcade consisting of approximately ten cars four-wheel drive for the color black parade last return to the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, he said ..

The source added that U.S. Vice President did not leave the airport and met with the Iraqi official in the presence of the ambassador in a special hall for guests and accompanied by tight security and close to some of the wings of the airport completely did not last meeting only Saatien left after Biden over his private jet on his way to somewhere else, did not mention the source that was part out of Iraq or the Kurdistan region ..

It is noted that U.S. Vice President on an official visit to the region these days, Iraq was not in his agenda, according to U.S. sources of Metrah earlier ..


PSSSSSTTT!!! You already know my commentary on this subject (or see previous Blog posts). However, this is likely his second visit in as many weeks. ;)

Urgent …Allawi announced the end of the meeting of Mosul and Erbil completed its findings tomorrow to discuss the dismissal of al-Maliki

Twilight News/ leader of the coalition in Iraq, Iyad Allawi, the Sabbath, from the end of the meeting held by opponents of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in Mosul, Arbil, among that tomorrow will host a similar meeting to complete today’s results Eduard confidence. Iraqi leaders insist, and they along with Allawi, and Osama Saleh al-Najafi, the need to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki, after they described repeatedly as a “unique” power and seeks to re-”dictatorship” and the control of the country with an iron fist. Allawi said in a statement to reporters, including reporter, “Twilight News” that the meeting is over and Mosul will be completed tomorrow in Arbil. They did not touch on the results of the meeting, but said the standard formula for the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki will be in the capital of the Kurdistan Region.


Iraqi suggest the existence of pressure on the Taliban to disrupt the vote of no confidence on Maliki

Suggested the Iraqi List led by Iyad Allawi, Saturday, and there is pressure on President Jalal Talabani, in order to block the no-confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, with renewed emphasis the option of resorting to the last question and censure him if Talabani was delayed in those procedures.

The MP said the list Hamid al-Mutlaq in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “President Jalal Talabani, in charge of applying no-confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Parliament after the arrival of signatures of deputies to him,” likely “the existence of pressure exerted on the Taliban in order to block the request is to Parliament, “without disclosing the type of pressure.

The Mutlaq, said that “the process of no-confidence in Maliki is not targeted personally, but to strengthen democracy and build a state on this basis,” pointing out that “the political blocs will resort to questioning in parliament, and censure him in case of late-Talabani, submit a request to withhold confidence from the Prime Minister” .


Iraqi List: We will interrogate al-Maliki and metastasis in the parliament in the absence of Talabani response to a request to withdraw confidence

{Mosul: News Euphrates} list announced its intention to interrogate Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the House and his dismissal in the absence of the President in response to a request to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki..

The spokesman of the Iraqi news conference after the meeting of leaders of the Iraqi province of Nineveh, was attended by the correspondent of the agency {Euphrates News} day said, “In the absence of response to President Jalal Talabani to the request to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki would be heading to a meeting in House of Representatives spend interrogate al-Maliki and his dismissal. ”

He added that “the Iraqi List and the rest of the blocks to withdraw confidence from the pro-al-Maliki are involved in the realization of this project.”


Here are some interesting headlines…

Najafi spokesman confirms that the protesters are supporters of the owners of the elements of intelligence in civilian clothing

The start of the meeting of Iraq in the presence of Allawi and Mutlaq Najafi and to discuss the no-confidence in Maliki

Kurdistan: Erbil meeting of the leaders in search of Sakhtarunh substitute for the owners because the process of withdrawal of confidence has become uncertain

*** Rumor Comments *** – June 9th!!

Rumor - there is about 800 CIA, secret service, an FBI heading to iraq region

This is not what the actual articles said!! Perfectly untrue. Do you have any idea the rukus it would make getting that many people in place?? More hype.

Rumor – there is also about 3000 USA special forces in plain clothes heading to Bagdad…they are prepping to protect over 50 other country delegations heading to Bagdag.

There are so many things wrong with this statement I just don’t know where to start!?! Any thoughts on what happens if military personel get caught trapsing around in “plain clothes” in a sovereign foreign country???

Rumor – alot…of world news media staying in the region, there is no room for them in Bagdag there is so many coming in…these people are getting ready for something.

Hype, hype, hype and more hype!!! Phooey!!

Here’s an article out of London on the rumor mill – WOW!!

International Report: The eyes of investors on the Iraqi Dinar

In the currency markets, and global economic forums, focus the eyes of investors to the new conditions of the Iraqi dinar. According to an economic report released in London, that the discussions heated, about whether the dinar was the case now (investment opportunity) better, worse or to buy the currencies of emerging. In the face of this shift, a group of currencies Sterling, a news site, is designed to obtain information from reliable sources to protect their customers from which publishes rumors and false information about the Iraqi dinar. Taking careful site mentioned on the availability of integrity and transparency (when buying and selling), all investors around the world, they see that there are more than considered before making a purchasing decision, including the political, economic and security situation in Iraq, in addition to (volatile year) in the market foreign exchange. Investors need – as the report says – to accurate information and fair and not misleading to counter what they call the (daily volatility) of the Iraqi dinar.Investors make their decisions and the difficulty in the event of buying hard currencies – including the Iraqi dinar – as a result of their fear of entering this market non-traditional.There are many merchants hard currency notorious, who put out rumors, or misleading information in order to gain. The report emphasizes in this context the need to avoid falling victim to these tricks. He says that investors spend time to make sure that the merchant that displays the currency is committed to international standards, before making a decision to buy the currency, and which to sell the real currency, and provides a money back guarantee .. He has a long history and continues to work .. And is not covered by the province’s secret services, which monitors currency in the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries…


Rumor – Allawi had a heart attack yesterday.

Doubt it. One obscure arabic news feed carried that – I’m not so sure it isn’t part of the plan to make the “Maliki opposition” look weaker than it is.

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