Monday, April 2, 2012


BOBGETZ6] Passion for Purpose I am trying. My gut, which is sizeable, says all things look good.

BOBGETZ6] Passion for Purpose For one, Moon from the UN is still in Iraq and not for his health.

USAREMENTOR] Passion for Purpose ; its supposed to be on the front screens. So I just asked a friend who is a teller, she said nothing yet...

Passion for Purpose] BOBGETZ6 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......thought all the dignitaries left
[BOBGETZ6] Passionfor Purpose He was confirmed as being there yesterday.

cashinqueen] Bobgetz6 big confirm or little confirm lol
[BOBGETZ6] cashinqueen From that contact, big.

[BOBGETZ6] I believe Moon is there to make sure of an rv so that he can go back to the UN and release 7

generals64] Yes on intel...but, let me get a few things out of the way. First....I will so be glad to get this over with won't you guys/gals?....Listen closely and take 
this anywhere you want and put it in any site and tell em I said so....

I have member of the team that works with me that does COMPLETE BACKGROUND CHECKS on anyone who is involved in our research group....and in our bank negotiating group....EVERYONE of them have had a background check....Especially STUDLEY...Studley hes a real name and voice just like the rest of us....he has a Real life .I talk with him and I have people that watch his negotiations and I have someone watching the person watching him... Studley is a GREAT guy and has become a good friend...I was trying to make a point that Studley is NOT being investigated by anyone so leave him alone and let him do his job...

[generals64] You guys....QUIT belieiving all the Crap that these people are putting on the sites...You guys are better and smarter than that....The trouble makers come on here and begin to blow my screens up and they think its funny....O.K.....some day we'll all think its funny.....About 90% of the Stuff being told is foolish jibber wash...use your head and think about it...I'm not mad...not discouraged and I believe in this investment so much it's funny....

But, I believe in my integrity and your intelligence....this is a game now with 
me...I seriously have had my cell phone Tapped...(Why my I ask???) I don't even 
know Obama or James Bond

generals64] folks:.....Please notice this...The Banks in Reno called my house and sent me an email...

[SWFloridaGuru] generals64 Oh for sure. We're all one big team and need to use everyone's resources to even have a vague idea of what's going on.

[shasta7] ok peeps gotta get to work on my sisters addition... you all have a great day & listen to people like generals64, Tezas Mama, Bobgetz6... they are all great
people only trying to help you all... For the record... I do trust Studley& we should all be grateful what ALL these people are trying to do for themasses... (my 2 cents for the day!!!!) :-)

[generals64] the email was to inform me that Roscoe has more dinar than any other dog listed on their whales account and they will send their private bi-plane to get him to come in and cash in with Donald Trump. Trump ( Roscoe and he are friends now) he said he would have his plane pick up Roscoe ...so, we'll see

generals64] see how silly the reports are??? Roscoe will not fly in a bi-plane...

[generals64] Texas Mama :...got him slicked up and picture taken looks like Jethro 
Clampett. Now, Roscoe wants a Charm for his New Collar...why doesn't someone send Roscoes story to Recaps?...they are as good as any of there others and he is real

generals64] hopeful2&2 :...there was a lot of fairly good information last night...let 
me get a cup of coffee down and I'll try to explain it

[USAREMENTOR] Gators holland ; I say let's trick the PTB....let's put out on the boards that every Dinarian is selling back their Dinars....wait a couple days and the RV will probably show! What do you think??

[lynde] USAREMENTOR yeah we could just say. since there is no world realignment of money we have determined. to close the boards and check out of all currencies. whooo wouldnt that bring a quick change. no pun intended. Lol

USAREMENTOR] holland ; now of course we will not sell ours back, but shhhhh, don't tell the PTB that...

generals64] act4fredom :...the average person holding dinar holds 250,000 or 

generals64] In the fairytale land of last night (new slang usage so i don't get called a basher) there were are kinds of stories....One Oklahoma Football fan said he and a Oklahoma Oilfield guy were cashing out in San Antonio....NOT....but, there is stuff coming from avoer the seas saying that an incountry RV 

generals64] xscash :...I'm always on a rage....but not over the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar...I have always supported it...ask anyone in here....

imperium] generals64 so that being said, Iraq has no incentive and no reason to RV anytime soon?

[generals64] But, sovereegnty has nothing to do with resources and value of their 

louie83] They say we have to have a rv to get out of chapter 7 , but why is that all 
chapter 7 being lifted means they can trade international. There value can be 
crappy I see it when I look at other country's on tv and online

[louie83] I saw one yesterday the was 1275.0 to 1 USD

[generals64] Onesneaky tidbit here:..........this is in control with the World Bank.....you can take that for whatever you want. Iraq is just a puppet in this story. this is a way for the world financial people to get "Nasty" wealthy and still get the 
global assistance they need through manipulative financing....Now, if you can't 
figure that out then you shouldn't be asking Dinar Questions

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