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Friday, June 15, 2012


(*) bluedog 10:19 pm cdt 6/14/2012
[6/14/2012 10:19:48 PM] toni  (TONI1960): un 14 7:16 PM [bluedog] Maliki confirms Biden: Iraq is pursuing an independent policy away from the policy of axes and democracy can resolve its problems BAGHDAD - and babysit - Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, 

on Thursday, that Iraq is pursuing an independent policy away from the policy of axes, and stressed that the democratic system in Iraq is sufficient to enable him to solve problems and overcome the challenges that lie ahead, as he emphasized Advisor Vice President convergence of views between Iraq and the U.S. administration on its internal problems and the other in the region, (he said). 

Maliki said in a statement issued by his office on the sidelines of a meeting Tony Pellnkn national security adviser to Vice President Joe Biden today, the Agency has received reports of public opinion (and babysit) a copy of it, that "Iraq is pursuing an independent policy away from the policy themes that are trying to put Iraq at the center of a particular axis against another. " 

Maliki said that "Iraq with its democratic system is capable of solving all the problems and overcome all challenges to his way." http://alrayy.com/53377.htm

[bluedog] Finance Committee Member: rising dinar as a result of Central Bank reserves Date: Thursday, 14-06-2012 11: 52 am Baghdad (newsletter) … Financial Committee member explained Deputy//National Alliance, Abdul Hussein Al-yasseri, Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar of Central Bank reserves.\

 He said Al-yasseri (News Agency news) on Thursday: improvement of the strength of the Iraqi economy and the Central Bank reserves and the presence of the private sector in private banks to raise exchange rate contributed to the dinar and the existence of the positive balance of payments shows some foreign countries ‘ exports of goods over imports of all of these factors lead to the lifting of the dinar exchange rate against the US dollar. 

Al-yasseri referred to: “cash theory” which States the general acceptance of the currency and attracting force in all countries such as the US dollar which has acceptable around the world while it handles the Iraqi dinar only in Iraq, and continued: request if found, its price is determined dynamically through dynamic supply and demand if there is a rise in price of this cruise leads to greater currency bad domestic or foreign. 

He added: the general orientation of the Central Bank (2003-2004) to purchase a Iraqi banknotes to reduce what is displayed in the Iraqi market and increases demand and pushing the dollar in the Central Bank auction and buy local Iraqi currency dollar and even determine price currency thousand six hundred dinars and then thousand dollar Bank continued to sell dollar foreign currency Iraqi dinar demand lifting of lack of presence in the market and reduced the price of the dollar is more than the Iraqi dinar. 

And between Al-yasseri: that Iraq has oil revenues in dollar terms it can make thousand foreign BD $ and can withdraw the Iraqi currency and pump more dollars and reduce the width of the Iraqi currency, increase its value and all of these factors lead to higher Iraqi exchange rate against the US dollar. 



Jun 14 7:01 PM [bluedog] Yasiri: high exchange rate of the dinar by the presence of Central Bank reserves 6/14/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment - Baghdad (news) explained a member of the Finance Committee National Alliance MP Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri, the high exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar to the presence of central bank reserves. 

Yasiri said (of the Agency news) on Thursday: The improvement of the strength of the Iraqi economy and central bank reserves and the existence of sector private private banks contributed to raise the exchange rate dinar and the presence of the balance of payments positive, which shows some of the exports of foreign goods more than its imports all of these factors lead to higher exchange rate of the dinar against the U.S. dollar.

 He Yasiri to: the existence of "critical theory", which provides for the acceptance General of the currency and the strength of attraction in all countries such as the dollar, which has a acceptability all over the world, while the Iraqi dinar deal it only in Iraq, and continued: Demand If you find a dynamic price tag is determined by a dynamic supply and if there was a demand by the rising price of this cruise lead to increased currency bad was local or foreign. 

He added that directed the Central Bank of the year (2003 -2004) to buy a paper currency of Iraq to reduce what is displayed in the Iraqi market and increase demand and push the dollar in the auction, the central bank and buy dollars in Iraqi local and even determine the exchange rate a thousand and six hundred dinars, and then a thousand and five hundred of the dollar and the bank continued to sell the dollar in foreign currency of Iraq to raise the demand for the dinar to the lack of quality in the market and the price level declines against the dollar content more than the Iraqi dinar.

 Read more: http://www.sotaliraq.com ··· -news.ph ... z1xm1Mmy4B

[living dreams] about 9.30am
[bluedog] Smart Card Payment System Launched in Iraq .............................
http://www.themultichann ··· _id=6436

[bluedog] wooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[bluedog] CBI sets a time limit for banks to reach their capital 250 billion dinars 14/06/2012 12:58.........................

Baghdad, June 14 (Rn) - The Central Bank of Iraq Thursday he set a time limit for all banks in Iraq to increase their capital and reached the roof of 250 billion dinars, indicating that the end of the selection is to improve its dealings banking. and exceeds the number of banks in Iraq, 50 banks and has more than 800 branches spread across the provinces, which still is a number slightly compared with the population. 

Deputy Governor of Bank of the appearance of Mohammed, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) "We asked all banks in Iraq by increasing their capital to strengthen their dealings and give them loans more," noting that the "minimum head money should be arriving next June is 250 billion dinars. " said the Deputy Governor that "each bank should during June present to total capital of 250 billion dinars ... banks currently seeking to increase their capital and the central bank is working to improve their work and not a sword hanging by . " 

Iraq has suffered from a decline in per capita share of banking services to reach an average to one bank per 40 thousand people, is a big difference from what exists in neighboring countries. The main task of the Iraqi Central Bank to maintain price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies and management of reserves of foreign currency and the organization of the banking sector.
From: Raman Brosk http://www.aknews.com/ar ··· /312237/

[bluedog] It was 200 Billion
[bluedog] not next june either the articles all day have stated the Banks are overflowing   with liquidity
[bluedog] jonjobe7 yes a rise

[bluedog] goodgrins yes we were just talking about 1to1 like Kuwait then days later it will rise

[bluedog] Iraq on the same track
[bluedog] Smart Card Payment System Launched in Iraq .................................................... http://www.themultichann ··· _id=6436
[bluedog] Getting Exciting
[bluedog] and they have a 3 day holiday this weekend

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