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Friday, June 15, 2012


[BGG] I talked to Poppy earlier - he sounds waaaaaay better than he has up to now. That's good. I'll be working on something of a post tonite and expand on my thoughts for tomorrow. Things are very well with the RV - we should be just fine.

[.Imagine] Just got a text: CNBC Swaptalk has announced 3 times already "global stimulus reset to be RELEASED TODAY by the United States of America"

Papajack] OK I saw it on FOX and heard it with my own ears, somethings going on worldwide Sunday, they are tying it to the Greek elections but we all know what's really going on, don't we? They say if Greece votes to get away from the Euro all banks worldwide are in trouble, do you really think the PTB will let that happen? HMMMMM!!!!!

papajack] Real Dinar intel is about as scarce as O at a TEA Party Rally.

[papajack] A Fathers Day RV works for me.lol
songwritter55] papajack I thought when china got there hands on this rv it would happen fast, boy was I wrong, but I've still got my chin up....

papajack] I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.  

[mickey29] Papajack do you think we are still in the "window of opportunity" over 10 days now thanks for all you do     

 [papajack] mickey29 YES I do.

bookings] guys bloomburg announced at 7pm that all central banks has been asked not to leave, or their desks all week end. Hummmmmmmmm

[FreedomBC] bookings . Did u also read that the 'Smart Cards' are getting more money at higher raate added this Sunday??????

dillon229] Honor never grows old, and honor rejoices the heart of age. It does so because honor is, finally, about defending those noble and worthy things that deserve defending, even if it comes at a high cost. In our time, that may mean social disapproval, public scorn, hardship, persecution, or as always,even death itself.

The question remains: What is worth defending? What is worth dying for? What is worth living for? - William J. Bennett - in a lecture to the United States Naval Academy November 24, 1997

[AGHammer] Hety all, this is a toss up Q&A. Being a bit of a pragmatist, I am finding that of late my pragmatism is beginning to drag on my right leg making it difficult to take that next step. Is there any reason to believe this is really going to happen? Seriously?


[sednet1] AGHammer IT HAS TO HAPPEN! Iraq must re-enter the world trade... only way that can happen is with a viable, recognized and internationall traded currency

[larrytheplumber] i called my psychic friend and all she said was don't call the banks

Precious] mojavesam: Al Jazeera News is reporting that Iraq did not get out of chapter 7 today at the U N.....

911GTS] chapt 7 not a requirement for the rv

[eleanor] Aremel RV will not happen until they are out of chap 7 IMO

[snoop] Everyone remember that it appears the central banks will make a coordinated effort to revalue their currencies as soon as this weekend. So the Ch7 not being lifted is not the end of the world.

snoop] kord I do not believe Iraq has nothing to do with it....but do believe that the Global Reset and Iraqs stability at the right time coming together are important.

[snoop] And I am on pins and needles to see what this weekend and next week bring due to all the reset n[Austin-Powers-For-PM] Hellokitty In the end, they may RV anyway and quickly move to solve all the files that stop them from achieving Chap 7 being lifted. Maliki has basically gummed up the process, so the U.N. has no choice but to not lift Chap 7. The faster we get rid of Maliki, the faster we can get this moving.news!

God's grace] Just found this, confirms that Chap. 7 will not be lifted. Sorry Guys. .

[mammat] God's grace No Problem...we saw that shortly after they met. I don't believe it will be lifted til they have a completed GOI and RV

[BGG] How many times have I said it wouldn't happen??? like 50??  Maybe more...

[BGG] Ban Ki-Moon won't let them out of CH 7 until Maliki takes it "in the shorts" - he's almost as pxxxxx as Sadr. Almost.  

[careful1] yeahhhhhh they have messed up that 7 pretty badly

[Austin-Powers-For-PM] BGG So will the U.N wait until December to review lifting of Chap 7 even if Maliki gets the boot and we RV?

[hurricane] Austin-Powers-For-PM | who cares as long as we RV?!?  

johnnyjunk] Austin-Powers-For-PM time frame for chapter 7 can always slide around ... and being a direct reference to two OTHER more emotional issues that are holding back Iraq's release - this really has nothing to do - positive OR negative - with the RV ... and that's a POSITIVE for me

andisgram1] If all central banks are on standby from now till sun night, think we have a good chance for rv?

[hollyberry] andisgram1 I do too. I thought it would happen yesterday honestly...so it's gonna be sly as Bella said!!!

[wheezer2] andisgram1 hollyberry i am thinking they might do it sunday about the time greece election results start coming out

Diane Marie] wheezer2 ~ That is what I am thinking to ... I am praying so anyway ... Amen

[andisgram1] wheezer2 maybe but to have ALL central banks on standby all weekend????

healthy3] It looks like everything is going our way in regards to alignments for the rv....if this isn't it I don't know what would be

[andisgram1] wheezer2 Just that thats BIG!!!!

[#2sister] andisgram1 the banks are on standby?

[andisgram1] #2sister ALL central banks on standby all weekend just saw it on tv

wheezer2] andisgram1 did they say why?

[andisgram1] wheezer2 no just that they were on standby

[hollyberry] dinar1203 I watched Bloomberg most of the day and they really didn't address the reset, just the Greece thing

Precious] NoHogWash: The central banks are on standby over the weekend because they fear if the election in Greece goes bad they may need to take immediate action. It has nothing to do with iraq.IMO

[wango1] :  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-06-14/obama-heads-to-g-20-with-few-tools-to-stem-euro-crisis.html

Precious and Highlights from Hammerman/Blaino CC tonight: Hammerman speaking.

Precious] dinar was 41 cents on back bank screens...at 5pm dinar was above 3.50 above spec rate. dong was at 11 cents and could go to to 16 cents speculation

[Precious] banks are saying it will go down this weekend....could be next week

[Precious] ,may show this weekend but we will not know about it till next week

[Precious] been major movement of gold........from China to US......gold sent to IMF and paper currency 37 billion to IMF. some prepaid of rv debt or to help with Greece and Spain..not definite. major money movement. all sources happy and high. major activity. all positive and good

. [Precious] lot of talk on CNN ABC news about global realignment of currencies.  cnbc is major leakage that they should not have gotten...and unless halted it is true

[Precious] look for new currency in US

[Precious] smart cards.......out ...........now........... even foreign nationals here in US have recieved them..college students etc here in US.  military and gov are using smart cards

[Precious] early next week everyone will have that capability.  4 levels of smart card..military..gov..merchant...poor people

[Precious] Paris Bros there to tie up debt and all people get the cards..4 different rates...2.72 military... maily for distribution of all revenue..Iraq thru rumor will put 50,000 on three levels of those smart cards. one level gets 100,000 on the cards.  lowest figure is the 1.30 range to USD for poor people

[Precious] they are not relative at all to the rate...........just to cover the 50,000 free dinar the country gave them....speculation is they will get 8-10 per person in country from day born till day you die\

[Precious] no welfare in country of Iraq. they will be filthy rich. no poor people

Precious] all governments signed off and non e can delay it now. only a civil unrest can do that

[Precious] we are here...could be minute or month

[Precious] hint security that was over there may not have been to protect the delegations....Paris Club left today. a few major people are still there

[Precious] UN meeting has no bearing on the rv of dinar

. [Precious] we were force fed rumors ertc..not true stuff

[Precious] news looked real. tons of people looking for Sunday but H thinks later

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