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Friday, June 15, 2012


6-15-2012 Enorrste: It is impossible to talk about a “raise” in the “value” of the dinar and talk about a LOP in the same sentence. A LOP is revenue neutral, whereas a revaluation involves a “raise” in the “value” of the currency.   The removal of the large notes (remove the three zeros) does NOT affect the value of the currency. The RV (revaluation) which makes the small denoms have value ("about $1" per CBI statements) DOES INDEED raise the value of the currency. However, after the RV, those who have some of the large notes will benefit, because THOSE NOTES will also RAISE THEIR VALUE, only at the NEW value of $1 per dinar.  The confusion for those who view this event as a LOP is that they have consistently misunderstood the meaning of "remove the three zeros". They think that the zeros are just LOPPED off, when in fact the CBI is quite clear that the "three zeros notes" will remain legal tender at least until mid 2014, AND that they will retain their value as legal tender.

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